Paul Cheers Disappointed Con Fans

Right up until Saturday morning, June 14, Paul McGillion and his fans believed they would meet in Dallas for the FedConUSA event. That morning came, and the con fell apart. It was canceled on the spot, which also ended Paul’s plans to fly in from Vancouver. But there was a silver lining to the disastrous con.

Paul’s fans who were there in ballroom at the “closing” gathered together and decided to make the best of a very bad situation by throwing a party; it was dubbed the “Carson Thunker Party”. Spirits that had been bought as gifts for Paul were unwrapped, and others were kindly purchased by local fans, along with an impressive array of junk food. The goodies and fans found their way to the newly dubbed SCB suite on the 5th floor, complete with Scottish flag.

During the afternoon, Paul got wind of the gathering and arranged to call this campaigner on her cell phone, which thankfully has a speaker. As planned, at precisely 4 pm local time, the call came, and the 13 ironically lucky women in the room proceeded to have a lovely half-hour chat with Paul.

Paul reiterated how very disappointed he was that the con appearance didn’t work out, of course for reasons out of his control. He was very sympathetic to all the effort we’d gone to to be there. He thanked fans again for their continuing support, which he believes was key to his return to the show. He talked about his 3rd appearance in Season 5, which just wrapped late Friday night, called “Outsiders”. Filming was intense all week because the production had to complete the episode before the month-long hiatus started on Saturday. Paul thinks fans will enjoy the episode, which is heavy on Beckett-McKay interactions, both serious and funny. He’s looking forward to filming his last two episodes for Season 5, although he doesn’t know much about them yet. As for Season 6, if there is one, his involvement remains to be seen, but our continued public appreciation of Carson Beckett is the best way to guarantee we’ll see more of him! He did mention that in the 3 episodes he’s filmed so far, Carson is a very big presence in each. Beyond Stargate, he’s also auditioning for other TV roles, and hopes to work on an independent film in the Fall.

Paul assured fans he’d still love to come to Dallas for an event. He’s an avid Cowboys fan but has never visited their hometown!

After the lovely chat, fans got started on the party in earnest. Lots more people came and went as they heard about the “party on the 5th floor.” Many Pringles were consumed, but many more remained to be brought home to Canada (it’s a long story).

We’re exceedingly grateful to Paul for taking the trouble to call and chat in his usual charming and classy style, with a bit of brogue thrown in. He made our plight bearable and gave us an unforgettable interaction, even if virtual. Thank you, Pauly!

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Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

15 thoughts on “Paul Cheers Disappointed Con Fans”

  1. The phone call was definitely an unexpected surprise and a highlight of the weekend 😉 Paul – thank you SO MUCH for talking with us and being so gracious with your time. Wish it could have been in person, but this was definitely the next best thing! 😉

    And thanks everyone for a terrific party! I really had a fun time there. I’ll never forget the bagpipe playing though (especially when it was done out on the balcony 😉 )

    Hope everyone got home safe! Till next time 😉

  2. that is soooo completely awesome!! His depth of character is sooo deep!!

  3. How very cool!! I wish I could’ve been there. Paul is such a classy guy! I am so glad that I am a fan of his.

  4. The party was a blast and Paul’s phone call was definitely the highlight of the weekend!

    I’ll never forget the bagpipes (and I’m sure the other Hyatt guests won’t either! 😀 😀 :D) THANKS so much to everyone who came and contributed to the party. You all helped make the most of a truly disastrous weekend.

    Carson fans rule! 🙂

    -TJ in LO,CA

  5. Thank you to everyone who turned a cancelled convention into a weekend I will never forget.

    To the feisty Canadian (you know who you are) thanks for jammin the bagpipes.

    Thx U Pauly for the phone call – I consider it my early birthday present that I got to share with everyone else.

    Carson Fans Rule!

  6. Paul, if you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and effort to do this. You went above and beyond, and that’s a true sign of character. That conversation was one of the treasures made out of this mess, and I won’t forget it, or your kindness in doing so. Thank you!

    Girls, what a party! The trip was worth it to see you guys. You all were a joy to hang out with and we’ll have to figure out some other time we can get together and do something like this again. Thank you for letting me be part of the fun and I can’t wait to chat with you more later!

    For the Carson fans who couldn’t be there, we wish you were!

    Paul, again, thank you for being such a class act.

  7. I’m so glad to be a Carson thunker! Paul is such a great guy! The party was so awesome, and I will definitely have more scotch for next time. Must practice my bagpipes more!

  8. I wasn’t at Fedcon, but my very best SG friend was, and she was one of the lucky thirteen. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Paul for helping make her weekend brighter with his call. I had a chance to meet Paul last fall, and he was beyond a doubt the nicest star I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and I will never forget my interaction with him.

    I’ve been lurking on this site and doing all I can for the cause without actually commenting and such, as I’m a spoiler-free kind of girl, but this event has broken my silence.

    Long live Carson Beckett.

    And Paul McGillion.

    Thank you to everone for SCB.

  9. I think I took seven or eight out of the billion Pringles tubes bought, lol! I ran out of room in my bag and had to fill my backpack. xD I hope the maids enjoyed the rest of them; I left them on the floor.

    I have to say, and will say again and again that the rest of you girls really made my weekend far more than the bust that NonConUSA was. I wish I’d gotten to know some of you better and was able to spend more time with everyone, but I know we’ll meet again. Namely, at Lone Star Con (also a long story…go being ‘Fiery!’) in a few short years. The phone call from Paul definitely wasn’t shabby either, lol! And yes, for those of you not in attendance, he’s still single, and quite, quite cheeky. ;P

    Again, thank you everyone for your fantastic generosity and friendship. Drinks all around! 😀 Cheers, mates.

  10. Haliyah, I love the name NonConUSA — that’s perfect! Glad you got to take some Pringles home. I didn’t mention your wonderful bagpipe playing in case the hotel is looking for me 😉 but you play incredibly well! Hope to see you again in better circumstances.

  11. I like ‘FedConNEDUSA’ too! One of the dealers is doing a comedy commerative t-shirt with something on it like ‘I got Frakked by FedConNEDUSA’ hahaha kinda funny in a twisted humour kinda way!

  12. I too had a great time, I’m so glad I went, even if things were canceled. What an amazing group of people, and I can’t wait to read the con report from the member in our group who was taking detailed notes all weekend. Although I’m a little afraid at some of the quotes that might be coming from my end. 😀
    If we ever get a chance to meet again, I’ll definitely have to do something about getting that tattoo (if only a temporary one ;)!

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