Paul Gives Statement On FedConUSA Meltdown

Paul has issued a statement via his official website about what happened at FedConUSA this weekend, a con he was intending to attend until it was shut-down while it was in progress.

Paul has this to say to fans:

I would like to send my sincere apologies to all of you who went to FedConUSA in Dallas TX over this past weekend. As you all know it was my full intention to be at the event, even though I was shooting until very late on Friday night in Vancouver. A very fit Carson from The SeedI’ve attended many fun and well organised events over the past few years, meeting lots of wonderful people, but due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to make this convention. I have never missed a commitment and was really looking forward to seeing and spending time with all the great people in Dallas. Not to mention the fact that I’m a huge ‘Dallas Cowboys’ fan. It would have been terrific to have a chance to tour around and maybe toss the ball around in Texas Stadium! Beckett for Quarter Back!!! Well maybe 5th string…..

All joking aside I feel really bad for everyone that went to the event, and I know the other guests felt the same way. I did have a chance to chat with a group of you via speakerphone (which was a lot of fun!) and you all sounded like you were making the best of a bad situation. Shake it up cheeky ladies! On a closing note I want you all to know Season 5 is turning out to be a really interesting ride for this Scotsman and I hope it keeps rolling! Enjoy the summer and as always Thank You so much for Saving Carson!

Lots of Luv,

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

4 thoughts on “Paul Gives Statement On FedConUSA Meltdown”

  1. Class act as always, Paul! Maybe some day I will have to privilege of meeting you! Best of luck with ATLANTIS… We’re still working tio bring you/Carson back full time!

  2. It was decent of Paul to release this statement.

    We saved one Scotsman – I could name a ‘few’ that need to be sent to another galaxy.


  3. Bless him. Really nice of him to take the time to write this statement for the the fans.

    Great to hear Atlantis is going really well.

    What do you think of a Atlantis football team ?


    “Tackling wraiths one at a time!!” 😀

    Carson is the star quaterback YAY!! lol

    Take care

  4. God bless Paul, Ur GREAT guy and we appreciate ur apologies… Even though I wasnt goin to the event I hope to go to one soon.. Well, thanks and God bless!!!

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