SCB welcomes its newest member

Wee CarsonWe’re proud to welcome our newest and most adorable member, ‘Carson Rex’ as the latest edition to the SCB family. 

‘Wee Carson’s’ proud Dad ‘Silverwings’ wrote on the SCB thread at Gateworld to explain the choice of his name:

“We have several reasons for naming him as we did, but truth be told, the fine character of Carson Beckett, and the excellent work of Paul McGillion are a big factor. Thank you, Paul, for giving us a look at a man with a huge heart, who isn’t afraid to show it. Would that our little one can grow up to be such a man.”

That note tugged on a few heart strings in the SCB crew and we’re told the actor himself was deeply touched by the news. We offer our congratulations once again to Carson’s proud parents! You can read more about the little guy and another note from his Dad at the Gateworld forum HERE.

4 thoughts on “SCB welcomes its newest member”

  1. Ooh what a sweetie!

    I didn’t think it was possible but I think he’s even cuter than the original!!!!!!


  2. Congratulations to Silverwing and family. What a cutie. Paul, you are SUCH a sweet pushover! And thak you so much (if you see this) for the lovely thank you card I received while I was at the San Diego Comic Con. Sigh@ Wish you (PAul) had been there!

  3. Silverwings here. Somehow I missed this way back when it was actually posted. I’m not sure how much traffic is still puttering around here, but thanks muchly for the mention!

    And, since it’s been a while since our Carson’s birth, perhaps it’s time for an update. Carson Rex is a bundle of energy, a healthy little dynamo. He’s a very happy and content baby, very ticklish, and very quick to smile. He’s on the small side of the growth curve (as in, larger than only 3% of babies his age), as was his sister before him. Great things come in small packages.

    He’s learning to army crawl (he doesn’t quite get the idea of using his knees to get around, so he uses his arms and feet), and has perfected a series of baby Wookie growls. (I know, wrong franchise…) he and his sister play very nice together, and are sweet children. They love the shirts that TJ sent to us, too. 🙂

    As noted in that announcement over at Gateworld, we have a blog up on our family here:

    …and there are some good pictures of the kids there. Carson has a natural cowlick at his forehead, not unlike Beckett. We’re happy to play that up when we can, even though we may be the only ones to know why.

    Thanks again for the mention, SCB, and for the well wishes!

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