Beckett Returning for Five Episodes!

Sci Fi Channel has finally made a press release, which you can read HERE. Carson Beckett will return in Season 5 for five epsiodes.

From the Press Release:

Robert Picardo, whom Stargate fans will recognize as International Oversight Committee rep “Richard Woolsey,” joins the Stargate Atlantis cast this season as Woolsey assumes command of the Atlantis expedition. The team, led by Lt. Colonel Sheppard (Joe Flanigan), Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett), Teyla (Rachel Luttrell), Ronon (Jason Momoa) and Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite), must adjust to his unique leadership style.

Fan favorite Paul McGillion, will return for five episodes to reprise his role as the beloved “Dr. Carson Beckett.” Amanda Tapping (“Colonel Samantha Carter”), who remains a fixture of the Stargate universe, will appear as a special guest star in several episodes this season and Stargate SG-1 star Michael Shanks (“Dr. Daniel Jackson”) will appear as a special guest in episodes as well.

As a campaign we’re extremely grateful to have Carson back where he belongs in Season 5, at least for a while. We give special thanks to executive producer Joe Mallozzi, and the executives at Sci Fi and MGM who had a hand in the decision. Thank you all very much for listening to your fans!

Of course we’d campaigned for a bigger presence than five episodes, and we will continue to hope that as the season progresses, that number will increase. Only time will tell, of course.

Many thanks to all the fans who have joined this campaign and worked so tirelessly. We’ve done all a fan campaign could do, and then some!

Stay tuned for any further developments, and keep an eye also on Joe Mallozzi’s blog for more insights.

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Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

38 thoughts on “Beckett Returning for Five Episodes!”

  1. Got to admit I’m a bit disappointed – was really hoping for more episodes but I guess nobody can say we didn’t try. Looking forward to seeing Carson shortly in Season 4 and at least we will have something to look forward to in Season 5. Well done everyone.

  2. I also wish to thanks to everyone who had a hand in bringing him back especially thanks to everyone in the campaign

    I too would have hoped for more but it good to know that he will be there. I do however hope he appears in the 100th show along with Dr Weir and Lt Ford.

    Throughout Season 5 (which I am looking forward to a lot), if the episodes with Carson get higher ratings and if there is to be a season 6 then TPTB should realise that he needs to be in more episodes.

  3. I’m thrilled for Paul McGillion, and for his buddies on set. They seemed to enjoy working together and now they’ll have 5 more opportunities in Season 5.

    As a fan, I had hoped he was returning for more episodes. I don’t say that to be ungrateful (are you listening Joe M.? *grin*) but I miss having Carson back in the mix regularly. His story still has so much to tell!

    Grats to the SCB folks so for what was accomplished so far. I’ll keep working at it, too!

  4. I’m terribly disappointed. Surely the powers that be have recognized that Carson is one of the most popular members of the cast. A paltry 5 appearances following a huge furor over his death is a real smack in the face.

    In a word: GRRRRRRRR

  5. So, that’s 5 episodes in season 5, possibly more since I know they haven’t written all of Season 5 yet. I’m assuming that does not count the two eppies at the end of this season? So we have at least 7 to look forward to (though I’m sure the first “return” eppy will have about 5 seconds at the end with him, so should I really count it? hmmm….)

    I’ll enjoy watching the program again. Haven’t been too interested since Carson’s character left.

  6. I guess I’ll have to take what I can get. The show simply isn’t the same without Carson. Next season I know they’ll have at least 5 episodes that I can look forward to.

  7. Only 5 episodes?! I guess it’s better than nothing. Thanks for trying everybody, but don’t give up, and please don’t stop campaigning for Carson’s return as a regular character. I know I won’t!

  8. man I am so stoked…finally they actually listen to fans…now to get SG-1 back!

  9. 5? Oh, come on… I hoped for more than 5 episodes. That’s really disappointing. Robert Picardo is great, something that I didn’t expect but I rather like to see Beckett more than Woolsey. We all hoped for our doctor and now we have “The Doctor” from Voyager. This is kind of ironic;-)

  10. The SCB campaign has a great deal of which to be proud. I’m glad Paul received some benefit from all the efforts of his fans and I’m sure, especially with the writer’s strike, he is happy for any work.

    However, I think it’s clear that they (and I’m not saying this encompasses every ptb) wanted Paul out and Jewel in. I don’t think they care about what the fans want, unless there is a significant ratings impact, or they just don’t care about this particular fan: one who is not in the key demographic.

    Some may be thrilled or merely content with what we got. Some think we might get more in a season six.

    I love Carson. But two episodes this year (and I wonder how much time he will be in the first) and five episodes next year and a ‘maybe we’ll get more of him in a possible season six’ isn’t a lot to weigh against 18 episodes without him this year, 15 without him next, and ‘maybe we won’t get him at all in a possible season six.’

    I am bummed. My enthusiasm for SGA just may have hit a fatal low.

  11. I’ve now had 24 hours to think about this and I’m more disappointed now than I was yesterday. To be honest I feel five episodes is just paying “lip service” to the fans and those of tptb who want Carson back. I agree with eb – there is obviously a section of tptb that want Paul out and Jewel in. Please don’t think I want Jewel out – I actually like the character of Keller and think there could be a place for Beckett and Keller – it doesn’t have to be either/or. In fact I think the best episodes so far of season four have been those with Keller in. I won’t pass judgement on the appointment of Robert Picardo until I see how the story lines pan out but I think my husband may have it right when he says you have to wonder if the best of SGA has already passed (and he does not favour any particular character past or present). In contrast to Joe M’s comments in the SG1/SGA magazine we do not think Season Four is the best the writers have come up with and feel the scripts have so far been lacklustre without the chemistry and interaction between Elizabeth Weir/Carson Becket and the rest of the main cast although we fully acknowledge this is a personal opinion and many will oppose it. However a big thank you to those ptb that backed our cause and at least got Paul back for five episodes – I dare say they had to fight tooth and nail for that but please don’t give up on us and keep campaigning with us to get Paul appearing more in Season 5 and as a main cast character in Season 6. WE STILL WANT PAUL BACK AS A MAIN CHARACTER

  12. Clearly not what we hoped for but its something to look forward to. have to agree the last few episodes
    have not been as good as previous and its bad enough
    without carson My son and I have not enjoyed this season but bring on season five .
    To the owners of this sight you are the ones that got
    carson back we just sent the letters and e-mails without
    your guidance and knowledge Id have been left just to feel annoyed you gave us a voice, well done and thanks.

  13. I’m both happy and bummed about all these new ideas. I had Woolsey pegged as being the new commander since I heard Amanda Tapping was to appear less and am quite interested to see how the character evolves from the scared and short-sighted Woolsey into some manner of leader.

    I’m excited about the Weir story arc(specifically because I think getting rid of Weir was a bad idea).

    I’m excited that Carson is back for a few more episodes in season 5, but damn, I wish he was back at least as much as season 1.

    Not that I have anything against Jewel. I think Keller is one of the shining lights of season 4… one of the only shining lights of season 4, thus far.

    Oh well, the fight to get Carson back for more must continue! Maybe he’ll be back in season 6 and all will be right with the SGA universe.

  14. 5 Episodes IS Better than Nothing. But I am by NO MEANS Just giving up. I Wrote a song recently titled “Bring Carson Home! (The Heart of Atlantis)” In which I sing about how all of Paul’s fans have come together wether at conventions or even only through a simple E-Mail to prove our love for Carson and how devoted we all are to haing Carson back Full time on Stargate! I will be posting the song soon at YouTube and sending it and the MP3 copy of the song out to as many people as possible! Not to mention get some letters sent out. 5 is a good number. And it shows we’ve done something to get to them. But are we done yet fellow Beckett/McGillion Fans? I think not!




  15. I say a boycott is in order. Just until they bring Carson back as a regular, I can hardly watch it without him anyway.

  16. I follow you Lynn! Paul deserves better than 5 episodes, he’s very talented, we love his character that’s why he needs to come regular member again!

  17. Yes indeed we can’t stop now! I surmise that the scene release by Sci-Fi will be the so-called cliff-hanger for the first part of ‘The Kindred’ and Carson himself will porbably NOT be seen a great deal until Part Two. My guess and I COULD be totally wrong!

    But, no I’m NOT prepared to throw in the towel! Carson and Paul deserve MUCH more than what they have given us and him! Five episodes as opposed to twenty? Just WHAT is Carson doing in between? He certainly can’t go home! He’d give his Mum a heart attack! It’s been really HARD watching this year’s episodes and, I’m soory Mallozzi, but they were NOT the best episodes for all the time SGA has been on! Seasons One and Two were great, even some of the ones from Three (until SUnday aired) but Season Four has been so much wasted film so far as I’m concerned! Especially when there is this huge Carson-shaped hole in it! SO now they’re promoting Jewel Stait! When Carson has so much more to give! Her character has been rather stilted and not terribly empatheic so far as I’m concerned. Carson should have been brought back full time! SHeppard has a second in command, so why can’t Carson. Keller would probably be perfectly happy as his second and not have to make all those hard decisions Carson was used to making!

    I’m glad we got Carson, and Paul, back but five is NOY ENOUGH!. Fans of Carson and Paul we need to contiue to stand united, continue to flood Mallozzi AND Sci-Fi with letters, emails, whatever it takes! We LOVE Carson and Paul and we’re NOT going to stand for the tiny bit we got!

    Thank you, Paul for the lovely letter but…we’ll keep fighting!

  18. I think he is part of the series and has to play (if he wants) till the last one which will hopefully never been taken…
    I would miss him. He does a great job.
    From Austria (not Australia hi,hi) best wishes for all Stargatemembers and all the fans arround the globe,


  19. huray! Beckett is back! hopefully they will bring him bak 4 good! its just not the same without him, Keller just isnt as good! although i am curious what is going to happen between her and McKay in upcoming episodes!

  20. i hope they change their minds because when Woolsey takes over ill stop watching the show. i love carson and i cant wait for his return but to put one of the most disliked and enoying characters in the history of sci-fi and make him a leading man, well i dont know what to say other then thats the dumbest thing ive ever seen. why dont they just fillm the whole season, light the film on fire and flush it down the toilet cause if they proceed with Woolsey then i can say 100% assurance that the show wont last past the 5th season

  21. Hm. I actually like Woolsey. If Kinsey were in charge, yes, that could well kill the show. Woolsey, on the other hand, is a complex character who fits the Atlantis “Stargate DS9” vibe. He’s a weasel, but one with a conscience. Besides, it’s fairly clear that Shep is the “leader” of Atlantis; the administrator position, whether it belongs to Weir, Carter or Woolsey, just isn’t what drives the storylines. (Whether or not that’s a bad thing is another debate.)

  22. just very very glad Beckett will be back.
    And i hope for more then just 5 eps.

    it doesn’t say anything i think when they say originally coming back for 5 episodes (unless they plan to kill him of a second time, which would be a disaster for the show i think;)).

    just look at Claudia black who played Vala in SG1 (season 8 i think). she was originally just planned for 2 episodes but came to stay for 2 years.
    also daniel was away for 1-1,5 season on SG1 and came back for multiple seasons after that.

    I just love paul and the way he is acting his roles, especially Beckett ofcourse.
    Just hoping for the very best and he and carson wills stay for at least 1-2 seasons to come.;))

    and i am just very very curious where they will go with the beckett caracter and in response where they will go with Kellers person in the show at that.
    Joe mallozzi’s blog stated that she will be in prostetics in one of the season 5 eps, that they will be shooting in the coming weeks. which would mean what? is she becoming (part) wraith ? Having an accident? Going to the dark side?
    And if so, will Beckett be reinstated as CMO again?

    (from Joe’s blogg:
    “Jewel and hubby Matt swung by the production offices today. Jewel was in for a fitting while Matt was on the lot shooting another show. We talked horror movies, Watchmen, and, of course, what we have in store for Keller in season 5. Like Rachel, she was excited about some of the planned developments – but understandably a anxious about episode #2, The Seed, especially since I told her she’d have to get in for 4:00 a.m. every morning so that prosthetics could get an early jump on the body cast process which would take about 3-4 hours. “The trick is not to breathe too much or let the latex touch your skin,”I advised, “as it’s not only toxic but highly corrosive. Anyway, relax and have fun with it.” She wasn’t sure whether I was kidding or not.

    Speaking of which – the prosthetics meeting with Todd Master has been moved to tomorrow morning. For Whispers, I’d like something elegantly simple yet shockingly terrifying. I can’t wait to see what Todd and the gang come up with.”


  23. I agree with susanthetartanturtle, its time to begin the fight for season 6 should start immediately, because I sware, if they make him like Daniel was in season 6…

    “I’m gonna loose it, it means go crazy, nuts, sick, bonzo, no longer in possesion of one’s faculties, three fries short of a happy meal, WACKO!”
    ~ Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) Window of Opportunity SG1

  24. I think we should fight for more of season five. Look at what our hard work has gotten so far. We are quitters if we can be happy with anything less then ten episodes. We will see that our top doc is remade a perminate part of SGA or well will die trying!

  25. I loved Beckett as much as anyone, but one of the things I’ve always liked about SG-1 and Atlantis is that they do occasionally kill main characters. It keeps the suspense real. I don’t think they should bring him back just because the fans want it. Atlantis is a dangerous place and fighting Wraith is a dangerous occupation, so there are going to be casualties, even among the people we really like.

  26. I was so EXCITED to see Dr. Beckett back on tonight’s episode, “The Kindred part 2”. I watched with great ANTICIPATION hoping that whoever Dr. Beckett turned out to be, ultranate universe, etc. that he would be back to stay. As the show progress it seemed the writers were trying to kill him off again. I felt an UNEASINESS and SICKNESS in my stomach. How could they be so cruel to the fans. Here he is, no he isn’t! If I didn’t live so far away, I would go up and shake the writers or the powers responsible until their heads came off. PLEASE bring Beckett back as a regular. Rebekah

  27. Dr. Beckett must be brought back to Atlantis. Chemistry with the the actors has suffered during his absence. Since the departure of Carson, the show appears to be written by writers intent on destroying the show. Make the current doctor (what’s her name) a clone and send her back to Earth.

  28. this is a late response but I aggree with
    Ellie , I like Dr. Keller , and I think both of them should be on the show.
    Of course I like Carson more but now that I have grown to like her I don’t want her to leave completly when/if Carson comes back as a regular

  29. I know I need to get a life but I about quit watching when Beckett was removed. Five episodes are better than nothingt…MORE Beckett please!

  30. I know I need to get a life but I about quit watching when Beckett was removed. Five episodes are better than nothing…MORE Beckett please!

  31. It would be nice to get Paul’s point of view on this.

    As a guest star he may actually be making more money and have the added benefit of being able to take on other roles.

    Someday Atlantis will end and this is but a passing moment in the life of an actor.

    But I do think it highly ironic that.. here is a guy who has been on ‘Both’ SG1 and Atlantis, who seems to have a waft of the original Movie about him and the characters he has played.. who seems ageless compared to the the other actors/actresses adn they keep wasting his abilities.

    It’s as if the character of Carson Beckett is holding him back as an actor because the writers can’t think of something interesting for him to do..

    Paul has taken bit roles and made them believable, made them interesting, and on the whole “unexpectantly” cruicial to the show.

    I don’t know about other people but Shep seems altogether disinterested in the show these days.. could be the role as a parent outside the show.

    I know as Richard Dean seemed to think more an more about his family.. he still had fun.. but got kinda distant. He had his moments.. but something was always lurking at the back of his mind.

    Same with Micheal Shanks.. after his return.. he had some great lines.. but he just seemed distant.. as if he were playing a different role in real life.

  32. Oh.. and here’s another thought.

    Since Dr. Weir won’t be returning.. perhaps the fractured storyline will incorporate Dr. Beckett’s search for a cure to progeria.

    We know the Asuraians were searching for the path to Ascention.. but Dr. Beckett is not..

    They have mastered recreating the human body, but not as Dr. Weir said, the human soul..

    What better combination than for him to trade services in their search. They can recreate his cellular make up “Regenerating” him while he trys to help them discover their “humanity”..

    In the end I think their search is miguided simply because “having” what your searching for is not always all that you thought it would be. It might end up being a tradeoff of one longing pang for another..

    Dr. Beckett on the other hand is merely searching for what was lost.. a return to normalcy.. to recover a life that was stolen from him by Michael.

    You might glean I think Michael more evil than we know.. I don’t think Dr. Beckett actually is a clone.. remember Michael infected Dr. Beckett with a wraith substance to rob him on several levels.. even for revenge.

    But on a cheerful note.. didn’t anyone notice that Rodney referred to the dreamstate communications technique that Shep used to contact the commander of the Aurora?

    That means Rodney and the team can “visit” while he is in status.

  33. Wouldn’t it be cool if they used the Atlantis StarGate to return to Earth and accidentially plunged millions or billions of years into the past and ended up on Mars?

    A world rich with life, before the arrival of the Ancients with a sister world covered in volcanoes and early lifeforms and a primative civilization.. which the inhabitants of this world want to help.

    A world without stargates in a galaxy still very young.

  34. Carson is an absolutely wonderful part of Stargate Atlantis. I love watching him and listening to his gorgeous voice. Thanks for having him on the show again even if it’s for a few episodes. He’s amazing.

  35. Whilst we are all grateful to have Carson back for any number of episodes ( it’s more than we would have had but for some fantastic work by SCB ) I feel cheated at the clone story arc. I remember JOe saying in an interview that it would be the real Carson. Not an AU version, clone or replicator. What on earth happened to that promise?

    But please. NO MORE tearjerkers involving Carson. We can only take so much

  36. I am in agreement with anyone who thinks Woolsey is a big mistake. I feel he is going to ruin the show and we might not have a 6th season because of him. I have always hated his character on SG1 and I think he couldn’t run a fast food resturant let alone Alantis. He is a big joke and he couldn’t get out of his own way. If the producer wanted to stop making this show this is the way to do it.

  37. i think its great hes back but i wonder how they will do it, apparently there is a clue late season three about him

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