Four More Carson Episodes

With this week’s announcement that Stargate Atlantis won’t be renewed for Season 6, we can only be sure of seeing Carson for four more episodes of the series. The first of those, “Whispers”, will air in the US on Friday September 5. As a reminder, the episodes featuring Carson Beckett this year are:

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Auction Results In!

We’re proud to announce that the auction was a success! We’re donating a total of $1400 US to two Breast Cancer-related charities, with half going to the Babz Chula Society and half to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We wish to thank all of you who bid or won the items, and also Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, and the rest of the cast and crew of Allantis who signed or donated such cool stuff! We will blog again once we have the official records of the donations to show you. Well done, fans, as usual you’ve shown your generosity, and we hope you enjoy your items as well.