SFX Magazine Blogger Praises Campaign

This July 11 ’09 blog entry at the SFX Magazine website is on the topic of fan campaigns, whether it be for particular characters or entire TV shows. Writer and Paul McGillion fan Laura McConnell reviews the history of the successful SCB campaign, saying in part:

Letters, faxes, emails, and phone calls went out to the powers that be in the Stargate universe. Rallies were held, bagpipes were played, and Scottish dancers were seen at sci-fi gatherings the world over. The website savecarsonbecket.com was launched, and members began flocking to it like moths to a flame. Soon, Paul posted a video response to all this hoopla on GateWorld, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We thank Laura for her acknowledgement and invite all our visitors to read her entire article and to comment as well!

Ask Paul Your Questions!

Joe Mallozzi is taking questions for a Q&A with Paul McGillion. From Joe’s Blog:

Just spoke to actor Paul McGillion who called to let me know that there’s an opening in his busy schedule and, why yes, he’d love to do a fan Q&A with us. So to all you Beckett boosters and Scot supporters out there, start posting. I’ll be gathering questions for Paul until Friday night – afterwhich it’ll be too late and you’ll only have yourselves to blame.  Tsk, tsk.

So go and post a question or two as a comment to Joe’s blog, and Paul might just answer it!

Beckett Appears in SGA Movie Script

Today Joe Mallozzi wrote on his blog that he has completed the first SGA movie script. He listed the characters that appear, and Beckett is among them:

Yes, all of the regulars and semi-regulars you’ve grown to know and love are in play – Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, and Todd – in addition to a couple of surprise guest stars.

Let’s hope Beckett has a substantial and fun role to play in the movie.

By the way, over at Solutions you’ll find a complete report on Paul\’s appearance at the recent Creation Con in Vancouver, and a gallery including photos of him. Enjoy!

Paul's Upcoming Roles and Appearances

Here is an update on Paul’s latest roles and upcoming convention appearances. We don’t have any information about the SGA movie just yet other than that Paul was asked if he’d be interested in appearing in it, and he said yes! Remember you can always see the latest information at his official web site, PaulMcGillion.com!

Paul filmed a guest-starring role on the Fox hit series “24”! Look for his episode to air sometime in May.

Creation Convention – Vancouver
2nd – 5th April 2009
Hilton Metrotown Vancouver
6083 McKay Ave.
Burnaby, BC, CANADA

Hollywood Collectors Show
25th-26th April 2009
The Burbank Airport Marriott
Burbank, California

Creation Convention – Chicago
21st – 23rd August 2009
Wyndham O’Hare
6810 N. Mannheim Rd.
Rosemont, IL 60018

Dragon*Con – Atlanta
4th – 7th September 2009
Various Hotels (More info. at event site)
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Paul Glimpsed in Star Trek Trailer

Paul McGillion didn’t get the role of Scotty in the new J. J. Abrams version of Star Trek, but Abrams did indeed cast him in a role in the film. Now we have the first glimpse of Paul in one of the new trailers for the film, which are hosted here at Apple.com. Paul is in Trailer #2, spotted lecturing a group of beings, humans and otherwise, in the hangar of the ship. It takes a keen eye to see him, but it’s pretty clear it’s Paul! Star Trek will be released on May 8, 2009, not soon enough!

SCB welcomes its newest member

Wee CarsonWe’re proud to welcome our newest and most adorable member, ‘Carson Rex’ as the latest edition to the SCB family. 

‘Wee Carson’s’ proud Dad ‘Silverwings’ wrote on the SCB thread at Gateworld to explain the choice of his name:

“We have several reasons for naming him as we did, but truth be told, the fine character of Carson Beckett, and the excellent work of Paul McGillion are a big factor. Thank you, Paul, for giving us a look at a man with a huge heart, who isn’t afraid to show it. Would that our little one can grow up to be such a man.”

That note tugged on a few heart strings in the SCB crew and we’re told the actor himself was deeply touched by the news. We offer our congratulations once again to Carson’s proud parents! You can read more about the little guy and another note from his Dad at the Gateworld forum HERE.

Next Carson Ep Airs Friday 17 October!

Carson in OutsidersThe third of five Season Five episodes featuring Carson Beckett airs in the US on Friday (today for most of you!) on Sci Fi Channel, at 9 pm/ 8 pm Central. Note the order was changed in the past few weeks, so Outsiders is now episode 12, not 13.

The episode is Outsiders, and features Carson working in a village clinic, helping refugee victims of Michael’s Hoffan drug. Of course, things go wrong and action and adventure ensue!

Don’t forgot to support Paul by watching Outsiders whenever it plays near you!

Atlantis Production Ends

On Friday, September 19, 2008, Stargate Atlantis wrapped production as a regular series. A few days of filming remain, on location in Las Vegas, but the cast aside from Joe Flanigan has said their goodbyes on set. MGM hosted a lavish wrap party on Saturday, as Joe Mallozzi describes here in his blog. Paul McGillion was at the party, and as shown in the attached picture, he was looking very fine!

Our campaign was created to bring Carson back full-time to Atlantis as a series. Sadly that won’t happen now, but assuming the Atlantis movies go forward we can still ask that Paul be included in some of all of them!

The campaign had many successes nonetheless, not least of which were to garner great publicity for Paul McGillion, and to ensure his return as Carson Beckett (sort of!) for 2 episodes in Season 4 and 5 in Season 5. More recently we had a successful charity campaign that raised $1400 US for 2 Canadian breast cancer charities. Those contributions have been finalized, by the way!

Meanwhile we’ll stick around to promote Paul’s career and to inform fans of developments for the Atlantis movies. We thank all of you for your support for the past 2 years now and hope to keep seeing you here!

Four More Carson Episodes

With this week’s announcement that Stargate Atlantis won’t be renewed for Season 6, we can only be sure of seeing Carson for four more episodes of the series. The first of those, “Whispers”, will air in the US on Friday September 5. As a reminder, the episodes featuring Carson Beckett this year are:

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Auction Results In!

We’re proud to announce that the auction was a success! We’re donating a total of $1400 US to two Breast Cancer-related charities, with half going to the Babz Chula Society and half to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We wish to thank all of you who bid or won the items, and also Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, and the rest of the cast and crew of Allantis who signed or donated such cool stuff! We will blog again once we have the official records of the donations to show you. Well done, fans, as usual you’ve shown your generosity, and we hope you enjoy your items as well.

SCB Charity Auction Starts Saturday!

Save Carson Beckett is proud to announce a charity auction of entertainment memorabilia starting later this week! Paul McGillion and many of his colleagues and friends have contributed items for the auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Babz Chula Society. The latter is in support of Canadian actress Babz Chula, who currently suffers from breast cancer. These charities are supported by Paul McGillion, and he happily agreed to sign and contribute items to this auction, as well as get others to do the same.
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Carson in Season 5 Tonight!

We’ve been remiss in reminding everyone that the first of the 5 promised “Stargate Atlantis” episodes with Carson Beckett airs tonight in the US on the Sci Fi Channel. Called “The Seed” the episode features Carson in a significant way, and it’s well worth watching! If you’re in the US and miss the episode, buy it on iTunes and show your support for Carson Beckett in Atlantis!

Gero Talks Keller versus Beckett

A few weeks into filming Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, Writer/Producer Martin Gero gave a long interview to Gateworld, which has just been published. In the interview he made his most revealing statements so far about how Jewel Staite came to replace Paul McGillion as the regular cast member playing the chief medical officer on Atlantis.

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New Interviews with Paul

With filming of Atlantis Season 5 in full swing, Paul has given two recent interviews. The first is from last Friday and is published here at PopCultureZoo. The other is recent as well and is posted at MGM.com. Paul seems very pleased with his role in Season 5 so far, and in his usual gracious way thanks fans for his return. Go and read!