SCB Charity Auction Starts Saturday!

Save Carson Beckett is proud to announce a charity auction of entertainment memorabilia starting later this week! Paul McGillion and many of his colleagues and friends have contributed items for the auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Babz Chula Society. The latter is in support of Canadian actress Babz Chula, who currently suffers from breast cancer. These charities are supported by Paul McGillion, and he happily agreed to sign and contribute items to this auction, as well as get others to do the same.
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Carson in Season 5 Tonight!

We’ve been remiss in reminding everyone that the first of the 5 promised “Stargate Atlantis” episodes with Carson Beckett airs tonight in the US on the Sci Fi Channel. Called “The Seed” the episode features Carson in a significant way, and it’s well worth watching! If you’re in the US and miss the episode, buy it on iTunes and show your support for Carson Beckett in Atlantis!