Paul Reacts to Atlantis Cancellation

Paul McGillion and Rachel Luttrell spoke for a few minutes today with Stargate Soutions. They shared their surprise at the cancellation and their gratitude to the fans. So feel free to visit Stargate Solutions and read the interview!

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4 thoughts on “Paul Reacts to Atlantis Cancellation”

  1. They are definitely handling the news with dignity and humility. I’m still flabbergasted that MGM could cancel such a popular show that is even winning awards. But alas, we can only do so much! Hopefully they’ll change their minds.

  2. Oh, and by the way, I’m still in Season 3 of Stargate and I JUST finished watching “Sunday” and yes… I cried. Even though I knew it was coming. We just found a stray kitten and named him Beckett because he’s such a sweetheart. Seriously, not obsessed here! Beckett is just my fave character. Glad to hear he’s back in Season 5!

  3. Yes, ALWAYS a class act. It seems to have been a combination of M.G.M. and Sci-Fi Channel stupidity! Yes the show was winning awards, the ratings have been high but I believe they had it planned all along. Why else would Brad Wright and Robert Cooper bail out for this travesty called STARGATE UNIVERSE? Been there, done that with LOST IN SPACE and STAR TREK VOYAGER. Now to be combined with a certain OTHER teen ridiculous show so we might as well called it STARGATE VOAYGER 90210?

  4. Beckett forever!!! From R U S S I A with love!!!
    l o v e l o v e l o v e !!!
    I cried when watched Sunday…
    when he appeared again in Atlantis the first words of my hubby was that i would be happy & never believe what had happened in Atlantis (i miss that episode)… when he told me the the doctor appeared again – I was totally happy with Atlantis again!!! & hubby added propably the rating went down because of doctor’s death & writers decided to bring the doctor back!!! U R A!!! since than by the way i was afraid that writers will remove McKay or Sheppard!
    And we in Russia liked more Torri Higginson than last ATLANTIS QUEEN blonde one… he he

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