Four More Carson Episodes

With this week’s announcement that Stargate Atlantis won’t be renewed for Season 6, we can only be sure of seeing Carson for four more episodes of the series. The first of those, “Whispers”, will air in the US on Friday September 5. As a reminder, the episodes featuring Carson Beckett this year are:

Check back here for more airing dates as we know them.

Atlantis will continue on in direct-to-DVD movies, and we urge fans to continue to ask, in forums, on blogs, etc, that Dr. Beckett be included in those movies.

As for a campaign to “Save Atlanis,” speaking for the leadership team of SaveCarsonBeckett, we feel that since the creators of Atlantis have mutually agreed to its cancellation with Sci Fi Channel and MGM, then there is really no point trying to save the show. As far as the show creators are concerned, they would prefer not to make it anymore as a weekly show. Therefore fan reaction is likely to have no positive impact, in our opinions.

We wish anyone luck who does want to campaign! Various “save” sites are popping up but no one that seems definitive yet. Once there is one, we will let you know!

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

3 thoughts on “Four More Carson Episodes”

  1. For a series that is as popular as SGA is you would think with the ratings the way they’ve been, the show was no where near the numbers that would cause it to be canceled. I guess that Sci Fi and MGM would rather make DVD movies than put the money into a weekly series. It looks like we as viewers will end up with more reality shows and wrestling. How sad. All because of the bottom line. Lets hop the DVD’s bring back Paul and the others to their full potential and that they produce the movies in a creative manner. Five seasons has been quite a ride, at least for now the adventures have a chance to continue.

  2. MGMs reasoning is it was too expensive filming in Canada but, guess what, where will they befilming STARGTAE UNIVERSE? That’s right! CANADA at Bridge Studios! This was just an excuse to bring in the new stepchild! Obviously they can’t have TWO STARGATE shows on at the same time….can they?

    Anyway, my deepest hope is that they DO bring Carson into the DVD movies. After all he DESERVES IT!!!! I’m sure Paul would LOVE to do it! And boy will I MISS Carson! Sigh! All I will have left now are Season 1 thru 3 DVDs, plus ‘Kindred’ and the other eps he will be in.

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