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The news of Carson Beckett’s death during the 3rd season of Stargate: Atlantis is no longer simply a ‘rumour.’

Stargate producer N. John Smith, long known for being willing to answer just about any question, confirmed at a convention on Nov. 17-18 that Carson will “disappear” late in Season 3 and that Paul McGillion will not be a regular in Season 4. We “may” see Carson return in one form or another. We do not believe this was Paul’s choice at all, especially given his recent statements at cons that “they listen to the fans.” For purposes of history and to provide any additional information, we’ll keep this page going. The rumours/news items are presented from newest to oldest:

N. John Smith at Collectormania Manchester, 17-18 Nov 06

As reported by one fan who was there: He said that from time to time they (meaning himself and the PTB) have to make major decisions about the show and shuffle the deck, play some cards but no one is ever 100% dead on SG1 or SGA. Carson will disappear by the end of the season but then he went on to say that he may come back as himself or someone else. He then goes on to say that they MAY find a way to bring him back, MAYBE…

Paul McGillion at Wolf SG-11 Stargate Convention in London, 10-12 Nov 06

Several fans reported that when asked if his character was being written out or whether he would be back in Season 4, Paul said he wasn’t allowed to talk about that until the Season 3 episodes air, but that the powers that be do listen to the fans. He also expressed his gratitude to all the fans who love Carson and are worried about his fate.
Jewel Staite at United Fan Con, 10-12 Nov 06

Jewel told a fan she will be playing the role of Dr. Keller. A casting agent confirmed to a fan that Jewel is contracted for 12 episodes on Stargate Atlantis.
David Hewlett On-Line Interview, 6 Nov 06:

David had this to say about rumors that Carson Beckett is killed during the second half of Season 3:

“Well, that’s not been confirmed yet, has it?” Hewlett says enigmatically. “It’s amazing how fast that little piece of, shall we say, information or misinformation has been propagated. All I can say about that is that I think people will be incredibly surprised by what happens. And I mean that both in a good and a bad way. So you can take that as you wish! But either way, people who think they’ve got it right, you know, I think they’ll be very interested to see what happens and its repercussions on season 4!”

Creation Stargate Convention, New Jersey, 3-5 Nov 06:

Several fans reported the actors at the convention saying Jewel is contracted for 12 episodes of Season 4. This is obviously more than half of the episodes.

Fan Report Regarding Jewel Staite, Mentioned on GateWorld Forum, 17 Oct 06:

A fan reported that a trusted friend heard Jewel Staite admit she will be replacing Paul McGillion as a regular on Atlantis. When Jewel accepted the role, she called Paul to tell him how happy she was to work with him again, and he replied, “Well, actually…” and explained they wouldn’t be working together. This is admittedly hearsay, but we thought it would be worth reporting for now.

David Hewlett Interview at, 6 Oct 06:

David Hewlett was interviewed on October 6. He had this to say about the “rumors” concerning Carson:

Linz & Abeey: Well, there are terrible rumors about Dr. Beckett going around. In fact there is a already.

DH: I actually saw that. That is of course one of the things I’m not allowed to talk about. I think that there are a few rumors going on right now and that you guys are going to be very very surprised when you get the truth.

L: Good surprise or bad surprise?

DH: That is up to the fans. I think everyone will be very very surprised with how everything works out.

So once again, not much to go on from David, as he throws the ball in fans’ court as to how we’ll react to the surprises.

David Hewlett’s Blog entry, 2 Oct 06:

An entry from David’s blog addresses the rumours. While this entry is an attempt to calm various fans who have been emailing the actor with frantic requests for answers, it may also be taken as confirming the rumours. Is is a confirmation or denial? Which way you take it is the readers choice. His final words do seem to suggest the answer is within the text.

“Speaking of things I can’t speak about. There are rumors all over the web, and I’m getting frantic emails about all sorts of things – some very wrong, and some very true. Here’s the thing — When I was in junior school Jeff Black (name changed to protect the moron) went and saw “The Empire Strikes Back” at a press screening that his stupid mother got him into. He showed up at school that next Monday and decided to tell everyone that “Darth Vader was Luke’s father”. I was crushed. I knew that I was going to see the movie. I knew that knowing the truth wasn’t going to stop me from going. But I felt so ripped off that this jerk had taken that discovery away from me. Point being, I’m not going to be spoiling next season (or any other for that matter) by giving away the good stuff. Some people are saying that because nobody has confirmed or denied various reports, they must be true. Really? Is that how it works? Come on! By all means enjoy the speculation and then settle down and watch a good movie (like “A Dog’s Breakfast”) and hunker down for the Season to start up again. Sorry, but you’re not getting anything more from me!

Report from, 19 Sept 06:

Some visitors may know that I attended last weekend’s Serenity Cubed convention, which Jewel attended and where I gave her the fan scrapbook. I’ll be posting a full report on that very soon. But first I thought I’d inform you of some news on the work front for Jewel. In one of the guest talks she informed the fans that she has been offered a role on Stargate Atlantis, as a doctor. She hasn’t accepted the role yet, as she doesn’t know what the role is and what it involves. But it could be on the books. I’ll keep you informed or any more information on this which I receive.

Torri Higginson, interview with Gateworld, posted Aug 06:

GW: Great. What about the most dreadful?

TH: You know what, you’re going to have to ask me that when the season is aired. I kind of can’t answer that. There has been some really awful stuff that happened, and I cannot divulge it at all.

GW: That made it on screen?

TH: Yeah. So ask me that when the season is almost over. I will talk about that with you again.

GW: OK, OK. Don’t scare us, Torri!

TH: Oh, a little bit of fear’s alright.

David Hewlett, his blog, 18 Aug 06:

Big 200th SG1 party tonight…may even have to break out the suit I’ve been given from an upcoming Atlantis episode…an episode that you are going to completely freak out about…nuff said! (I really am evil!)

David Hewlett, his blog, 16 Aug 2006:

I really think that you are going to get a kick out of what we’ve been up to up here in Atlantis…although I have to tell you all…there have been some pretty shocking developments on the story front…and some huge changes on the horizon…I can say no more…but be warned!

Torri Higginson, iF Magazine interview, 11 Aug 06:

I am so tempted to tell you things that I shouldn’t. I’m a tell all or tell nothing girl. Something crazy happens second half of season three, that it will blow people’s minds. It is so crazy and so unexpected, and there will be uproar and the internet will be on fire.

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