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  1. Hi,
    I miss CARSON in every weeks ep since sunday
    Carson Becket is so cool
    we want him back !

    Yeahh we want Paul s caracter to be back for a FULL 5th SEASON !!!!!!!!!!

    I like his way of acting and talking with this scottish accent so much !!!!
    You can Get rid of Sam (she had 10 years on sg1)and bring back Carson !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah that be cool !
    Berlin, germany

  2. to – comment 97

    you say he will be back for 7 eps ?
    how do you know ?
    as fare as i heard the desicion is made on the 4th March , we can still hope that he may come back for a full season 5 not just 7 eps ..
    however in a way your right .. 7 eps in s5 is better than nothing !
    yyeah we fans do have influence a little :)) thats true .

  3. Please bring Carson back Atlantis is not the same without him, the other doc is a tad boring……

  4. I, uh, quit watching after they killed Carson off, it made me that mad. Oh sure, it meant more than some “red shirt” croaking, so it was a “better” episode, but I don’t want “better” tv, I want what I like and I like for my favorite characters to stay alive.

    Since he’s coming back, I have some catching up to do. Man, I hope Atlantis is available in HD on my Xbox 360!

  5. It’s so great to have him back woo,shame it’s not for good. But you never know what can happen. They hopefully see how loved Beckett is and bring him back for good.

    Glad to have you Back Beckett ^_^


    Take care.

  6. I really love Carson… he´s so sweet…there´s nothing more to say….I´m totally under his spell

    Czech fan ( from dr. Zelenka´s home:))

  7. I almost feel guilty that I was behind in my Atlantis watching. I have just been watching my season 3 box set this week and was absolutely horrified to watch “Sunday”; I had no idea Carson died and had been avoiding Gateworld, etc… so that I wouldn’t be spoiled. Now I wish I had have known so that I could have participated in this campaign more actively. I would love to know whose idea it was to kill off one of the most beloved characters on the show so that it would get renewed…

  8. You know what… I haven’t even seen the episode where he dies yet (me being a Dutchie and all, far behind on the episodes here) but I’ve already seen the episode where he returns and I have to say… this is damn cruel towards all the Carson fans.
    He dies, only to return, to slowly die again, but just before it happens, they chuck him into a stasis pod, this ISN’T how I wish to remember Carson Beckett, frozen into stasis, unable to do anything. Carson Beckett is the Heart of Atlantis, the bimbo now taking his place doesn’t NEARLY match up to his brilliance. Carson Beckett would’ve done a lot more than this to save someone else’s life… But then again, he’d die trying to achieve that goal, so yeah…
    Still… this would’ve been a perfect chance for the makers of SGA to let Carson return for real. Why didn’t they make it so that the dead Carson Beckett was the clone or something, I mean, it’s Sci-fi, anything can happen, so why not this? Why would they try to fuel the fans hope, only to partially shatter it once more?
    If this is a way from the makers to try and keep the Beckett fans satisfied, they’re doing a pretty darn bad job right here, because crying over his death one time was more than enough, crying a second time now that he’s in stasis… it’s darn cruel.
    Anyways, my opinion.

  9. I realy loved SG-1 and allthough atlantis can not compare, but there are two characters, whom make it worth wathing – Mckay and Carson Becket… I hope he will be brought back

  10. He does come back and I’m glad he does, SGA isn’t the same without him, not to speak bad about Dr Keller, but like she herself said, she’s no Carson.

  11. When I first started to watch SGA, I immediately fell in love with Carson (and Rodney too, but that’s not a point). Really, he’s the heart of the show to me, and seemingly to many others as well, hence the awesome campaign.

    So of course, I was near the edge of tears when I heard, and later saw his horrible, completely unnecessary death. That’s the kind of shock I wouldn’t have wanted to experience again. It took away all, or at least most of the joy I felt while watching the show further, that feeling ain’t ever happened before to me…strange. I’m not looking forward to a SGA without him.

    But then we had hope again, they did indeed bring Carson back, and I was delighted, but once I learned more of his “brilliant” comeback, I still don’t understand…why the heck did they have to mess this perfect chance up completely!? A clone? Slowly dying? Tossed in a stasis pod? They outright ripped my heart out again.

    Thank you for the effort writers, if you did it for the fans who all wanted our lovely scottish doctor back, or any other good reason, but if that was just sick “make them hope first and shatter that hope forever after” kind of trick, **** ***. Sorry for harsh language, even if censored, but that’s how pissed off I am. I really do pray he gets back to the show for good in season 5, I don’t know what they are planning to do with him yet, living in Finland where the show ain’t even on tv yet. :s

    Lastly, I’d want to thank, and every Carson fan out there for the effort, all the protests and shizzle, it really warmed my heart to see more people who care so much for Dr. Carson Beckett.

    And Paul McGillion, I love you and your sexy accent. ♥_♥

  12. Whew…I think I might have been a little too harsh with my comment above, just a little mind you. Sooo….apologies if any of the poor senseless writers read these messages. ;> Doubt it, but oh well.

    Still it was a horrible mistake. I heard he was going to be on in like…5 episodes in season 5? *facepalm* (Oh I might be wrong, I’ve got a very bery bad memory) Not QUITE enough for me, but I guess it keeps me hanging to watch the show…barely. -_-

    Much love to you people and Paul! ♥♥♥

  13. I was heart broken when Carson died. I literally cried. He was so sincere and kind and brought alot to Atlantis. Now that his amazing Scottish accent is gone, Atlantis is just not the same. No offense to the new doctor, but she just isn’t Carson. He was funny and had great chemistry with McKay. It was a crime to kill off Carson. The writers and producers should be ashamed and apologise. Boy do I miss Carson!

  14. I just spent the last hour writing all these people about Carson Beckett. I really hope they bring him back full time!!

  15. I was devastated when they killed Carson Beckett. He was what made the show what it was, its all so serious and uncaring now. I mean Jewel is a wonderful actress loved her in Serenity and all but come on! She’s NOT Carson!
    Such an irreplaceable character with killer one liners and his lines with McKay were absolutely fabulous. The show isn’t the same without him and I won’t be happy until he’s back full time. He made the show worth watching!
    I really miss him on the show, its hardly worth watching any more, brilliant actor and a brilliant character and I LOVE the accent! SAVE CARSON BECKETT!! BRING HIM BACK FULL TIME!!!

  16. I liked the first season of the show, but they really did kill the heart of the show. Isn’t the idea of a good show to stand out and be different in a good way? You don’t achieve that by killing off one of the best parts.

    Bring him back! The show’s boring without him!

  17. Ever since I started watching the show Carson has ALWAYS been my favorite! He really is the heart of the show, and I want him back on! BRING HIM BACK FULL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CARSON BECKETT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ever since episode 1, Carson Beckett has been my personal favourite charecter. He has a strong sense of compassion and intergrity and that is what I love about him. you can always count on him to trust his heart and do the right thing. To kill him off was one of the worst mistakes they could have made. I became less excited for upcoming episodes and when I would watch them, thoughts like ‘oh that is where carson should be chewing them out for being careless’ or ‘carson would have made it better’. Season 4 was, for the most part, a darker season not only because of the seriousness of the story but because they no longer had their Carson. The one person who tried to make things a little brighter and whose charm worked his way into everyone’s heart. I am not saying that I do not like Keller but she is not as caring and much more doubtful of herself. I am so glad that Carson has been brought back and would do anything to see him return as a main charecter for season 6. Go Paul McGillion!

  19. I’m from Madison, WI.

    ummm….Never Stop Fighting Until The Fight is Done Paul! Way to go Beckett!

  20. I’ve bought all the Season 1-3 Atlantis DVDs, and have enjoyed them all up until ‘Sunday’. I can’t believe the best character on the show has been written out for no good reason. His character definitely had the most depth of the show and was more realistic than all the other cloned Captain America science fiction heros. Seems like he was only killed off so the writers could create drama and pat themselves on the back for being such gifted ‘artists’. How soon they forget that ultimately it is the FANS who pay their wages and allow the show to continue.

    To all those who lobbied and succeeded in forcing them to bring him back well done!

    To those who chose to kill him off, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your genitals!

  21. Well, I found myself liking Atlantis more then SG-1 when I started watching, I quickly became attached to Carson just from watching episode one and when he left, to be frank, I did too. Gosh how I cried during Sunday… and I still do if I watch it.

    I only saw about seven or so episodes from season 4 (I’m starting to catch up now though) and when I found out he’d be returning I picked it up again, I wasn’t bouncing off the walls when i found out the limits to him coming back, but it’s something and it made me watch again (for the most part I’m still missing an episode here and there). At least we can look forward to him being in the movie(s). Hopefully…

    I LOVE CARSON!!!! PAUL IS AMAZING!!!! (just had to do that)

  22. hello…^_^ i’m from German, i can’t good english, only school english. yes i go still to school, i’m 16….
    it’s great here, i love you.have a nice day, bye
    -> Carry xD

  23. am i alone in thinking carson is the sexiest man alive? carson is sweetest man on atlantis. his accent rocs! its hot! i <3 carson beckett. SAVE DR. SEXY!!!!!!!!

    _1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ______________________________________

    IM LOVESICK! SEND ME 2 THE DR. BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. carson did not deserve to die! the producers have a problem w/ doctors or something! first fraiser on sg-1 now carson on atlantis. carson was the heart of atlantis. HE WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I just saw episdoe 17th in season 4. Sad that they decided to kill Dr. Carson beckett, I started to cry and was sad. Then I decided to google “Dr. Carson beckett, In hope of finding out a way to contact him and ask him if he decided to quit or was written out of the script. So I would like to thank you all for doing this!. And I am glad Dr. Carson beckett is coming back!

  28. how could you do that to him he was like the main chairtor or at lease the only one i saw now that dr hott carson beckett is off the show i have no reason to live or wach stargate atlantis:_( id like to go to hollywood and smake the person who thought of killing him how dare they whoes with me

  29. Hello . I’m Angelina Gartenlehner from austria. I love staregate atlantis . The best is Dr. Carson Becket . I love thath . I’m twelve . He is my favotite . i love you carson becket ( Paul mckgillion ) Here is my email adres : . goodbye !!!!

  30. I am just catching up on Stargate Atlantis series, killing Carson is the worst thing you could have done, that is worst than killing Shepperd, McKay, Teyla, Ronon or any of the others. Bring Carson back from the dead, I heard you make him a clone but that is not good enough, you guys need to make a combination reunion show that brings all the old characters from Atlantis and SG1 back together again, so far except for Rush, Young, Scott, Chloe, Eli, and TJ the other characters need to get way more developed

  31. Elizabeth Wier and Carson Beckett were too important to the show to just be “replicants” every now and again. It fell apart after that.

    Saw a recent broadcast without either character … still good, but not AS good … the heart was missing

  32. Carson nagyon aranyos én nagyon szeretem amikor meghalt a 3.évadban elkeztem sírni mert én naon naon naon SZERETEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Oh, It’s so sad.
    I can’t believe it. I think it’s the worst thing they can do. And now, all passed, saw the 5 season, and can say that was hard see each episode waiting for Beckett.

  34. It was so odd that he was taken from the cast. He was a good part of the team. Why kill him off?

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