EDIT 12 Feb 2008: In case you are new, the current status of the return of Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis is that he is in two episodes of Season 4 (The Kindred Part 1 and 2), and will be in 5 episodes of Season 5. Carson’s replacement character Dr. Jennifer Keller has been signed to be in the show full-time for Season 5. 

This site was created after the confirmation of a very sad truth: Dr. Carson Beckett was killed off of Stargate Atlantis in the Season 3 episode “Sunday.” His heroic but needless death was brought about by, of all unlikely things, an exploding tumor. Based on interviews, leaving the show was not at all the choice of the actor who plays Carson, Paul McGillion.

Carson Beckett was truly the Heart of Atlantis, a non-stereotypical male character and the only one on the show not afraid to show his emotions. He played a compassionate doctor and a true-to-life Scot, a tribute to McGillion’s real-life heritage.

We formed this campaign to express our disappointment toward ‘the powers that be’ for the death of Dr. Carson Beckett and the resulting dismissal of Paul McGillion. There was never an explanation of Paul’s removal from the main cast, a position he earned after his stand-out performances in Season 1 of the show. Regardless of the reasoning, we feel this was shameful treatment of Paul McGillion, who was nothing but loyal, enthusiastic and supportive of the show, both on set and off.

We have been fighting to see this decision rectified, for the good of the show and all of us.

Our objectives:

  • To do everything we can as fans to bring the character Dr. Carson Beckett back to Stargate Atlantis as a permanent, full-time cast member.
  • To demonstrate our support for actor Paul McGillion and let him know he has fans who appreciate him and his wonderful portrayal of Carson.

To achieve these objectives, we have worked to:

  • Encourage all fans to write polite letters to the producers, studio, and network letting them know we think it was a mistake to kill off Carson, and that we want him back.
  • Encourage fans to email the Sci Fi press and web sites to make our feelings known.
  • Keep up talk about Carson and what he means to us on Stargate forums and lists.
  • Create graphics and videos and conduct surveys and other special projects to get our points across.

For more specifics about how you can help, please read this entry. Thanks!