Gero Talks Keller versus Beckett

A few weeks into filming Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, Writer/Producer Martin Gero gave a long interview to Gateworld, which has just been published. In the interview he made his most revealing statements so far about how Jewel Staite came to replace Paul McGillion as the regular cast member playing the chief medical officer on Atlantis.

From the interview:

Look man, I’m a big Jewel Staite fan. I was one of the people that suggested her in the first place to come in and be the doctor. It was something that we realized very quickly that we needed to do in “First Strike.” Obviously [“Adrift”] and “Lifeline” were going to be lost in space so it would feel weird to introduce a doctor in those. It was a type of thing where I was like, “Listen, we’ve got to do this quick and here’s who I think it should be.”

While the production has always denied there was any connection between Paul McGillion’s removal and Jewel Staite’s hiring, it’s hard to imagine Gero and the other producers were not thinking along those lines as they authorized and wrote “Sunday.” It would only have been a couple of months at most between filming “Sunday” and casting for “First Strike,” after all. Gero goes on to say:

We’d been trying to find a place for Jewel ever since “Instinct.” The only reason we really used her in “Instinct” was because we knew we could use her again. The cast fell in love with her. She lives here in Vancouver so she actually developed a friendship with a lot of people on the show, outside of the show. Sadly, she’s probably closest to Paul McGillion [“Carson Beckett”]. That’s uncomfortable.

Here Gero admits Jewel’s friendly connections to the production were a factor in her being hired, and acknowledges hiring a friend to replace him must have been uncomfortable for Paul. Very sensitive of him.

But Gero also shows a change in attitude in the Gateworld interview. A year ago, Gero insisted fans would love the character of Jennifer Keller. From this interview before Season 4 aired:

… and as for Jewel, if anyone had any doubt, if not gone, will be completely gone after an episode called “Missing”. She is phenomenal. I could not be more excited to have Jewel on the show.

…I have friends that have just started watching the show in season 4 and they love her and people that are expecting “Beckett” are slower to embrace her, but again I have zero concerns and in the next couple of episodes, everyone’s going to be “Keller” fans, regardless of your thoughts on “Beckett”.

Needless to say, his predictions were wrong, as there was widespread negative reaction to Keller’s behavior in “Missing” in on-line fan communities and reviews. Many viewers found Keller too weak and whiny to be believable. From

Who knew Keller was so whiney? She’s worse than McKay’s most pathetic moments (but at least he’s funny-pathetic; Keller is eyes-rolling-pathetic). She came off as very much a spoiled kid.

There were no glowing reviews of Keller after “Missing”. In fact, we aren’t aware of glowing reviews of Keller in general.

In the new interview, Gero admits Keller is not universally loved, but blames it on Carson fans who refuse to accept a new character:

She’s fantastic. I know she definitely has her detractors still, because of the whole Carson thing. If that had never existed I think she would be a universally admired character.

Now this is a truly arrogant, insulting comment. Gero needs to give fans credit for being able to judge Keller on her own merits and not only through the filter of fondness for Carson.

Gero’s reasoning exactly mirrors the production’s reaction to criticism of Jonas Quinn as a replacement for Daniel Jackson in SG-1’s Season 6. The writers didn’t want to see their creation as a failure, so they refused to accept that Jonas wasn’t a successful character regardless of how fans felt about Daniel Jackson. The same is happening here. The simple truth is Keller has not been embraced by fans anywhere near as much as Carson was from the pilot episode on.

Sadly, things seem to only be headed in the wrong direction for Keller’s character in Season 5 as she becomes the center of an “unlikely love triangle” and, based on early viewings of “Search and Rescue,” continues to display indecisiveness and unbelievability as a physician and surgeon.

The bottom line is Mr. Gero should stop attributing all opinion about Keller to disgruntled Beckett fans. Or even better, listen to the fans and either address the criticisms or bring Carson back full-time. We know which one we’d choose!

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Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

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  1. It’s unsurprising given what an arrogant little git Gero has been pretty much all along.

  2. I truly do not believe for one minute that all the critciism from fans is coming from the “carsonites” for want of a better word.

    I know people who have never liked Carson who believe that Keller is whiny and much, much to young for the position that she is holding. My goodness look at all the other Chairs or Heads of Departments on Atlantis they out age her by 10 to 15 years at least and to try and make a believeable romance between her and Rodney is just ludicrous. At least Katie Brown was in the right age area.

    Anyway back to Keller! It’s obvious that the writers especially Gero is going to believe whatever they want to believe. Especially if he’s the one who pushed for her in the role. I think if they had gotten someone who had been at least seen in the Medical Department before to come in after Carson’s death that the fans would have been more accepting.

    I’ve given Keller season four to improve and as far as I can see she hasn’t. Her acting in this particular role is not impressive and having her character jump from one member of the team to another affection wise is just juvenile! Seens like something a teen age boy would write or like to watch.

    I’m glad that Carson’s back even if it’s only for five episodes in season 5 and I hope that during season 5 someone wakes up and realizes that he needs more time on screen. I hope but I’m not holding my breath.

    I just think that Gero wasn’t expecting the rallying around Carson and Paul that people did and how hard they worked to meet all the “demands” made by TPTB before Carson was brought back. I truly believe that the “savecarsonbeckett” campaign supprised the H*** out of a lot of people at Sci Fi, and at Bridge Studios. They truly had no idea what fans would do to keep a character and they really should have after the Daniel Jackson fiasco!

  3. God, that’s such a wrong assumption on his part. I don’t think anything at this point in time could make me like Keller, she’s so awkward! It has nothing to do with Carson for me, she’s just a bad character!

  4. Its interesting to see the change in attitude, considering the mans ego and arrogance the negativity towards ‘Keller’ must have been unavoidable to ignore which says a lot for the reception of the charaacter. I’m get the impression Gero is feeling rather foolish now for his earlier statements, yet his mouth picks up the proverbial shovel and keeps on digging.

  5. Is anyone surprised?

    Keller has been a total disaster from the word go, I gave her a chance, everyone did, she’s just rubbish

  6. Gero is an ass. I think he has a thing for Staite the way he talks of her, I could be wrong and probably am, but still. I don’t dislike Keller but I don’t like her either… make any sense? Anyways, I have said before that I would not mind if Carson was brought back Chief Medical Officer full time, and had Keller as his subordinate. I really did enjoy watching them work side by side working a cure for Carson. I would even be okay with Carson being under Keller, but I still prefer Carson as the CMO.

  7. What an idiot! I tried to like Keller. I liked Jewel in Da Vinci’s Inquest, loved her in Firefly/Serenity, but the material she’s given to work with makes her character *so* unlikeable. It’s not just that she’s whiny but that she’s whiny at inappropriate times. I mean, please– “My people are missing and I fear I may be all that remains of them.” “I miss my dad!” “I watched my world be destroyed and the woman I love die.” “I didn’t get to go to my high school prom! *Wah!*” Was there some reason we were supposed to like her? Is this behaviour supposed to be attractive and/or womanly? And the romance-go-round only makes it worse.

    Hey, Gero, go look at the freakin’ scripts and the words you’re putting in this woman’s mouth to find out why the audience is less than thrilled. Geesh. Ostrich much?

  8. She’s ok by me, at first. I am really very accepting. But after giving her the chance I felt she needed to ease into Atlantis, I just gave up. She is definitely one of the most inconsistent character ever. For someone to be a doctor, they have to be level-headed. She is not level headed. She have absolutely no sense of self control. How did she manage to pull off surgeries? I couldn’t believe they swapped a good doctor and a good Atlantis leader (Weir) for the likes of such an unstable character.

    And the one I feel most sorry for is Jewel. I looked at some of her other characters and loved them. She was so pretty, and so likeable and fun. This is just one character she played that is so disgusting – in terms of character development. I read the article and I am now a ball of fury – so it was he who had put all stability in Atlantis down the wormhole, never to be seen again. He was the one who created such a weak-minded character who had no humor and no substance whatsoever. Not to mention the fact that she flirts with many of the cast characters. Why she didn’t go for Sheppard (reknown for being Kirk), I didn’t know.

    So MG. Sad to tell you that your character is not rubbing right off me any longer. I am positively disappointed in your decision. It is not because of Carson, really. I can understand what emergencies could arise during production in the absence of a cast member. If I knew that there is any connection between Carson’s boot and Keller’s introduction (planned connection) I’ll just boycott the show and such only the parts without Keller. Unfair for her, I know. But in the whole of S4, the character worsened. I just don’t want to know just how bad it is going to get. Even then, I feel sorry for Jewel. I’ll go make it up to her, perhaps by rewatching firefly and fall in love with her all over again.

    Just goes to show how a character with so much potential got trashed to the point of no return. I can’t view Jewel exactly the same way anymore. Carson. Please come back. Your character is better than her a hundred times. Keller doesn’t belong in Atlantis. Jewel, doesn’t belong in there, not as a doctor. You do.

  9. Okay… first of all… I didn’t even know that Staite was also Ellia in “Instinct” I thought she was rather good as a Wraith girl actually, though her attack performance was a little… over-acted… but still, this to say that I have nothing against the woman in personal.

    First I think the way that she entered the series was all wrong… She walked in and bluntly told everyone that she didn’t even like being in the position… She feels insecure about being in that position… how should we trust a person who isn’t sure of her own skills? I don’t think that was a correct way to start things off. Maybe if she had been seen first in an operating room, saving the life of a soldier or something, that I would’ve thought: hhm… maybe she is capable… but whining won’t get you very far with me (although that might be what I’m about to do right now…)

    As for the episode “Missing” in which I was supposed to start ‘loving’ her… it nearly made me throw up and skip the entire episode… I can’t believe that they threw this whiney character at us… I am rather surprised that Teyla didn’t just try to smack some sense into her… She’s afraid of everything, she doubts herself, she doubts what and who she is and what she can do… how can you possibly build a character on that?
    “I can’t do this!” she keeps saying, “I won’t eat that!” it annoyed me throughout the episode, and I suppose that that wasn’t the general idea of Gero at all… I think we were supposed to feel sympathy for her after that, well… that failed…

    And as for being a Carson fan… yeah, I admit that I am one and I would love to see him back, but I honestly tried to embrace Keller as the new doctor… I just couldn’t… she doesn’t have the much needed sense of humor, she makes everything too serious and even if she attempts to make a joke, her monotone voice ruins it all, she couldn’t be a funny character even if she’d put on a clown’s suit and danced the macarena >_<
    I don’t know how well she acts in other series and/or movies… I have to admit that I have never really seen anything of her aside from her role in SGA, so I don’t know… maybe she’s a very good over-all actress but I can’t really see it here… It is not what SGA needs, it’s becoming really serious over there and some good placed humor would not be a bad thing… Carson and his Scottish lovely foolishness would have been sufficient in that, but Keller seems to miss out on that entirely…

    Maybe Gero is just so big a fan of her that he completely missed out on her acting skills for SGA or something, I don’t know… I would love to see her improve in the next episodes and I have to admit I would like to see how the love triangle works out for her, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want Carson back… That more than anything…
    So… to Gero: clean your eyes, wash out your ears and start listening to the fans, they have a better view on reality that you seem to have.

    Well, that feels better,

  10. I am first and foremost a McKay fan. Carson was always a peripheral character for me. I liked his friendship with Rodney but the show has always been more about the dynamic between McKay and Sheppard for me so…

    I HATED that they killed off Carson and brought in this whiney little girl who couldn’t play a CMO in her wildest dreams.

    I like Jewel Staite. She’s shown herself a talented actor in the part of Ellia, and in her work on Firefly but Keller doesn’t work for me. For one thing, for the CMO to be getting a reputation as the Atlantis bike seems overdone. Sorry, MG, she’s not that irresistible. I wasn’t fond of Katie Brown but at least the gal didn’t whine and she was a strong character who knew when her relationship with Rodney wasn’t working to her best advantage.

    Keep Keller by all means, but not at the expense of the characters we fans of Atlantis most want to see. We like our team dynamic and sadly Keller isn’t part of it.

  11. At first I thought, Jewel is just that bad an actrice. But now I saw her on firefly/serenity and she’s absolutely adorable. No, I can’t blame Jewel for the Keller character anymore. I thought her to be great in Instict too.
    You all said it already. It’s how the character is written and the fact, that she’s more or less the “sexy alien” in the show only that she isn’t alien. Her being alien might have made her more believeable actually :-P. You just can’t have a 25 year old CMO. That’s just too obviously trying to get more male audience.
    And now they won’t even admit it or realise that it was a mistake.
    BTW I love the idea of Carson returning as CMO and Keller remaining as a simple Doctor :o)

  12. I really must be the only one that likes Keller.

    Why? you ask…

    Because she’s modest, she’s under appreciated by everyone on the team, she’s awkward – she’s everything the Atlantis team is not. Everyone there, from Weir to Lorne to Bates to Sheppard are all cocky, headstrong and confident in what they do. That’s not to say those are bad things. But to introduce someone to the cast who’s a little flimsy, who is definitely new to everything about the lifestyle the team experiences is a great sort of juxtaposition.

    Do people like Woollsey? He’s awkward and humble and a bit on the unlikeable and arrogant side but I haven’t heard complaints about him replacing Carter [then again I don’t frequent many SGA boards].

    I do think that the writers tried to force her down our throats way too soon after “Sunday” and I don’t think the dislike everyone feels toward her is strictly from the Carson fans. But after so much confidence and humor and wit has been displayed for us in the other seasons between the main cast of characters, including a building love for someone like Carson who was a backburner character for the first season, it’s hard to accept someone who just seemed a little plopped in. People are expecting too much out of Keller and it can definitely be blamed on the writers in that she’s just a character, she has to do what’s on paper, but she was written to be weak and whiny. “Missing” is the prime example of it and for whatever reason, they decided it’d be fun for her to be the way she is. But she’s growing. We’ve only seen one season of her and no one is giving her a chance. They expect miracles to happen like how we all fell in love with the characters after one season. Keller may be a doctor, but she’s not working miracles just yet.

  13. I’ve always believe that Mr. Gero is either in love with Jewel, or a fan. His interview confirms this. He is looking at Jewel/Keller from the perspective of a fan of her, not as a fan of Atlantis in general.

    Instead of Keller progressing in character, I see she’s regressing in character. I also see that the writers, especially Gero, can’t do anything else with the character except put her in a love triangle.

    I cringe every time Keller opens her mouth. The same thing with Gero. I think his reality check bounced.

  14. The problem with waiting another season for the character to work is if she cant do it in 1 season with so much exposure and promotion (they never promoted Paul in s1 and rarely in s2, s3) who says she’ll work with 2, especially as Carson is back which inevitably leads to comparisons? She has not and can not seem to step out of his shadow, and they knew this would be a problem but haven’t addressed it, just arrogantly believed people would love the character because they do (or rather, because they wrote her).

    All the other characters worked within a season or they were removed (Ford for instance). Ronon did not take a season to establish his successful integration but then Jason brings an edge to the character which makes life very interesting! I also honestly dont feel Jewel is capitalising on the material she’s given, she can only do so much with the material but she doesn’t even try to bring anything to the role IMO which is a pitty because I adore ‘Kaylee’ in Firefly. Carson took not only a season to work, but a season to EARN full cast status through his popularity and Paul’s great chemistry with the rest of the cast. It even earned him a Leo nomination, I barely see a good review for Keller that doesn’t involve the writer say they were a firefly fan or that she is hot/cute/’sexy… nevermind an award!

    I fully believe that if Tappingr had not left the show, Jewel would NOT have been made a full time reg. She’s there because of the lack of female cast members, which is ridiculous. It’s certainly not as a result of popularity within the fandom or the press which is concretely proven by Ostrich Gero’s statements. For him to be making excuses for her lack of universal success speaks volumes, and is such a massive contrast to his ‘you’ll all love her, so there!’.

  15. First of all, I have nothing against Jewel Staite – she was great in ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity.’ However, I really can’t stand her as Keller on ‘SGA,’ for several reasons. First is the obstacle of her age and being CMO on Atlantis – it’s just not believable. Her immaturity and inexperience are not endearing, although the writing may be partly to blame. If the episode ‘Missing’ was supposed to me fall in love with her, it failed. Would the SGC add someone to the expedition without a bootcamp on the basics of survival?

    If Martin Gero was so eager to add Jewel to the cast, there are other roles that could have been developed – as another scientist her inexperience, immaturity and awkward social skills might have worked, as well as being a ‘genius’ at a young age (it’s plausible to have a PhD and post-doc at 26-27).

  16. I blame the dislike and disdain for Keller entirely on the writers. If we’re going to compare Carson and Keller, you have to look at the material the characters were given. While Carson had a smaller part in the beginning of season 1, as sort of a background character, he’s got humor and jokes and wit. Then he gets an episode like “Poisoning the Well” that focuses a lot on him [among other things] and then ones like “Letters From Pegasus” where you see a different side of his character.

    Then you look at what’s been given to Keller. I don’t care if you have the best actor in Hollywood to play the part, the role is dull, for lack of a better word. She doesn’t get to tell jokes or have the same moments that Carson was allowed.

    On that note though, I agree with TJuk on the female presence. But on top of that, because men are writing the show, there’s more of a manly touch to it, so all the women are attractive, the men are swarthy and smart and it’s packed full of action – whether physical or mental. If a woman were writing for the show -full time- you’d definitely see a different light on ALL the characters. That’s not to say I want a woman writer as I love the show as is, but I’m pointing out an obvious issue.

    Another good example – look at Katie Brown. What a dull character! Brenda James is pretty amazing as an actress but seriously? What the hell were they thinking when they wrote that character. I absolutely detest Katie Brown because she’s so boring. And the same thing is happening for Keller except in my opinion, I think she has a lot of strength as a character, but yes, the writers are focusing more on the weak-willed, damsel in distress motif to present her to the audience. Whether Gero has a scifi boner for her or not, he wants the audience to see her as vulnerable and cutesy and that’s exactly what’s happening. The only reason I look beyond that and don’t dislike her is because I can see Jewel Staite is being given a weak part. I don’t want to lump Weir into the group of stereotypical woman because she was a woman of power and command – she was a man pretty much. No slight to Torri Higginson though. And really, Carter was sort of seen as a sexy insert for Rodney in “Grace Under Pressure” and even throughout SG-1. But as soon as she took command of Atlantis, she really wasn’t prodded at to be a sex object. The writers just don’t know how to handle women who don’t have immense power.

  17. This just confirms that Martin Gero writes only for his own gratification and not with any consideration of the fanbase. I do not dislike Keller. The character is so non-descript that I find it hard to summon up any emotion with regard to her. I am sure it is not Jewel’s fault as although I have never seen Firefly my husband says she was brilliant in it. It is so sad to see SGA, Paul and the fans suffer just because one man is so opinionated that he believes he knows my mind better than I do. I am longing to see that certain something that Carson’s character brought to SGA – it has been lacklustre in his absence.

  18. How infuriating! As if to say that fans aren’t allowed to love Beckett more than Keller! >:[ Well, excuse me for believing that it’s OUR prerogative to like who we want to like, Gero!

  19. She’s awful!!! I dread when she is in the scene. And how is she getting so many lines anyway???? Hopefully they will give more lines to the original remaining cast members.. Why do they keep messing with something that wasn’t broken?

  20. Whenever she’s on screen, I see Jewel trying to get past the horrid scripting to find something worthwhile for her character to do. That’s very sad, because she is a fine enough actress and certainly one I like and appreciate. However, her character is not nearly as fun and believeable as Beckett.

    I don’t know how much of the sentiment expressed in this blog is shared by other fans of the show, particularly the ones who don’t spend a lot of time online. Does anyone know whether Keller is as wildly popular among them as she is among the series’s writing staff? I mean, to hear Gero talk you’d think Keller was the bestest, most wonderfulest television character ever created! Either he’s still trying to “sell” her to us, or he is out of touch with reality–or Keller really is as great as Gero says she is.

    I’m leaning towards the whole “sell” option with a bash of Gero In Fantasyland.

  21. Kasey made some great points – I agree with everything said there.

    On another note, I think it’s a mistake to put Keller in a “love triangle”. Regardless of how we feel about her, SGA has never really been about the romance, has it? Romance has been included, but the only time I can think it’s been a real plot point is when Rodney was dating Katie, and that was never made out to be a “omg you have to watch this!” aspect of the show. I love Atlantis like it is – I don’t need some hastily scribbled plot device more common to daytime soap operas taking place in the stead of all the other amazing material the people involved have proven themselves capable of. I’d hate to see such a unique show try to support itself with something that any generic teenage drama can cough up.

    I’ve only seen episodes that try to pair Keller with Rodney and Ronon, so I’m getting this creeping, sickly horrified feeling that they’ll be the principal characters in said ‘love triangle’. I desperately hope I am mistaken.

  22. I always thought it was the FANS opinions that mattered most! I mean come on, without the fans the show would not exist and having a go at us like that is unacceptable. Instead of having a go at the fans they should be LISTENING. And its our right to love whoever we want.

    I mean I loved Jewel in Firefly/Serenity she is really awesome but in SGA its a total disaster! She has the potential to be a great CMO but she needs a stronger character and perhaps one a bit more bubbly rather than whiney.

    I loved seeing her work with Carson, that would have fully worked. Having her character as an underling with Carson would be great but the way it is her character is unbearable to watch.

  23. Let me preface this by saying that I was a Firefly fan waaaay before I even got into SG1, much less SGA. I adore Ms. Staite and think she’s just brilliant. I even loved her in DaVinci’s Inquest and the episode ‘Instinct’, as Elia.

    I will also admit to being a ‘Save Carson’ person. The character and chemistry that McGillion had with the rest of the cast was too good to just throw away the way that it was.

    Here’s the problem as I see it:

    TBTB over on SGA do NOT like to be told what to do. They also rely on weak plot devices in order to ‘boost their ratings’ or increase their ratings share – the problem being that the things that they are doing are tearing apart precisely what current and past fans actually tune(d) in to watch.

    e.g. Ratings boost needed? Dredge up an old enemy like the ‘Replicators’. Boring. Most of the fans that I know are sick to death of the whole story line and feel it should have stayed on SG1 and never even migrated to Peguses, especially in the manner that they did.

    eg2: Need higher ratings? Whump and or kill off a popular character. We could start another Weir discussion here, but let’s just say she was the first. Higginson was treated horribly as a result and viola! Fan back-lash. You can’t just take a much loved character like Weir or Beckett and do unto them what was done and expect devotees of the character interactions in the main cast to accept ‘replacements’ like assembly parts. Sorry, but you are wrtiting Sci-Fi – fans are devoted, opinionated, and most of all SMART. Ronin only worked on the strength of his own character, chemistry and background and was therefore Mamoa was never really seen as a ‘replacement’ for Franks. He made it on the merit of the writing for his character, his chemistry with the rest of the primary cast (including Weir’s initial reluctanct acceptance of him), and the great backstory he was given. Ford was never truly mourned as the main cast were still trying (however infrequently) to find him and bring him back into the fold. His character never disappeared really, just faded into the background as a constant worry for the team that he was a part of. Yes, they took a sweet-faced innocent kid and made him an addicted tortured anti-hero. But, here’s the difference, the writers made sure that the cast NEVER gave up hope for him. There was always a feeling of ‘we’re going to help him and bring him home’.

    Sam was rather wearily accepted for several reasons, hence the somewhat quiet, yet not necessarily happy reception of Picardo.

    Firstly, there was already a decent faction of Super Sam desenters leftover from SG1. They didn’t like the Jack/Sam ship that was foisted on them, found it to weaken her character and make her a simpering fool who ,for some bizarre reason, could do anything and everything – despite the fact that Daniel, not her, opened the Stargate and in only weeks after she attempted for years.

    There was a ton of retcon done on her character on SG1 and she became an expert in all sciences, not limited by her actual experience as an astrophysicist (which, really, was more than sufficient for the writers to work with).

    There was also a tremendous backlash by a huge segment of SGA fans, who may not have liked Weir/Higginson, but felt that she was shoved aside for the golden girl Tapping to have her place on the show. Now, in this group of dissenters, even fans of Tapping were divided in their opinion of the decision to move her right in and shove Higginson right out of a group dynamic that she was the CORE of – the leader. Badly done, badly written, and did a disservice to both Higginson AND Tappping.

    Now, many who were never happy about that decision are, of course, not going to complain overly about wooden Woolsey. They may not have a group ‘woohoo!’ as they may have, if Weir was brought back, but they aren’t exactly shouting ‘Foul!’, either. Then, there are the circumstances of her departure. Tapping has made it clear that her focus is now ‘Sanctuary’ and that it was HER decision to leave the show to focus on that project. Even die-hard Tapping fans are, for the most part, happy for her progress in that direction.

    Now, if we see McKay’s character or Hewlett being sacrificed at the alter of, for the better part, a disagreeable character such as Woolsey – I myself will boycott the show.

    Enough is enough. I’ve heard others say nothing but good things about Picardo. I personally have never seen it. I was a Vogayer devotee and sincerely and completely disliked his character to the bitter end. Picardo may very well be a brilliant actor, but from his interviews and behind the scenes footage from his other projects, his brilliance is only outshone by his own ego. He comes across as the ‘pompass professor’ who thinks he’s better than everyone else around him and that every actor he comes across can only benefit their craft simplby by being in his presence.

    I could be misreading him completely, but his own press certainly has done him no favors on this issue and the character of Woolsey can in NO way be considered a fan favorite. Yet, I will give him the benefit of the doubt – to a point.

    The only smart casting decisions that I’ve really seen since the first season have been Kavan and Pileggi – either or both will probably suffer a horrible fate, if heaven forbid, fans actually start being vocal about liking their characters.

    The only way that I can see the writers getting past all of the huge blunders that have been made with the casting, is to have Keller and Woolsey both turn out to be the much over-used device of human form replicators.

    I would plead with the writers and TPTB at SGA to stop trying to get back at the very people who watch their show by cutting off their noses to spite their faces. If you don’t want to provide what your fanbase wants and needs, then for pity’s sakes, stop trying altogether.

    This kind of paternal, we know what’s best for you crap, went over with Joss Whedon like a lead balloon, killing both his primary show with a ton of ‘Buffy-lovers’ turned ‘Buffy-haters’ and eventually the poison spread to his spin-off, Angel, and killed it as well. Fans may be devoted, Sci-Fi fans, in particular, but we will still only tolerate so much before we tune out.

    I can pretty much guarantee you that, if the show continues to degrade with such poor character development such as Keller and redundant ratings ploys as replicators, you won’t have to worry about spiting your fans – you just won’t have any, or a show anymore for that matter.



  24. If Keller was a competent doctor, it wouldn’t be so bad, but… aieee… well, maybe the writers could actually do some research or google medical stuff. Makes me cringe. But on the other hand, if they need to boost ratings, they made Keller a regular so since they have a bad track record offing the physicians, she should be next in line to die 😉 (said in jest, of course, but hey, they DO like to kill the docs!)

  25. As a long-time fan of “Doctor Who” (in which the main character has been played by no less than 10 different actors), I consider myself very tolerant when it comes to cast changes.

    Despite my misgivings, my attitude towards the addition of Sam Carter to SGA was “let’s wait and see”. I’m one of the few people who actually liked Jonas Quinn on SG-1, although I had liked Daniel Jackson as well. So reading that Gero blames the lack of interest in Keller on fans being too rigid to accept the change from Beckett feels kind of like a slap in the face – more so because I’m a big fan of Gero’s scripts.

    I was a fan of Jewel Staite’s when she was on Firefly, and I think she’s an excellent actress. As far as I can see, she’s playing Keller the way the character has been written, so I don’t blame her – I blame the writers for creating such an unbelievable character.

    If they are trying to create a character that is at all realistic, the CMO of Atlantis should be both brilliant and experienced – not a brilliant but completely green character like Keller. I’d have been happy to see Jewel added to the cast as a character with a different job – even with the same whiny personality – but as CMO she’s completely unbelievable.

    The only excuse I can make for Gero is that he’s actually quite young (in his early 20’s) and writing for SGA is his first big job. But he has shown himself to be a bit of an asshole in other situations, too.

    IMHO, SciFi channel and MGM need to take a page from the BBC, and stop buying into the same old SF stereotypes. They have some great actors and crew. What they really need are more honestly original scripts and for TPTB to stop sticking their noses in and demanding unnecessary changes that only upset the fans.

  26. I sympathise with you guys. I’m not a massive Beckett fan, but I like him enough to be missing him. Well, I would be if I still watched this poor excuse for a show.

    I can’t believe that it wasn’t the loss of Beckett or Weir that turned me off 100 percent (though those incidents worked towards it) but the introduction of Keller and the use of the awful shipping we’re seeing. Sheppard/Teyla, Sheppard/Larrin, McKay/Keller/Ronon.

    These people have lost the plot completely.

    As for Gero, he had promise early on. Now he just looks like an arrogant prat who puts his foot in his mouth every time he opens it and has no filter. He doesn’t think before he speaks. Does he even consider how these comments must look to Paul, who they continue to ask back on their Godawful show?

    No, of course he doesn’t.

    He’s been spending too much time with the king of the arrogant prats, Joseph Mallozzi.

    Personally, I think there’s too much of a mutual admiration society going on on SGA. They give each other positions on episodes they’re not actually capable of doing, just so they can have the credit and claim the income that goes with it. They rehash stories because to be honest, they HAVE no ideas, and they jsut want to keep things going so they can have a paycheque and eat expensive chocolates and go to restaurants.

    They don’t come off like people who love their show. They come off as people who love certain actors, who they’ll use even to the detriment of their show or the actor. They’ll do things they know will cause fans to stop watching and then say “Well we don’t care, you have a problem of perception, not us!”

    I can only hope the SAG strike will happen and hit these idiots where it hurts — in the hip pocket. Though it would be sad for the real workers on the show to suffer, it would be good to see TPTB get a dose of their own medicine by being out of work.

  27. Actually Gero is 30 (31 on July 6th) even though he acts immature at the best of times.

    TBH I find his attitude in interviews, especially with statements like this, to show he has no respect for the fans. All he cares about is professing his own so-called brillance, what he ‘loves’ and therefore things everyone else should though sheer arrogance, just like any overly opinionated person. He may protest to the contrary or try and pass it off as a ‘joke’ (haha…not) but frankily, he’s starting to go past disrespectful and right into ‘contempt’.

    He’s certainly not doing poor Jewel an favours by blaming the fans for lack of success or his ‘fan boy’ antics…frankly I’d feel embarrassed by that attention. Instead of finding excuses they should be writing solid material for Jewel and not the gym-sock fantasy, shallow and annoying stereotype they only seem capable of writing for women but that would involve a reality and ego check…not going to happen.

  28. Jewel, to be honest, has been snarky on her blog in relation to people not liking her character.

    Early on she made some comment about how she can’t be replacing Paul because she’s not a middle aged Scottish man, or words to that effect.

    If she was smart, she’d cut her losses and move on. She’s certainly not winning any fans over with this.

  29. I’m trying very hard to like the character of Dr. Keller. Unfortunately, the predominantly male writing staff of the Stargate franchise do not know how to write credible female characters. I hung out with fanboys like Mr. Gero in collecge and found their perception of women to be somewhat, umm, poorly developed?, stereotypical?, awash in pimply-faced testosterone and just plain disrespectful. They accepted me as “one of the boys,” mostly and included me in their cheesy sexist humor, with which I was supposed to go along. Well, boys and girls, I am now a middle-aged professional woman and have observed that Keller is a bit too much of a girly-girl to have made it so far in medicine or the Air Force. We’ve just had the first female Presidential candidate ever, for ghu’s sake, and the writers need to do a better job. Maybe crawl out of their fanboy caves and spend quality time with actual women.

    I really feel bad for Ms. Staite, who did a grand acting job with her Wraith character, and has unjustly borne much of the critcism for the Keller character. Not her fault. The inability to believably write women’s roles has infected the Stargate franchise from the very beginning.

  30. Well, I actually made a comment at GW, under the article. The mods deleted it. I simply copied his remark about the fans, said that’s not entirely true, some don’t like the wish-washy writing of Keller. Apparently that was too much honestly, I suppose, Either that or their comments page has gone totally wonky.

  31. I adored Jewel in Firefly, it was the first show were a female character was easily my favourite and that character was ‘Kaylee’.

    But I found Jewel’s ‘I can’t be replacing him because I dont have a penis’ comment to not only be offensive but incredibly childish and….well lets just says ‘snarky’ is not a strong enough word.

    I can however forgive that because of the no doubt daunting prospect she was facing. Not only was she filling the gap left by someone she claims to be a close friend, but those were some big character shoes to fill!

    ‘Keller’ is still in the shadow of Carson and with reviewers using those moments together in Kindred 1&2 to compare and find Keller severely lacking (sometimes brutally)…well it cant be easy.

    However, I think to continue stating ‘I’m not replacing him’….protesting against it, instead of being a bit more dipolmatic and respectful to the character of ‘Beckett’ was very ill advised and did not get her and still doesn’t do her any favours. For starters, if you take out any gender references, she could just as easily be describing a season 1 Carson.

    The role replacement feels more like a re-casting in a sense because the writers are obviously unwilling or too lazy to ‘break the mold’. I dont feel a little criticism of Jewel’s portrayal is out of bounds, you cant lay the blame squarely at the writers feet and she’s not exactly been stellar. I do hope for Jewel’s sake they at least privately accept the fact they failed with the character so far, pull their fingers out and give ‘Keller’ the chance to grow as Carson did… I wont be holding my breath though!

  32. I think that brat Gero is making it all too “Carson versus Keller”. It isn’t, the thing that annoys most of us seems to be his arrogant stance.

    There is plenty room in Atlantis for both characters and both of the actors.

    I started visiting Joe Mallozzi’s blog determined to dislike the man – but he is actually an OK person.

    I just can’t seem to find to find any redeeming features in Gero’s personality though. He continually trips over his ego and seems to enjoy alienating people – either that or he is too stupid to realise or care that he is alienating them.

    He is somebody that I will just ignore from now on.

  33. I have to say that I, as a long-time fan of the Stargate franchise, cannot believe the utter crap that the writers are dishing out to us. We’re the people that keep the food on their plates and roofs over their heads yet they do nothing but try and force-feed us things like Keller.

    I will admit to being a Carsonite. I’ve never seen any other work from Jewel and frankly I can’t say that I have any wish to based on Keller. But even with that said I genuinely did try to give Keller a chance. I loved the episode Trio, she didn’t seem so much of a crybaby there IMHO. But everything else does nothing but count against the character.

    If the SGA writers are running out of plotlines or story ideas here’s something for them to do: go read fanfiction. I’ve read things written by people a third their age that were more interesting at times.

  34. If you ask me what’s really eating Mr Gero is that he’s never forgiven the fans for not adoring Sunday.

    I remember thinking at the time that he had awards in his eyes with that one….then people hated it.

  35. Thank you for posting this. I absolutely LOVE Carson (my fav character), but Mr Gero needs to know that I do not despise Keller for replacing Beckett, but rather I despise Keller because she is simply a despisable character.

    *sigh* With the removal of Carson and Elizabeth, I’m still pretty pissed and bitter. My show is destroyed. 🙁

  36. Hi, Reiko –

    I’m right there with you. Apparently we just dont fit the adolescent male demographic that they want to hit, so they choose instead, to kill off most every bond in the cast (that is chock-ful of chemistry together), give us poor, rehashed, and vapid writing, steer us rudderless through huge mazes of unfulfilled story lines and kill of or other eliminate the presnece of the very people we turn into watch, all the while foisting poorly written and vapid characters on us as ‘replacements’ for characters and actors that we’ve come to tune in to watch. At this point, I’m not even sure that I’ll be watching Season 5 This is coming from a true fan, trading cards, collecibles, action figures, games. If they blow this, they won’t have to worry about advertisers pulling out (which a great many will), they will, however, have to sit back and watch their overdone ratings ploys completely ruin a great show with was once (and crossing fingers) we’ll just watching. I can pretty much guarantee you that if Sci-fi drops them for their own gross stupidity, I would hope another network wouldn’t pick it up, because – quite frankly – if Sci-Fi comes to the conclusion that it’s not worth saving, I’m not shopping my way down to the CW to watch. Ever.

    BTW, even though I’ve ordered Season 4 and Continuum, I am seriously and sincerely considering boycotting them. Perhaps a nice fanbase with the hutzpa to boycott all of these clever cast and production change. Of course there is the danger that they’d pull the show altogther, but in this instance, I don’t really see that as a problem unless they manage to do a better casing, writing, editorial, and production job. Low ratings, they get canceled – with the quality happening right not, I say, “So what?” If they kep going down this path, the show will get canceled anyway (Asuuming that they really, really want out and this is the only way out tha they can perceive. At this point, what is there really to lose anymore? Plus, the possiblitly exists that by forcing their roomful of monkeys and start giving them writing headstart would have on the half-way decent sciript. They certainly .on dangerous grounds with fans already.

    They have adolescent fantasy kinks moe suited to hgh school than series writing, they treat their some of actors with little common courtesy and respect is beyond my kknowledge. The next thing you know, Gero and Malozzi will both want recurring rolls. It is a very bad thing when ego overcomes common sense.


    Tonya Trummer

  37. I have nothing against Jewel as a person or an actress. I have no hate for her. I will say I don’t care much for her as Doctor Keller. Then again that isn’t really here fault. It’s the writer’s who give her such poor material and write her a whiney young girl. I will admit, Gero is right, She would have been way more likely to have more fans if she had been a Doctor on the show from the start, But I doubt the show would have been as sucessful without Paul. and the Facts are this: Paul came first, and he did a great job. I know tat Jewel is understanding that he’s a hard act to follow (Well.. aparently an Impossible act to follow) But most of that is Gero’s and other writer’s fault’s for writing her such a poor role as such a whiney character. When you get a role as a jerk, and you read your lines right, then people see you as a jerk. She’s a good actress and was written to be awkward and whiney so thats how she acts the part. The writer’s need to come to the conclusion of understanding that they need to write her character differently if they want to get somewhere with her. Stop trying to make her some kind of female cross between Rodney and Carson. Give her an attitude change. This show is a great one, but it seriously needs some new writers or it’s going to go right down the drain (If it hasn’t already) That may seem harsh but that’s my opinion. AND, They need to drop this “Theme” they have going where when OTHER Sci-Shows get cancled or end, they try to bring the main cast members of those shows to SGA So OTHER Fans of OTHER Shows will be pleased. I wouldn’t mind, but they think they have to KILL ~OUR~ Cast off to add new characters.. It’s like “SG-1 Fans miss Carter. Let’s kill Weir so we can add her and make SG-1 Fans happy. And Oh, We like Firefly, so lets kill Carson and get Jewel.” They’ve had StarTrek cast members guest star as well, but at least (So far) Nobody has been killed to add somebody from one of the cancled STARTREKS. Opps.. me and my big mouth I just helped Gero come up with another great idea. So what’s next?

    “Battle Star Galactica gets cancled and we’ve decided to take the leader of THAT Show and add him to Stargate Atlantis because he’s really cool.. But if we do, he’ll be up against Sheppard…. So Let’s kill Sheppard so the other guy can join! YAY!!”

    (Thats Sarcasm btw)

    My ALL Time favorite TV Show is shot to hell because of a whiney writer who wrote a character to mirror himself. Great….


    Carson lives on through the “Carsonites”

    Best wishes to the rest of the cast in lasting another few seasons because I don’t think there will be many more.


  38. woa, woa! Guys. I’d never blame the writers! You do know, that the orders to kill came from a little higher and Gero just wanted to make that last episode a great one. And I think he did. How sad that ending might be.
    Now I do blame Gero for his words above. That’s just no way to put it. And I am surprise how bad the character Keller turned out to be with writers that great on the show. Yes I really think the writers on SGA are very good.
    And I think it’s great that they listened to the fans and actually found a way back for beckett.
    I’ll continue watching SGA, because of wonderful character like Mckay, Sheppard, Teyla and Zelenka. Even though Atlantis is not, what it was once, there are still things about it that I like so much I wouldn’ want to lose them.

  39. Maren,

    Actually, we know that the Network did not order the writers to kill anyone. The WRITERS/PRODUCERS decided to ‘shake things up’ aka kill someone. I’m sure if the network had said ‘kill someone’ it would have been used as the excuse right from the start. I wish I could find the thing that discounts that officially, but if you look back at all the excuses its never mentioned, not to mention Joe says the Network doesn’t get that involved it merely reads the scripts and adds some ‘suggestions’.

  40. Wow, Gero really is full of himself….

    It must be hard for Paul M. to be around Gero, and be the gracious person he is knowing what is in this interview.

    If he was such a Jewel fan, why not just put her in the show somewhere else……like Zelenka or the other part time actors….why kill off one of the best team members,….Makes ya wonder…

  41. I’d say it’s unbelievable, but, once they so stupidly killed Carson I guess I can believe they are capable of anything. I have to admit I kidded that I would hate Keller no matter what. I know what a good actress Jewel is so I fully expected – after some adjustment – to learn to love the new doctor. They have created such an annoying personality I disslike her more than I would have thought possible. I feel she ruins nearly every espisode she’s in. The character bothers me on two levels. First, she is beyond irritating. Second, I can’t believe they killed Carson to make room for her! Her presence simply points out what a mistake they made and how desperately they need to fix it before they loose me, and others, as fans. I’ve already stopped buying all books, magazines, paraphanialia and dvd’s that have Keller instead of Carson. They had a great show once. Now I’ve almost given up on it.

  42. Originally from my LJ – edited for language and random off-topic content.

    Okay, revealing statements indeed. Look; I’ve put up with Gero for being a Carson-killing, arrogant annoying little prat since he actually seems to be genuinely nice to people as compared to our dearest showrunner Mr Mallozzi. *cough* But this newest interview over at GateWorld continues to drive me nuts – specifically about Carson vs Keller.

    And my grudge against him is renewed again. Eternally.

    Astrumporta’s first point is about the connection between kicking Beckett to the curb and the creation of Keller. Ever since this character was announced, the powers that be have readily insisted that the initiation of the Keller character on the show and the killing of Carson has no connection whatsoever. The more they insisted this over the past year, the more I was inclined to believe that there was a connection. My suspicions – and several others – were confirmed when Jewel was made a regular in season five. At this moment, I had no doubt in my mind that Keller had indeed replaced Carson. It was a rather sneaky and subtle approach on behalf of the ptb; of course, no one would suspect that if she wasn’t a regular in the first year. But after the campaign and fan outcry, and still not giving us what we love dearly, I am convinced this was the case (come on, choosing to ax Carson for “reasons they cannot go into”?). It also may support the theory that ptb cannot give us Carson (and Elizabeth) back full-time because that would be admitting their mistakes, and how dare you consider the ptb makes any mistakes. *rolls eyes*

    Astrumporta then notes, “…Gero … acknowledges hiring a friend to replace him must have been uncomfortable for Paul.” Yes, very sensitive of you, Marty G. Gag me with a spoon. This seems to be heading along the same pathway a convo about Torri getting replaced by Amanda went – ptb fires some of the best cast members to create jobs for their friends. pfft.

    And of course, every one remembers that infamous Gero quote: “everyone’s going to be “Keller” fans, regardless of your thoughts on “Beckett”.” How does he f—— know how I’m going to think? Because that’s what he’s implying: everyone is going to become a Keller fan. Good god, I cannot emphasize how much I HATE it when people insist such and stuff words in my mouth. Of course, I knew by now that anything ptb insists I will love is something that I will absolutely hate. But still, I enjoyed Jewel’s other works, and had actually heard of SGA fandom by her – so what the hell, I’ll give it a shot despite being a bitter b. But oh, boy, things turned out much worse than I had originally expected them to be.

    The character began to get on my nerves in “Doppelganger”. She was fine in “Adrift” in which she exhibits her one sole moment of brilliance in which she treats Sheppard like a widow. It’s downhill from there on out. In Doppelganger she just grated on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard; I can’t really explain that one, because I’m shallow and I feel like I can just say so. (For now. If I think of a reason, I will modify this post.) Which brings me to Gero stating in a SliceofSciFi interview that “if anyone had any doubt, if not gone, will be completely gone after an episode called “Missing”. Oh, how wrong could he be.

    I wanted Teyla to leave Keller for dead in that episode; she almost did, once. I didn’t care. I just knew that I would die if Keller didn’t SHUT THE BLEEP UP anytime soon. It was almost as bad as Lucius – and I wish it were, because I was hoping after a negative response tptb would bury Keller under the rug and never want to talk about again like the “Irr-” episodes. But f—, they kept shoving her in my face from here on out. “Missing” was a breaking point for many people, not just me; a poll I conducted at the end of season four shows that 36% of viewers began to become frustrated with the character at Missing, the highest amount.

    Lets fast forward to after the entirety of the fourth season aired. There were no glowing reviews of Keller at all, and almost all were in a negative light. (Will link to reviews later). There was still very vocal fan outcry, and a longtime GateWorld user told me that “there has never been an Anti character thread as diverse and active as the Anti Keller thread”. The topic of Keller on any general thread was bound to make the flames fly, but I would always state my opinion in a logical manner, mind you unlike some Keller fans that were determined to turn me into a bloody pulp.

    In the new GateWorld interview, Gero states “She’s fantastic. I know she definitely has her detractors still, because of the whole Carson thing. If that had never existed I think she would be a universally admired character.” An arrogant, insulting comment, indeed. There are so many things wrong with that statement – just plain f—— wrong. Gero is pretty much saying “Blame it on those stubborn dumbass Beckett fans who don’t have enough brain matter to see this as a separate situation.” Well, Gero, I think you need F——- BRAIN MATTER to frakking write! tptb seems to think that all fans are stupid – yes, more than plenty are, but there are also very smart minded individuals that are able to step back and tell you when you are doing something WRONG rather than worshipping your every f—— move.

    Another HUGE problem with this statement, somewhat related to the previously mentioned one: I don’t despise Keller because she’s not Carson, I despise Keller because she’s f—— despisable. But tptb are so clueless, and it frustrates me about as much as the Mallozzi Maniacs on Magic Mushrooms.

    A Gero voodoo doll is now on my “to do” list right under my Malozzi voodoo doll. The worst of this is that this is the man that killed Carson, which makes me despise him beyonf belief. What the f— are they smoking up there in Vancouver? It seems with Keller’s new love triangle (which Gero said in TV Guide “it’s what the fans want to see”, what the f—) the writers are living out their sick little fantasies through her, things can only get far worse from here. I’ll enjoy Carson’s episodes, but I freaking don’t want them to ruin his character!

    So, denial, anyone? Or do they just not want to admit that they are wrong? My god, their arrogance never fails to astound me every damn time. So get it straight, Gero and all other tptb: for me, Keller is too far gone. You can’t make me like her, and at this point you can’t reverse the damage already done. That goes for you, too, ptb, and the show as a whole. (Oh. And I have nothing against Jewel, just to clarify. I think she’s lovely and I’ve loved her in everything else she’s been in. Just not this. Definately not this.)

    A message to PTB, pure and simple: Don’t screw with my cast. Don’t screw with my Atlantis family. You do, you’re screwing with me. Remember, the viewers make or break the show, and you can’t just survive with the altar-building freaks.

  43. Some of you are taking this more than a little too far. I’m far from being in the mood to respond to all that has been written.

    You probably loved everyone involved in atlantis up to the point were they killed Carson. A mistake, they CAN’T undo. What do you expect? They brought him back pretty believeable and after the end of season 4 I thought it might not be possible to bring him back once more for FIVE episodes.

    And let’s not forget, the writer did not only kill Carson, they also created him.

    And some of you sound like they’ve been robbed of THEIR favourite toy. But SGA has never been anyone elses toy than that of the people behind SGA. My God, get a life! (sorry, I didn’t mean to be unsulting)

    Why bother at all and write this I ask myself now. I bother because I always thought the savecarsonbeckett-petition earned some form of respect for being peaceful and reasonable at all times. That’s IMHO what made them bring cArson back.

  44. Maren

    What we expect is a decent show with great characters, we had that, now we don’t.

    Now I don’t know whether the Keller character is loathed because of Beckett or not, and I’m not particularly sure it matters, the key point here is Keller is loathed, the writers throwing a tantrum because people don’t like what they’ve done. The Save Carson campaign didn’t start this, they wanted Beckett back, Keller being there or not was incidental to that, but now that Mr Gero has made the link (something that has long been suspected but we respected the writers when they said it wasn’t) people are going to comment. And you were very personally insulting to a lot of people who are merely expressing an opinion, that may make you feel better about yourself but adds nothing to this.

  45. Ego is a hard thing to work around. It builds walls around itself to stop anything or anyone from interfering with its agenda. Gero is arrogant has a run away ego and he runs his thought processes by routing it through his glands. All the common sense in the world won’t penetrate this kind of barrier. Mistakes become contagious, and people like Gero think they can do no wrong. The entire process becomes contaminated and can effect others around them. Atlantis is too good a series to let succumb to this way of thinking. Fans and viewers should be able to make recommendations to the producers about the series without being patronized by them. Most businesses welcome feedback from their customers, SGA shouldn’t be any different. The Pegasus galaxy is a big place. There are many stories to be told and more than enough room for two doctors. and an occasional opinion from those that support the entire process.

  46. Maren,

    Firstly you are being insulting and adding ‘not to be insulting’ just shows you meant for it to be exactly that otherwise you would not have posted it. However, we do allow various opinions on this site be they positive or negative towards the campaign. I see now that your ‘network did it’ excuse has been disproved, so you’re turning to a more attack methodology but this is the SAVE CARSON site, so if you don’t like our attitude, dont come here (note you are the ONLY fan doing this on here, or Joe’s blog).

    Do you not realise that the whole POINT of the campaign was to question a decision made by TPTB. That’s fundementally saying YOU ARE WRONG to them. Just because we chose to do it with a sense of fun and humour, doesn’t change that fact. ‘Respect’ does not mean being blind to anything but the positive. It means you you try to be logical, fair and constructive with your criticism. If you don’t like that, or you can’t come up with decent counter arguments especially when people disprove your thin excuses, then again, don’t come here. We welcome the discussion, but only if you’re going to be ‘respectful’.

    People here are at least making fair points, so to blindly essentially say ‘you have to be nice even about the stuff you don’t like’ is a contradictory, silly thing to say. If you want to blindly praise the writers whether they’re making great (which they deserve it for) or awful decisions, go for it but you’re not doing them, or your fellow fans any favours. If they cant handle CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (which Gero doesn’t seem to be able to, with his ‘I only listen to the positive reviews’ comment in a previous interview) then they have lost perspective and allowed their ego to blind their judgment which tends to be a very bad thing especially in a subjective field.

    The simple fact of the matter is, Gero brings this on himself by opening his mouth, and putting his foot in it with foolish, insulting and disrespectful comments. HE is the one raising the questions about their motivations which basically make people believe the decision to remove a character was not in the best interests of the show. At the end of the day, as a customer we are allowed to question his actions. And as this is ‘art’ and subjective, then they automatically invite opinions, positive and negative…otherwise, critics would be out of a job!

    IF there was a logical and solely ‘show’ motivated reason for Carson’s booting, I’m sure that SCB would not have touched the nerve in TPTB it has. Nor would it have inspired so much passion in the fans and therefore not have been as success as it has. And I’m sure the reasoning would have been forthcoming to prevent that. But Brad Wright (who ultimately made the decision) has NEVER commented, not even to say ‘we’re sorry to see Paul go’ as he did for Torri. That alone was a major alarm bell. And Gero’s random but ambiguous comments have been worse with his ‘politics’ (anyone in this industry knows that’s code for bulls**t) or ‘because it just had to’ which is frankly, ridiculous and extremely childish. They’re quick to tell us every detail of a positively received decision, but not a negative one.

    Even the media has begun to pick up on this with the reviews of the DVD extras. For instance Mark Wilson from About.Com:

    “Meanwhile, “The Doctor Is In: The Return of Paul McGillion” includes footage of the rainy-day protests at the production offices near Vancouver, with dozens of fans chanting for the return of Carson accompanied by a bagpipe band. Gero, Hewlett, and others went out to talk to the protesters, Hewlett using his wit and charm to make them laugh. Gero, oddly, went around asking all and sundry if they’d bother protesting if some other character had been killed (most said yes), as if he wasn’t clear that Carson was particularly loved by the fans. Elsewhere Gero jokes about fans coming up to him and saying “Stop killing our characters!”, to which he responds, “Fair enough.” He notes that “Sunday” is many people’s favorite episode — and it is a very strong episode — but he never makes a case for why Carson had to be killed, any more than he did for Weir.”

    Intelligent people question things, they challenge what they don’t like, agree with or understand and they do not blindly follow.

    And MOST importantly, you seem to have a ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch’ mentality which yet again COMPLETELY undermines a core principle of SCB. We have ALWAYS encouraged supporters to watch the show, whether they like it or not to ensure there is a show for Carson to come back to. Saying otherwise would have been selfish and childish. But that does not mean that we have to blindly praise it. If individual members decide to boycott it, as free thinking adults that’s their choice, whether you like it or not.

    And finally, when it comes to Keller, most fans dislike of her has NOTHING to do with Carson and for Gero to even suggest it is, is beyond egotistical. The fact of the matter is, she does not work, she is poorly written to say the least, THAT is why people do not like her. If you notice, most people get upset about that simple fact because if TPTB DID accept it, then maybe they would try to correct that and write her better which would not only benefit the show, but Jewel AND the fans.

  47. I love her, love love love. But I do agree people disliking her has little to do with loyalty to Beckett.

  48. Annie

    I too think, as I might have said before, Keller is badly written, doesn’t work and what not else. That’s the writers fault alone and I critise them for that. I may not have said that loud an clear enough :o)

    But I also think that despite the weak keller character and the loss of beckett (both incidents made the show weaker indeed) the show is still worth watching. Very much indeed. and with Beckett back for 5 epis and maybe (that’s a BIG maybe ;o)) an improved Keller character (they might not say it out of pride but might have taken the critics to heart anyway. One can have hopes for the 5th season) things are definitely looking up. considering the first part at least, cause I’m really not too certain about the second.

    I never made the link between Keller-hatred and Beckett-Love, but I guess you’re talking about gero there :o) and I definitely agree that he can’t just make the assumption only because it’s sounds likely.

    It took me sometime to decide whether or not to write what I did. But I just had the urge to say it out loud. Not for my personal satisfaction or the sake of unsulting people but to make people think. But I do admit, there are better ways to put it AND that I’m the wrong person to tell people. I apologise.


    I didn’t write the second entry because my opinion in my previous entry has been disapproved. In fact I agree that my sometimes rather naive way of looking at things was wrong. I just didn’t say 🙁
    But some entries I read felt purely emotional. I don’t know… I just get emotional too and I feel the urge to calm things down to calm down myself (does that make any sense? *lol*). Anyway things I wrote that should have been left unspoken were also written emotionally. I’m really sorry for that.

    Ahm… I might occasionally write on Joe’s Blog but I actually don’t read all the comments there anymore. I only comment Joe’s blog or ask a question or two if one comes to my mind.

    I am as a matter of fact a strong supporter of Carson Beckett and want him back as much as everyone else. But I think that the attitude of a few here will get us nowhere but gaining disrespect. But most of the comments are, as expected, constructive critism and I wasn’t talking about those :o)

    I do question the decision to kill Carson but I guess we’ll have to be patient as he can only be brought back within reason of the storyline. But if he’s not full time back in a (still possible) 6th season they’ll get my full wrath *hehe* ;o)

    I always liked the humour this campaign had, but in some comments I failed to see it.

    I never said or meant to say “if you don’t like it, don’t watch”. I’m rather the opposite. I’m sad everytime a person says they won’t watch the show anymore because Carson was killed. Of course that’s everyones own decision to be made, but it makes me sad as I know that lower ratings can(will) kill the show.

    I’m keeping my hopes up for an improvement of the show in season 5 until they are crushed by reality (what I do not hope will be happening :o))

    Okay… I think this has been getting pretty offtopic now. On one hand I wanted to apologise to people I’ve offended I didn’t want to offend and on the other hand I wanted to explain myself.

  49. Maren,

    Everyone reacts differently but branding an entire campaign ‘negative’ because some individuals are commenting in a way you preceive to be in a ‘negative’ fashion because they’re upset or take a ‘I’m not watching’ attitude does not mean ANYONE should brand ‘SCB’ with that brush. These are the feelings of individuals who have every right to think, feel and say as they choose (within reason). SCB is a venting ground for starters and as I said, we allow and encourage peopel to voice their opinion good, bad or even controversial.

    When we do campaign activities, we temper that and reflect a positive, fun and humourous image which is especially important in making sure the wider public and media see we care about the show. But hell, we cant and wont be happy, happy; joy, joy all the time, everyone here is human!! As a group there is a wide range of conflicting, changing and flowing emotions. The writers should be happy, good or bad emotional reaction is important because apathy is the worst thing possible.

    If people dont want to watch the show because Carson isn’t in it, they hate the changes and/or the new characters and blame the TPTB, then that is their choice. Doesn’t mean they stop being ‘fans’ of the show, just that they are not fans of the new seasons.

    As for Gero, I’d say give the man a shovel, but he seems to be digging his hole without any help!

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