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  1. Although I have watched some SG-1 episodes, I wasn’t a regular viewer so I resisted tuning into Atlantis until very recently. The eye candy that is Joe Flanigan finally drew me in.
    I had read about both Sheppard and McKay before seeing the series and was very pleased with them and the other characters. What I was not expecting was how much I would adore Paul McGillion’s Carson Beckett, especially as I already knew he was slated to be killed before I had even seen an episode of the show.
    From the first moment I saw him on screen I was absolutely hooked. I love him so very madly. Every episode I catch (I’ve seen some from every season) I spend my time hoping Carson makes an appearance—even if it’s just for a few moments. He warms my heart.
    I cried when I saw Sunday and I dread all the Carson-less episodes to come in season 4. I want him back now and as regular cast (a position that the wonderful Paul McGillion earned with his winning performance).
    In response to the comments noted above from Jewel taken off her blog, I have to say she has been placed in an awkward position by TPTB. She has done nothing wrong, but how can it appear to be anything other than her replacing Paul when he has been removed from the cast and she has been added as a character taking over his position.
    I want Carson but I’ll be getting her character instead and how can I warm to her when it seems like an either/or situation. Are TPTB hoping we’ll forget about Carson/Paul once we are introduced to Jewel’s character? This possibility only serves to anger me.
    Sorry. But I want Carson back. I cannot fathom why Carson would be eliminated when a storyline in which he is an integral part is still ongoing (wraith/human Michael).
    Also, I agree with those who bemoan the loss of a character wonderfully representing the sorely underrepresented international earthling mix of the Atlantis cast.
    This was such a poor choice. I am so disappointed in TPTB.
    Bring him back.

  2. I cannot believe they wrote off Carson. He was a huge character on the show. Sure, I was sad when they wrote off Ford, but this is a whole ‘nother deal. They’d better bring him back!

  3. sorry by my english.
    Im a fan latinoamerica of SGA and Carson have to come back

  4. I’m still much saddened that Carson Beckett is gone. He & Joe Shepherd are my favorite characters on Stargate Atlantis. I pray that he is brought back soon by the “magic” of television…like Daniel Jackson.

  5. I’m from Italy, and without pay-TV is difficult watch the show, but I do it because of Carson and McKay – in my opinion, they’re the most interesting characters in Atlantis, so killing off one of them is just like killing off an important part of the show…

  6. I’m from Slovenia and I love Stargate. Carson Beckett is the sweetest character there and I can only hope, that he comes back in Season 5 for good. Becasue, if not, SGA will lose a lot of fans. They should stop with this killing of the characters for dramatci reasons. The show is dramatic enough by it self.

  7. I´m from Czech republic and I´m very very big fun of SG1 and SGA
    I wrote a comment to this pages few days ago and I will easily write for all the time until Carson will be saved!!!!!!!
    SAVE CARSON BECKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i completely adore stargate atlantis, one of my school files is decorated with pictures of it. I could not beleive it when they blew Carson up, i was so upset he was one of my favourite characters on the show, along with Teyla, Sheppard and McKay, i thought the end scene of “Sunday” was so sad, i hope they find a loop hole to get Carson back because he was one of the best characters.

    LONG LIVE CARSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. why didn’t he just run….I mean there is a bomb that is about to explode………I think this is good because when he comes back everybody will be really happy and ratings will go up

  10. without him, this series isn’t what it was anymore! Ich frag mich wirklich warum es momentan in jeder Serie Mode ist, Hauptcharaktere raus zu schmeißen, insbesondere jene denen Fans besonders gesonnen sind! Verdammtes Produzentenpack, es hätte andere Darsteller gegeben auf die man hätte verzichten können aber nicht scottish Dr. Beckett!!!

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with C. Bradshaw (33above). I watch this show as a diversion from reality. I work in an emergency room and I don’t need to see shock and drama on my downtime too. The cheap trick by producers nowadays is to add jeopardy to the characters. However, if I believe that anyone on a show could die at anytime, do you think I would want to form any kind of emotional bond with them? I can’t bear to see “Sunday” in reruns because it feels too much like watching a good friend die. Martin Gero said on the commentary, he knew the fans would be mad, but he liked the “character moments” in the show. I can’t even remember those now, and they took the character out of the show by blowing him up. Sorry Carson! Wish they hadn’t done that!

  12. Please, Please, Please bring back Beckett. Why did they kill him off anyway? He was the only one in Atlantis with a heart as pure as gold. He is the only one who recognises the humanity of a situation when the rest of the crew are shoot first, ask questions later! Now who’s going to make sure that the Stargate Atlantis Team dont cross the line?

  13. Lastr week the realse of SG1 s10 and SGA s3 was a fact in the Netherlads. Ofcourse I bought them straight away.. locked myself up in my appartment to enjoy 30 hours of Stargate and a lots of coffee. Watched sg1 first…pleased, very pleased! Then sga..again pleased..until!! OMG! No that did not just happen! Pauze..rewind..OMG they killed Carson! You ba**** well you get my point.. After i setteld down, and watched the extra’s on the dvd, this website is mentioned! Just wanted you to know i support your cause. And with the release of the dvd boxes in the Netherlands you may get some more support. We may be a small country, and I may only be one person but you got my support! Keep up te good work!

  14. simply put the great loss of carson had a great emotive effect on me and evoryone i know, the only way to top it is to bing him home.

  15. SAVE CARSON I MISS HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. We want Carson back!
    He doesn’t deserve such a stupid and unecessary death. The heart of Atlantis cannot ends that way.

    I hope see you soon Carson.

  17. I certainly hope they bring Dr. Beckett back for good and I don’t even care how they write him back in just as long as they do. There isn’t much of anything worth watching on TV these days and they already got rid of SG1 so I am running out of good shows to watch. Taking Paul McGillion off of Stargate Atlantis was a huge mistake that I really hope they get fixed SOON! Rainbow Sun Franks was adorable and they took him off and now they took off Dr. Weir and Dr. Beckett! Who’s next? I will stop watching if they don’t STOP THIS!!!!!!! BRING PAUL BACK, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I really hope that they bring back Carson Beckett. I’ve been watching the season 3 episodes with him in them and I can’t understand how anyone could watch him in them and not want to hug him. He’s so cute.

  19. I wonder which executive IDIOT thought that killing off Carson Beckett was a good idea. Now that he and Dr. Weir have been removed, I don’t enjoy the show anymore. I liked Samantha Carter on SG1 – but NOT on Atlantis. Again, which IDIOT thought this would be a good idea! MORONS!

  20. Yeah, tears were falling left and right when I watched Sunday. We need to start a “SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR” campaign as well. Have Weir and Beckett re-created with Nanites like in “This Mortal Coil”. Seriously, the executive must have a big issue with dr.’s. (next it’ll be Rodney…NO!!) yeah I’m getting ready to sue the place if they don’t bring the two back. lol

  21. I started to get hooked up with this show and it seems that all the good charachters that made me want to watch this show are being killed of phased out.

    You should do a little better research on what people like to see.

    1- I do not like to see SG-1 characters back or in Atlantis.
    2- Beckett, Weir and Lt. Ford should have being removed like that from the show.
    3- Why dont you just kill McKay and Sheppard and bring William Shatner and McGiver instead.

    Stargate Atlantis Writers are total loosers, way to go and ruin a good show!

  22. Carson RULEZZZ , he is very good person,he must stay in antlantis,i think,he will be in 5th season,we must fight for him!

  23. Hi folks!!
    I think Carson Beckett is very important character, as interesting as Lisa Weir, perhaps even more.
    And also I like him for his funny accent 😀 huh

  24. I just could not beleive they killed Carson off. I literally was in tears. I don’t know if the show will be the same without him.

  25. I just watched theem kill off carson I still cant belive they would do something so stupid!!!!! He Is one of the main reasons my wife and I watch the show. Please keep up the fight to bring him back!!!!!!!

  26. Carson Beckett was one of my most favorite characters from both SG-1 and Atlantis. just can’t help myself from crying everytime I watched “Sunday”
    now I have to wait for a month to see him again *sigh*
    and I don’t even know whether he’s staying for good *sigh*

    keep on fighting, people!

  27. I’ve been an SG-1 fan for years.. I lost interest though after the first few seasons because the show was transfered over to the SCI-FI Channel and was no longer a show that played on regular TV like it does in Cable. In my home town in TN, When the 4th season of SG-1 Was airing, the 6th was airing on Cable.. and not only that! The Episodes that aired on my station were played in the WRONG Order. They would play Episode 2, then 8, then 16, then 2 again.. I gave up after a while.. But Watched many episodes through out the years.. And I’ve been smart enough to remember the main plot and altogether I’ve probably seen 6 of the 10 seasons.. (Granted the episodes were in the wrong order)

    Then came Stargate Atlantis.. One night while flipping through the channels the Episode “Poisoning the Well” was on.. I realized “Hey this is Stargate.. Where’s O’neil and Carter and everybody?” Then when it went to the comercial it said “Stargate Atlantis will be right back.” I was like “There’s a NEW Stargate series on TV!?!” I Fell HARD For Carson.. His beautiful eyes, his Lovely Scottish Acent and his kind heart. The end of the episode Made me cry so badly when Perna died. I instantly knew I HAD To tune in the following week to see and hear more of and About Carson. But The Following Episode had nothing of him in it.. I begain to think “Oh no.. was he just a Guest star?” Then I realized he WAS a Cast member.. The show made little to no sence though being as they (As always on my Home-Town FOX TV Station) were playing Episodes out of order.. Episode 3, was followed the next week by Episode 9 and so on.. I have never in my life become SO Attatched to a TV Show that I cared enough to go out and BUY The whole seasons of it. After three weeks (ONLY 3 WEEKS) Of watching SGA I went out and bought the 1st season. And when the 2nd season was realised I purchased it on the DAY It came out. My Local station is playing the third season right now (They started it with the Season Finale.. aren’t they brilliant?) So I refused to watch and just waited for the DVD’s.. I’m now thinking of buying the SG-1 Dvd’s because I’m convertated to being a HUGE Stargate Fan.. been watching it off and on since I was 9.. now I’m 20 and beyond Adicted.. They still play epi’s of both SG Series out of whack So thank GOD For the DVD sets..

    AND FOR CARSON. He was the whole reason I got into Stargate.. I hated Rodney at first because he was so mean it seemed to Carson.. But He’s grown on me too.. So now the show for me is Carson and Rodney.

    I honestly didn’t see the actual episode where he “Died” until about a week ago. I knew it had aired and read about the new episodes online.. I just have to wait until Re-Runs hit rgular US TV or buy the DVD’s. It was hard.. I’ve been a HARD Core SCB Supporter even though I’ve never been to a convention and even though I’ve never met Mr. McGillion. I am thinking of Writing a song about the SCB However (I’m a singer) and trying to do more then just sending out e-mails and making Icons and stuff.. I feel like I’m not making a difference. I really can’t see this show going any farther if they don’t bring him back.. I mean it’s crazy.. And if they kill Carson it’s like.. “Who’s Next?” you know? I’m so happy to hear he’s doing a 2 part thing on SGA This Feb.. Sadly I have to wait for the DVD’s.. All they’re playing on TV right now where I live is Re-Runs of the 3rd season.. lol I got it for Christmas 2007 and in less than 14 days I’ve watched EVERY Episode and all the comentaries and everything.. If I don’t get more Carson soon I’ll go crazy.

    Keep up the good work!!



  28. Stargate Atlantis is nothing without Dr. Carson Beckett.
    Please, please bring him back! I can’t even watch the episodes that he is not in, they make me sad. He was, is and always will be my favorite character.
    We Love Carson!

  29. We love Stargate Atlantis and we miss Carson Beckett and think he should come back for more than just a few episodes.

    Paul McGillion is a great actor and Stargate Atlantis needs him. He´s so cute and he has got nice eyes.

    PLEASE bring him back to Atlantis!

    (sorry for the bad English^^)

  30. This is unbelievable. My landlord bought seasons 1,2 and 3 on DVD – I’ve just spent a holiday from work watching my way through the lot of them – right at this moment I’m halfway through his ending episode – in shock that this great character has gone. I don’t wanna go all “Misery” on the writers ass, but this is a wrong turn to say the very least. It’s very sad.

  31. Yesterday Carson died in the german TVs…

    It was more than a painful moment in SciFi TV history..

    But I’m looking forward to see him again in the next SGA episodes.


  32. Oh my god… why Carson? His death was sooo senseless. As you’ve already heard, the episode “Sunday” was shown in the german tv on wednesday. I really enjoyed this episode – a lot of funny stuff, like ronon playing golf 😉 – but Carsons death at the end of the episode shocked me. It was sooo senseless. I dont understand why he had to die, and I also think that his death should have been a better one.
    Paul, if you read this, you can be sure that the german fans will miss you as well and we all hope that Dr. Beckett will come back!

  33. Hello everything together I comes from Germany and has used me also totally for it the C. Beckett remains and am fröh he comes back. Greetings from deutschland marco:)

  34. Hello!
    I’m from Germany, too.
    I’m so happy he’ll return and I love you and your campaign. You did a great job and because of you I never stopped hoping.
    Nevertheless I was so sad as I saw the “Sunday” episode. But the knowledge, he’ll return in Season 4 for was a good comfort.
    Thank you so much! 😀

  35. hi,
    here in holland the show isn’t on anymore 🙁 but thankfully some people here have scifi so that we can stil watch!And thanks god for international selling!! 🙂 When carson died, i cried my eyes out! I couldn’t believe that he was dead! Such a great caracter and he was written out!! Just couldn’t believe it. Today i found this site!!:) And i hope this site would help to get carson back forgood in sg atlantis! Not just 2 episodes but for al seasons again!
    The show is missing a caracter like carson, en we want the pleasant site of paul back! Cause he was really pleasant to look at!!:D

    So to make a long story short:
    WE WANT CARSON BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This page is great. It kind of reflects my thoughts. I want Carson back as a regular.

  37. When I heard that Paul’s character was going to be killed off I could not believe it. He is such a fine actor and Carson is such a strong, appealing and compelling character that the decision is incomprehensible. I’m glad there have been some mea culpas in the meantime.

  38. I want Carson back too!!!!!!! He’s a fantastic actor and his character is so compelling, shows such character in all he does. No offense, but the new doc is so ‘vanilla’. She is nice, but blah. She doesn’t add to the show nearly what Carson did. I hate this! I hate when the writers do such things. The show isn’t the same now. You can’t replace a diamond like Carson with cubic zirconia. WE WANT CARSON BACK ASAP!!!

  39. Just to let you know that I’ll be interviewing Paul McGillion in around 23 hours and if anyone from the site wants to leave a question they should feel free.

    Head over to for more details…

    (there’s a link to a previous interview I did with Paul there too)

  40. I loved Beckett as much as anyone, but one of the things I’ve always liked about SG-1 and Atlantis is that they do occasionally kill main characters. It keeps the suspense real. I don’t think they should bring him back just because the fans want it. Atlantis is a dangerous place and fighting Wraith is a dangerous occupation, so there are going to be casualties, even among the people we really like.

  41. I can agree with you to some pint Jim. It does make it more “Real” in some ways. But is “Real” Honestly Nanite robots going into our minds and warping our brains? Is “Real” walking through a blue watery looking worm hole and traveling to other galixies? Is “Real” Green guys with long flowling locks using their hands to suck our life out? Yes if these things were possible or “Real” there would be danger. But what’s so great about this show is just THAT. It’s a show. And you don’t have to worry about these things REALLY happening. Carson was a HUGE Part of this cast of Characters. The team members in both Stargate series have had the ability to clone characters, Re-Incarnate characters, and even travel through time to save fallen comrads. I belive this campaign has had a good run. And I do think it’s fair that “Fans” have a say in some ways how things might turn out in a show. No. It’s NOT Our show.. and NO it’s not REALLY our call in the end. But we the viewers grow close to these characters over the years and losing a character as Great as Carson (Played by such a Great Actor, Paul McGillion) Is really just sad to me. And aparently our “Just because the fans want him back” deal had worked to some extent. He’s back for 7 episodes. So there.

    Are you Other SCB-Followers with me on this? I think I rest my case. *Nod-Nod*



    Ultimate Carson Fan from


  42. OMG!! I never knew this site existed until today!!! But glad it does! I am ssoooooo glad to see Carson coming back…now if everyone could just get them to bring him back FULL TIME!!! I loved his character. He brought allot more then I think the producers realized to SGA!!

  43. Carson’s back, so can we kill Dr. McKay now? I’m tired of him saving the day in every freakin’ episode. I’m tired of him period. They never should have killed Carson and should have killed McKay (and left him dead) instead.

  44. Fairly new to the series, but this episode was just awesome. I hate to see the Scottish doctor leave, I was just getting hooked on this series.

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