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Here is run-down of professional media coverage of the Save Carson Beckett campaign, as well as photos, fan videos, and “PTB” blogs.

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SCB News Articles

Professional Media Coverage

SCB Photo Gallery

Please visit our photo gallery for various images from the campaign and its events:

Fan Video Coverage

Here are YouTube videos of parts of the event. Please go watch, link, rate, make them your favorites to raise their visibility!

Producer and Actor Blogs, etc

Both Joe Mallozzi and David Hewlett described the event in their blogs:

NBC/Uni made Paul McGillion’s return official on August 8th 2007, publishing a press release to the media which was quickly picked up by dozens of outlets. NBC/Uni promoted Paul McGillion’s return to Atlantis for a 2-episode arc and acknowledged fans outcry as the motivation for his characters resurrection. Here’s a list of just some of the articles published.

The story is also now being listed on a series of syndicated news sites which link to articles on larger sites (such as ComingSoon or TVSquad) for the full story.

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