SCB welcomes its newest member

Wee CarsonWe’re proud to welcome our newest and most adorable member, ‘Carson Rex’ as the latest edition to the SCB family. 

‘Wee Carson’s’ proud Dad ‘Silverwings’ wrote on the SCB thread at Gateworld to explain the choice of his name:

“We have several reasons for naming him as we did, but truth be told, the fine character of Carson Beckett, and the excellent work of Paul McGillion are a big factor. Thank you, Paul, for giving us a look at a man with a huge heart, who isn’t afraid to show it. Would that our little one can grow up to be such a man.”

That note tugged on a few heart strings in the SCB crew and we’re told the actor himself was deeply touched by the news. We offer our congratulations once again to Carson’s proud parents! You can read more about the little guy and another note from his Dad at the Gateworld forum HERE.

Charity Auction: Win Dinner with Paul


NEW UPDATE: Auction now ends April 20th

Due to an admin error by Ebay, the original auctions were lost and have had to be re-listed, effectively starting the bidding process all over again. On the brightside fans now have until the 20th April for their chance to win dinner with Paul!

CLICK HERE for the new auction listing and full details.

UPDATE: Auction is now live

The fundraiser for The Babz Chula Society is now live over at Ebay. Bidding has begun on the chance to win dinner with Paul and his co-star Jewel Staite. Click here to check out the listing. Continue reading “Charity Auction: Win Dinner with Paul”

Stage & Print: Latest SCB & Paul News

It’s been an interesting few weeks for SCB and Paul McGillion related news.

sgabookThe Official Stargate: Atlantis Season 3 companion book hit the shelves on November 14th, containing a double page spread on ‘The Fans’ which was dominated by SCB. The pages include the famous ‘bum message’ photo from our rally in Vancouver this past March and an article which ran in Paul’s Scottish birthplace newspaper, The Paisley Daily Express. The book also features an hilarious forward by Paul, as well as the usual great episode by episode break down, full cast interviews and several colour photos. Continue reading “Stage & Print: Latest SCB & Paul News”

SCIFI Make it Official: Carson is back!

carsonNBC/Universal/The SCIFI Channel, made Paul McGillion’s return to the Atlantis for a 2-epsiode arc guest appearance official last night, with a press release to the media:

Reports of Dr. Carson Beckett’s untimely demise last season on SCIFI’s Stargate Atlantis have been greatly exaggerated — or have they? Paul McGillion will reprise his role as everyone’s favorite Scottish physician in a two-episode arc during the series’ fourth season!

They went on to acknowledge the fan cry heard ’round the Pegasus Galaxy and campaigning efforts
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Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis

Released today in conjunction with The Gateroom, Stargate Solutions and The Stargate Project is an EXCLUSIVE interview with Paul McGillion. We spoke to the actor mid-February to follow up his interview with ‘Starburst Magazine’, talk about Paul’s time on Stargate: Atlantis and find out what the actor’s been up to since leaving the show. You can find the interview by following the links below: Continue reading “Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis”

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Paul McGillion

Last night the Atlantis episode ‘Sunday’ premiered in the UK, British fans joining their Canadian counterparts in watching the demise of the much loved ‘Dr Carson Beckett’. On March 1st in conjunction with UK fansite, The Gateroom (English version only), Stargate Solutions and German Fansite, The Stargate Project (German version only), we follow up ‘Starburst Magazine’ with a brand new interview with Paul McGillion.

Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE Interview with Paul McGillion”

Media Acknowledgement

The latest issue of genre publication ‘TV Zone’ #211 carries the following news snippet:

Letters are already flooding into our postbox following rumours that Paul McGillion’s Stargate: Atlantis character Carson Beckett is to be killed off late in Season three. It seems that McGillion will be leaving the show as a regular. but his fate maybe left open…

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Genre Magazine Letter Campaign

A comprehensive list of genre publications’ postal and email addresses have been added to the addresses section of this site. PLEASE NOTE: even though some of these magazines have the same address, they are SEPARATE publications which are published by the same distributor. But just like all the people at Sci Fi, it’s worth writing to EACH and EVERY one of them.

Another Interview with DH addresses rumour

Yet again David Hewlett has been asked the question about his co-stars rumoured departure, this time by Eclipse Magazine  (click the link to read the full interview). He once again neither confirms nor denies the rumour:

Talking of people not coming back, what can he say about the rumours flooding the internet that Carson Beckett is killed during the second half of Season 3? There’s silence at the other end of the phone line before he neither confirms nor denies.

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