Atlantis Production Ends

On Friday, September 19, 2008, Stargate Atlantis wrapped production as a regular series. A few days of filming remain, on location in Las Vegas, but the cast aside from Joe Flanigan has said their goodbyes on set. MGM hosted a lavish wrap party on Saturday, as Joe Mallozzi describes here in his blog. Paul McGillion was at the party, and as shown in the attached picture, he was looking very fine!

Our campaign was created to bring Carson back full-time to Atlantis as a series. Sadly that won’t happen now, but assuming the Atlantis movies go forward we can still ask that Paul be included in some of all of them!

The campaign had many successes nonetheless, not least of which were to garner great publicity for Paul McGillion, and to ensure his return as Carson Beckett (sort of!) for 2 episodes in Season 4 and 5 in Season 5. More recently we had a successful charity campaign that raised $1400 US for 2 Canadian breast cancer charities. Those contributions have been finalized, by the way!

Meanwhile we’ll stick around to promote Paul’s career and to inform fans of developments for the Atlantis movies. We thank all of you for your support for the past 2 years now and hope to keep seeing you here!

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7 thoughts on “Atlantis Production Ends”

  1. I’ve got the first 3 seasons of SGA on DVD and I’ve seen just about every episode of season 4 and 5. This show is really the only thing that I’m into anymore but how can anyone not be? Carson Beckett is my fav Character and this news is saddening. The show as a whole however is the best thats ever been created and anyone who is anyone should at least follow a season

  2. Here’s to hoping that TPTB see fit to include Carson in the Atlantis movies – thanks to the wonderful efforts of Michelle and the Gang, I’d be shocked if not!

    Thank you all again for superb work on this mega-project; you’re an inspiration to all fandom – we do count AND can make a difference!

    Big hugs all around!

  3. hey i was just wondering about the comment ( the cast aside from Joe Flanigan has said their goodbyes on set.) has joe not said his goodbyes, did he leave the show early, I’m sorry i must be having a brain fart. if you plaese….. could you explain. either through the forum or e-mail me thanx

  4. I just meant that at the time, Joe F. had more scenes to film, in Las Vegas for the 19th episode, Vegas. So he wasn’t quite finished at the time. Now he is, and he went to the wrap party, so I’m sure he did say his goodbyes.

  5. That was Paul’s girlfriend at the time. We’re happy to report they were married just last month!

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