Paul Interview Finally Published!

A few months ago UK journalist Craig McGill interviewed Paul McGillion, including questions from fans. The interview is finally up at the journalist’s site! An excerpt:

And while some moan about fans, Paul can’t see him ever being that ungrateful. “I could never see the fans as a burden or a problem. As an actor, you want people to appreciate the work that you do, so how could I ever moan about people getting so engaged in the characters I play – it’s a compliment to me and to the people who write/create the characters.”

Please visit Craig’s site to read the entire interview and perhaps leave a comment!

Paul McGillion Movie to Air in US

mmdh.jpgPaul will star alongside The Office‘s Melora Hardin in the upcoming family-oriented film Me, Mom, Dad, and Her. It’s set to air in the US on the Lifetime channel:

  • May 10th, 9 pm
  • May 11th, 2 pm

Paul filmed the role early last year, with a working title of Just Breathe. To find out more including a detailed synopsis and cast list visit IMDB.

Please support Paul by watching the film on Lifetime! If we hear about other airings, we’ll let you know.

Paul Featured In TV Zone!

tvzone.gifThe April ’08 TV Zone has a 6-page, picture-packed interview with Paul McGillion, with lovely insights about filming Carson’s return in Kindred and some hints about what happens to Beckett in Season 5! Show your support by ordering the magazine today. To whet your appetite, we have provided scans of the article here in our gallery. (Look for TV Zone April 2008 in the gallery.)

Happy Anniversary!

Band and BannersMarch 22 is the one-year anniversary of the infamous “Save Carson Rally” at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, BC. You can relive the rain-drenched event here on our blog. The rally got immense attention from the Stargate production and mainstream media, and will be immortalized in an SCB DVD special for the Atlantis Season 4 DVD box set.

At the time of the rally, Carson’s fate was uncertain at best. Since then he has returned, in his own way, and will be back for five episodes of Season 5. It’s been acknowledged that fan response played a big factor in Carson’s return.

Let’s take a moment to thank everyone who attended the rally, from fans to producers, actors, the media, and of course the Pipe Band, The Highland Celts of Canada. Well done, everyone!

New Paul McGillion Interviews

Perhaps in honor of this week’s airing of Kindred Part 1 in the US (and please everyone, tune in for Part 2 on 29 Feb!), there were a couple of interviews featuring Paul in the last few days:

And keep an eye out for the interviews to be published in The Sun in the UK by journalist Craig McGill. He included fans’ questions and promises to publish Paul’s answers very soon at his website.

Finally! Watch "The Kindred" This Week

After many months of waiting admidst much speculation, this Friday marks the US premiere of the 2-part episode featuring the “resurrection” of Dr. Carson Beckett in Season 4. The Kindred Part 1 will air at 10 pm (9 pm Central) on Sci Fi Channel on Friday, February 22, and Part 2 will air on February 29. Continue reading “Finally! Watch "The Kindred" This Week”

A Message from Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion has taken a moment to respond to the news of his return in the role of Carson Beckett, with this message to the campaign:

I am really excited to reprise my role as “Dr Carson Beckett,” and I would like to thank all the people who have been so great to me, with all your support especially the SCB campaign (You Guys Rock!) What can I say? “Beckett’s Back!” and I owe it to the Fans! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Lots of Luv
P.S. Im ready to Kick some ASS! SCOTTISH STYLE!!!

As usual, Paul is a class act! It was our pleasure, Paul. We just wish we could have brought you back full-time!

Expect News on Monday!

Joe Mallozzi has promised that Sci Fi will finally put out an official press release about Atlantis Season 5 on Monday Feb. 4. Joe’s many hints about Carson point to his return as a recurring character, but of course that can mean anything from 2 epsiodes to 20! Let’s hope it’s closer to the latter, and we’ll have a better idea on Monday.

SCB Letters Featured on Mallozzi Blog!

Alex Levine holds up handfuls of Save Carson letters In his blog entry yesterday, Joe Mallozzi included a photo of SGA script supervisor Alex Levine holding up a slew of letters sent in by the SCB letter-sending volunteers who print and mail letters submitted by fans to our letters page.

From Joe’s blog entry:

Today’s pics: Alex Levine flashes a whack of letters from Beckett’s adoring minions.

Well done, writers and volunteers! We can only assume Joe’s picture points at good news coming about Carson in Season 5. Joe wouldn’t be so cruel. 🙂

First Stills from "Kindred"

GW image of MGM still photo from KindredGateworld has published (link) the first still photos taken during filming of Season 4’s “Kindred,” the 2-part episode featuring Carson Beckett’s return. The photo shows a healthy but seemingly imprisoned Carson, likely from before he is rescued by the Atlantis team friends. It’s lovely to see Carson again, and certainly all fans look forward to his return. Part 1 of “Kindred” will air in the U.S. on Feb 22 ’08 and in the UK shortly afterward. SCB will of course have full coverage of the episodes!

Paul Gets Cover of Stargate Magazine!

Cover of Jan 08 Stargate MagazinePaul is featured on the cover of the Official Stargate Magazine for January ’08, which has already started arriving in subscribers’ mail boxes. This honor is accompanied by a lovely 5-page interview in which Paul discusses his departure and return, his gratitude to fans, and the other projects he’s done recently. In the interview, Paul continues to show his gratitude for our efforts, and his humble grace:

“I was absolutely blown away by the campaign. You never think as an actor you are going to have a pipe band for your character playing in the pouring rain in front of the studio and protests in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany. There was a huge letter campaign so it is flattering and I was honored.”

A scan of the article is here in our gallery. Please show your support for the magazine’s coverage of Paul and buy it on newsstands or via mail order at!

Atlantis Renewed for Season 5!

In very happy news for the production, Stargate Atlantis has been renewed for Season 5. As noted in this press release:

“SCI FI is proud to bring Atlantis back for another season,” said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President, Original Programming for SCI FI. “Atlantis truly came out from under the shadow of its sister series this year and proved that it’s a hit in its own right. With this season’s exciting new characters and vibrant storylines, Atlantis also shows every sign of matching its sibling’s longevity.”

Continue reading “Atlantis Renewed for Season 5!”

Vote for Paul at Hey! Nielsen

The powerful US ratings company, Nielsen, has started a community website, Hey! Nielsen to let people register their voices without the need for a Nielsen PeopleMeter in their homes. Atlantis actors are doing very well in Personalities popularity, and Paul is #5! So let’s keep his name in the top few. Visit Hey! Nielsen, joing the site, and write some positive thoughts for Paul. Or, read what’s there and vote to agree with others’ positive opinions. Thanks!