Saving Carson Gets DVD Special!

The Doctor is In: The Return of Paul McGillion

The DVD special about the return of Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis, which Joe Mallozzi mentioned was in the works months ago, is now released! Lighthearted but respectful, it’s a great tribute to Carson, Paul, and our campaign.

Title from DVD special

The special is 14 minutes long and is on DVD #2 in the US box set for Season 4, or on the second individual DVD in the UK. It begins with Martin Gero covering the infamous demonstration and pipe band event outside Bridge Studios in March of 07. Martin interviewed fans, asking over and over whether they would protest the death of other characters, a war, etc. Our own TJ and Jenner are featured as well, bless their wet selves.

The footage is intercut with later-filmed studio footage of Gero and  writer/producer Alan McCullough, who admits the intensity of fan reaction to Carson’s death was surprising. They discuss how the seeds of Carson’s return were planted at the end of Season 3 and early in Season 4. McCullough gives great kudos to Paul’s performance in “Kindred”, which McCullough wrote.
Paul plays ninja on Kindred Part 1

From there, the special moves on to Paul’s return to the set in Season 4, with hilarious footage of Paul messing around, alone and with David Hewlett and Jason Momoa. Paul gives his thoughts in an intercut interview as well, making it clear how happy he is to be back filming. McCullough discusses how the end of “Kindred Part 2”, in which Carson is placed in stasis, was the goodbye we were denied in “Sunday”.

There are bits of campaign memorabilia throughout the special, including our Scottish flags and Paul holding up a SaveCarson tee-shirt on his first day back. Well done!

We’d like to thank the Stargate Atlantis production for a lovely tribute to Carson Beckett and for acknowledging our wee campaign as well.

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11 thoughts on “Saving Carson Gets DVD Special!”

  1. That’s great !! That’s really nice of them :). Woo we got Paul /Carson back. I hope watch this DVD speacial.

    Great to have you back Paul ^_^

  2. That is so wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing the extra when my DVDs arrive. They still haven’t gotten here from Amazon! 🙁

    Anyway, good work and what a wonderful keepsake!

  3. I really can’t wait to see this! (I don’t know how, though, because I’m not buying S4… but a friend says she’ll lend that to me when she gets it on sale)

  4. I was very happy to see this tribute to Carson/Paul added to this fourth season disc. I even enjoyed Gero’s interviews even though he comes off as rather
    patronizing towards the fans. Gero is a very good writer. I don’t agree with him that “Sunday” is a popular episode it certainly isn’t with the fans I know. He reminds me of a young Harlan Ellison ,who writes in a manner that says he doesn’t care what others might think as long as he gets his way. He is arrogant, some writers share this trait. He is full of himself with an ego a mile wide. His attitude is very sophomoric, immature and he appears sanctimonious about choices he has made concerning the series. There is hope for Mr. Gero. I think someday he will be a great writer. (He just needs to grow up first.) The Doctor Is In: The Return of Paul McGillion is a great feature and well worth having as part of the collection.

  5. I loved the extra (Ivon Bartok ROCKS!), above all else it’s a lasting tribute to Carson and Paul and the efforts of all the many fans involved with SCB. No other fan campaign has had this honour, a whole extra feature dedicated to an actor, his return and his fans! It was fun, sweet and a little tongue-in-cheek. I will always be very grateful for the honour (hell its why I bought the s4 boxset)!

    That being said, I also found Gero extremely patronizing. He seemed to go out of his way to try and prove that the rally wasn’t really about Paul/Carson (did the pipe band not give you a hint Marty?), trying desperately to down play the focus which I felt was an attempt to undermine the strength of feeling, like it was some sort of threat. I also totally disagree with his comment of Sunday being a ‘popular’ episode, the reception towards it was very mixed. Many loved it, many more hated it, that definitely does not make it popular. It’s something he continually says to justify it, but that’s his prerogative, it just proves his true character. As many reviews of the boxset like Mark Wilson at said, another big impression left by this feature is it highlights the unanswered question of ‘why?’.

  6. Can’t wait to watch…..I’m going out today to pick up my copy of Season 4 !

    We love you Paul ! Can’t wait till this Friday to watch Beckett back in Action !!!!!!!

  7. Yes ‘why’? If they hadn’t killed Carson off to begin with they wouldn’t have had to ‘scramble’ to come up with a way to bring him back since they already KNEW how popular and loved Carson and Paul were! I found Gero’s attitude totally insulting! And I STILL say they need NEW blood as far as writers are concerned! Maybe they shoudl cull the writers from THEY certainly can write some really terrific stuff!

  8. Last night’s episode with Carson was really great I must say! Can’t wait for episode #8…’Whispers’!

  9. That is just GREAT! Total Yayness all!! I can say that I have been a part of this from the start (Even though I haven’t met Paul, and haven’t been to a Sci-Fi Con) My Heart has been there when you guys go out to support Paul/Carson in person! (I WILL Meet him someday though. I have that planned. As soon as I can get some tix to a Con!) Anyway, I recall reading and hearing about all the stuff Jenner, and TJ and everybody did that day, so It’s great that there’s some footage and stuff!
    I’ve sent letters, made Banners, sent E-Mails, fwds, written songs, poems, and made YouTube videos, so I’ve done some of my own share of supporting this cause. And even though my name isn’t mentioned on the DVD (As many other thousands haven’t been) We all know Paul loves us and is thankful. We’re all his wee Baby Turtles! Every little bit helps! XD *Much love to all who went* Oh! I got to TOUCH the Season 4 box set in Wal-Mart yesterday lol I didn’t have the $ 39.97 it will take to buy it right now, but mark my words, when I’m a little money ahead, it’s the first thing I’ll snag! lol Then I’m getting ‘A Dog’s Breakfast!’ Anyway! Yay! Can’t wait to see my fellow Carsonites supporting our ‘Scot in the Sky’ And to see more Epi’s of SGA!! (I haven’t seen but an epi or 2 of season 4) I dun’t have cable! Grr!! But I’ve read all the text versions of the episodes so I’m up to date!! Now just to SEE them!

    *Must-Refrain-from-skipping-right-to-the-CARSON-episodes-and-watch-them-in-order-when-I-Get-The-DVD* lol



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