Carson Fans Organize "Pipe Band Event"

Highland Celts of Canada

To celebrate Carson Beckett and to demonstrate our passion for restoring the character to Atlantis, we at have organized a public event to take place outside Bridge Studios in Burnaby, BC, Canada, where Stargate Atlantis is filmed.

On Thursday, March 22nd from 12:30 – 2:00 pm, fans will gather to celebrate and hear the world-class Scottish Pipe Band, The Highland Celts of Canada. The group will play traditional pipe band tunes including “The Dark Isle,” the song played in the episode Sunday during Carson’s memorial. But don’t fret, there will be happier selections as well!

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Buy Your Save Carson T-Shirt!

Save Carson Tee-Shirt

With many thanks to Leelakin for drawing a wonderful image of Carson, and to TJuk for setting up the whole shop, our Cafe Press shop is now open for business at Save Carson @ Cafe Press. And to save on shipping for European fans, we’ve also opened a Save Carson @ SpreadShirt shop!

Go and check out the lovely design and all the stuff you can buy so far, for men, women, kids and babies! For each item you buy, $1 US/£1 will come back to the campaign for use in our efforts to restore Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis.

Check back in the next few days for more designs. And be sure to check both shops as there are unique products (such as black t-shirts at CafePress) only available at one site.

Paul’s Home Town Takes Note

Paisley Daily Express ArticleThe Paisley Daily Express newpaper of Paisley, Scotland has published a lovely article on fan efforts to save Carson Beckett, played by Paisley’s homtown boy, Paul McGillion. Click on the thumbnail to read a scan of the article, which includes two large color images.

Many thanks to our TJuk, who got the word out in Bonny Scotland and was interviewed for the article!

"Sunday" Airs in UK: Welcome Carson Fans

If you’ve just found this site because you just saw the Altantis episode “Sunday” and were shocked by its outcome, then we welcome you and share your grief. Here are some quick facts for you which we hope will get you “up to speed” on where we are as a campaign to undo the unfortunate decision to kill Dr. Carson Beckett.

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"A Dog’s Breakfast" Showing in San Jose, CA

The ADB official site has announced that A Dog’s Breakfast, the David Hewlett movie co-starring Paul McGillion, will screen at the Cinequest San Jose film festival on March 3, 4, and 6, 2007! If you’re able to get there, take the opportunity to see Paul in a very funny role and movie.

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Let’s Get Paul Cast as Young Scotty!

Paramount is casting the roles for the upcoming Star Trek movie set in the early days of Kirk’s USS Enterprise. We think Paul McGillion would make a fine Young Scotty. He’s got the heritage, the accent, and the acting ability to make “She’s givin’ ya’ all she’s got, Cap’n,” a truly believable line. 🙂

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Paul McGillion Describes Leaving Atlantis

The latest issue (#347) of the UK genre magazine Starburst has an extensive interview with Paul McGillion plus other content related to this campaign and the casting changes to Stargate Atlantis. Paul finally speaks out about his experience being written out of the show. It makes for a very moving read and should inspire all of us to fight ever harder on behalf of Paul and Carson.

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Campaign Gets Press Recognition!

We’re happy to report that the labors of campaign and Carson supporters are starting to bear fruit in the form of press recognition “” by genre magazines in print and on line! The “letters” page of the Sci Fi Weekly on-line publication for 1 Feb. 2007 features an article by our very own TJuk. Click here, find Feb 1, and scroll down to read the letter, or read it below.

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MGM Unwittingly Confirms Carson's Fate

On the official MGM site is posted an interview with David Hewlett, portions of which were not to be released until after “Sunday” aired, most likely in the US. Thanks to this blunder we have confirmation from David that Carson will die in “Sunday.” From this site comes a transcript of that part of the interview:

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Save a Turtle for Carson

Sea TurtleIf you’ve seen Season 3’s “The Return Part 1,” you know that Carson Beckett bought some ‘wee baby turtles’ while he was on Earth. He was very sad to leave them behind when he returned with the others to Pegasus. In honor of Carson, part of our campaign drive is to save real turtles in Carson’s name, and to let TPTB know we did so!

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Paul Thanks Fans for Their Support

At his official website, Paul McGillion has posted this kind note:

I just wanted to post a note of thanks for all the terrific birthday wishes cards/gifts/turtles that were sent to me! It really means a lot. THANK YOU so much and I hope 2007 is a great year for everyone. On another note I am truly overwhelmed by the support that is happening for ‘Carson Beckett’. Although I cannot comment on the situation at this time, please know that I have had the time of my life working on ‘Atlantis’ and would embrace the chance to keep the good Doctor around!
Lots of Luv

To which we say to Paul, “You’re very, very welcome!”

Nora O'Brien Replaces Optican on Atlantis

Joe Mallozzi mentioned in his blog entry for 15 Dec. that Nora O’Brien, formerly the Sci Fi Channel lead for SG-1, has moved over to be in charge of Atlantis for the network, replacing Tony Optican, who is moving on to other shows. This means our letters to Sci Fi should be addressed to Nora from now on, not Tony. Our addresses page has been updated accordingly!