Gero Talks Keller versus Beckett

A few weeks into filming Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, Writer/Producer Martin Gero gave a long interview to Gateworld, which has just been published. In the interview he made his most revealing statements so far about how Jewel Staite came to replace Paul McGillion as the regular cast member playing the chief medical officer on Atlantis.

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New Interviews with Paul

With filming of Atlantis Season 5 in full swing, Paul has given two recent interviews. The first is from last Friday and is published here at PopCultureZoo. The other is recent as well and is posted at Paul seems very pleased with his role in Season 5 so far, and in his usual gracious way thanks fans for his return. Go and read!

Paul Cheers Disappointed Con Fans

Right up until Saturday morning, June 14, Paul McGillion and his fans believed they would meet in Dallas for the FedConUSA event. That morning came, and the con fell apart. It was canceled on the spot, which also ended Paul’s plans to fly in from Vancouver. But there was a silver lining to the disastrous con.

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Paul Interview Finally Published!

A few months ago UK journalist Craig McGill interviewed Paul McGillion, including questions from fans. The interview is finally up at the journalist’s site! An excerpt:

And while some moan about fans, Paul can’t see him ever being that ungrateful. “I could never see the fans as a burden or a problem. As an actor, you want people to appreciate the work that you do, so how could I ever moan about people getting so engaged in the characters I play – it’s a compliment to me and to the people who write/create the characters.”

Please visit Craig’s site to read the entire interview and perhaps leave a comment!