SCB Letters Featured on Mallozzi Blog!

Alex Levine holds up handfuls of Save Carson letters In his blog entry yesterday, Joe Mallozzi included a photo of SGA script supervisor Alex Levine holding up a slew of letters sent in by the SCB letter-sending volunteers who print and mail letters submitted by fans to our letters page.

From Joe’s blog entry:

Today’s pics: Alex Levine flashes a whack of letters from Beckett’s adoring minions.

Well done, writers and volunteers! We can only assume Joe’s picture points at good news coming about Carson in Season 5. Joe wouldn’t be so cruel. 🙂

First Stills from "Kindred"

GW image of MGM still photo from KindredGateworld has published (link) the first still photos taken during filming of Season 4’s “Kindred,” the 2-part episode featuring Carson Beckett’s return. The photo shows a healthy but seemingly imprisoned Carson, likely from before he is rescued by the Atlantis team friends. It’s lovely to see Carson again, and certainly all fans look forward to his return. Part 1 of “Kindred” will air in the U.S. on Feb 22 ’08 and in the UK shortly afterward. SCB will of course have full coverage of the episodes!