Carson in Season 5 Tonight!

We’ve been remiss in reminding everyone that the first of the 5 promised “Stargate Atlantis” episodes with Carson Beckett airs tonight in the US on the Sci Fi Channel. Called “The Seed” the episode features Carson in a significant way, and it’s well worth watching! If you’re in the US and miss the episode, buy it on iTunes and show your support for Carson Beckett in Atlantis!

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12 thoughts on “Carson in Season 5 Tonight!”

  1. This episode is fantastic! Why am I the first to comment anyway? Where is everyone else? Have you stopped fighting for Carson so soon?

  2. Aww, looks like he’s takin’ a break back in Scotland. But I feel good knowing he’s to be back. It was so great seeing him after all this madness. He’s alive, he’s dead, he’s alive, he’s a clone, he’s in a stasis chamber… Geeze.

    Great episode ?!

  3. By the way, the whole Rodney updating him on the happenings in Atlantis the whole time he was in the chamber — Awwwwwww.

  4. I also thought the episode was great and it was great to see him on screen again! I agree that we need to keep fighting to get him back as a regular cast member.

  5. I had mixed feelings about the episode, but my overall feeling is it was well acted and handled several changes rather well.


    Paul continues to make me happy to be a fan of his work. He was wonderful (as usual), and there were some touching moments mentioned. I’m not sure I liked the reason WHY Carson was in the episode, and hope the remaining episodes with him give better reasons for his being there. 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I love that man?! *happy sigh*

  6. It was so great watching Dr. Beckett in action again! I miss seeing him as a regular.

    We miss you Carson!

  7. I really enjoyed seeing Carson/Paul again. I ‘m glad they got him out of the stasis chamber, but how does he explain his death to his family back on Earth. We will have Dr. Beckett for four more episodes this season. I hope they use these unusual circumstances is a creative way. I’d hate to see Paul reduced to a glorified walk-on
    for the remainder of his appearances for season five.
    He is to fine an actor to be wasted in this manner.

  8. I thought something was different about Carson and now I’ve figured it out. It’s his hairstyle. His hair is not pointed up anymore-(modern). His hair is parted on his left and is sweeping over to his right. Are they doing this on purpose to tell him apart from the real Carson (the dead one)? or is Paul filming something else simultaneously that requires this particular hairdo? I like his hair better with his modern style. It makes him look happier.

  9. Regarding Carson’s hair, apparently the hair and make-up people dyed it to be darker, and in the process made it too dark. So Paul had to wash it a bunch of times to lighten it, and probably that made it go flat. Let’s hope it’s back to normal for the next episode, ’cause I miss the pointy hair too!

  10. I have the complete SGA Season Box sets SEASONS 1, 2 and 3!! (Lucky me) But I STILL haven’t seen Season 4 so it’s killing me to be such a Faithful SCB Team member (Sending Letters, making Banners, sending out Fwd’s to notify people when Carson’s next Episode will be) Heck, I promoted the episode in which we first found out he was a clone. lol I sent info, show times and everything out to friends and family.. But have only read the TEXT Version of the episode. I sure as heck WISH MGM and my local TV station would start playing SGA on REG TV too… I hate not having cable. And I can’t afford (And am not alloud BLAH) To purchase episode’s online.. RATS!

    Anyway, having read the text copy of the epi, I cried. It seems so sweet! Can’t wait to see it!

    *Cuddles for Paul/Carson*

    VIVA LE SCOTLAND! Bring him back For good!

    Much love,


  11. I bet the new hair style is for two reasons. One, to show that this is Clone Carson. He’s a little different.. blah blah blah.. And Two, just to have a change. But I miss the old do yes… Still he’s a Great actor and VERY Sexy no matter what

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