Next Carson Ep Airs Friday 17 October!

Carson in OutsidersThe third of five Season Five episodes featuring Carson Beckett airs in the US on Friday (today for most of you!) on Sci Fi Channel, at 9 pm/ 8 pm Central. Note the order was changed in the past few weeks, so Outsiders is now episode 12, not 13.

The episode is Outsiders, and features Carson working in a village clinic, helping refugee victims of Michael’s Hoffan drug. Of course, things go wrong and action and adventure ensue!

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3 thoughts on “Next Carson Ep Airs Friday 17 October!”

  1. Wow!!! What a freaking awesome episode!!!! That’s the first time in forever I have been absolutely GLUED!! Loved heroic Beckett, back to his lovable best. Loved all the scenes with Rodney, that was awesome to see. And the episode itself was fast paced, tense and exciting with lots of fun to boot! Why can’t they do that every week????

  2. thank u , thank u, for answering my question, I felt kinda stupid asking, If it;s not to much, do you know where we might be able to find pics of the wrap party. I don’t know if this is the place to ask but what’s your opinion on why they are no longer making Atlantis

  3. Yes it WAS a terrific episode! The scenes between Carson and Rodney, especialy when Carson tried to fit himself in the jumper beside Rodney, were hilarious! Only thing I had a quibble on was the serious lack of a feeding mark on Carson’s chest when the Wraith commander started to feed on him. There should have been one! Other than that….it was awesome to see Carson’s serious side and Carson in action was terrific! Too bad he didn’t get this tupe of epsidoe when he was a regular!

    To Tori–yu can find some photos from the wrap party on Joe Mallozzi’s website. I haven’t tried anywhere else.

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