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A Brief History of ‘Save Carson’

Three years ago, during Stargate Atlantis’s pilot ‘Rising’ fans were first introduced to the lovable Scottish physician ‘Dr. Carson Beckett’ brought to life by then guest star, actor Paul McGillion. Despite originally being envisioned to only appear in 3 or 4 episodes in season 1 the part quickly grew. The actor made quite an impression on producers and fans alike, Paul eventually appearing in 16 out of 20 episodes. In recognition for his work and popularity with fans, McGillion was promoted to main cast status for season 2 and beyond. A promising and positive sign to his growing legion of fans especially with the actor’s inclusion in the show’s opening credits. However, despite the character’s ever growing popularity and the actor’s excellent portrayal, his fans optimism soon began to fade. Despite the promotion the character was continually and increasingly being marginalized. Eventually, to the great sadness of fans worldwide, Carson Beckett’s journey came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end during the episode ‘Sunday’ in the latter half of season 3.

Six month’s before this episode aired fans had begun to hear rumours of the character demise and ‘The Save Carson Beckett Campaign’ was launched. First in support of both the character and actor but when it became apparent these weren’t just rumours, in hopes of influencing a reversal in the decision to remove Beckett from the show. During the months leading up to the episodes broadcast the increasing amount of hints from fellow cast members led fans to demand answers, demands which were met by complete silence. Producer, N. John Smith finally broke that silence only two months before the episode premiered in Canada, speaking at a convention in the UK, November 2006. Ending months of speculation the producer confirmed that Paul would no longer be a member of the main cast and his future on the show was uncertain. Fans were left with nothing but a frustratingly vague promise that Carson would merely ‘disappear’ and yet more silence from ‘The Powers That Be’. We soon however, learned the truth and despite reassurances from N. John Smith’s earlier words speculation began to grow. Finally ‘Sunday’ aired in January 2007, revealing the good doctor had met an untimely and for many, unnecessary end. The ‘Heart of Atlantis’ had been lost leaving a Carson shaped hole in the remaining episodes.

‘Sunday’ went before cameras back in August of 2006 but until recently Paul McGillion has not been allowed to comment. During an interview published in Febuary’s issue of genre magazine ‘Starburst’, the actor spoke for the first time about his dismissal from Stargate Atlantis. This was followed up by an interview with this conducted by the campaign and its supports and can be found by clicking here.

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