Paul Gets Cover of Stargate Magazine!

Cover of Jan 08 Stargate MagazinePaul is featured on the cover of the Official Stargate Magazine for January ’08, which has already started arriving in subscribers’ mail boxes. This honor is accompanied by a lovely 5-page interview in which Paul discusses his departure and return, his gratitude to fans, and the other projects he’s done recently. In the interview, Paul continues to show his gratitude for our efforts, and his humble grace:

“I was absolutely blown away by the campaign. You never think as an actor you are going to have a pipe band for your character playing in the pouring rain in front of the studio and protests in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany. There was a huge letter campaign so it is flattering and I was honored.”

A scan of the article is here in our gallery. Please show your support for the magazine’s coverage of Paul and buy it on newsstands or via mail order at!

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14 thoughts on “Paul Gets Cover of Stargate Magazine!”

  1. AWESOME! It only took them #20 issues, being killed off and resurrected to get their act together and have him on the cover!!! I really hope this is the start of a fantastic year for Paul and his fans alike!

  2. WOW, I’m speechless! This is well-deserved and comes at exactly the right time. Should be a huge reminder for TPTB to do the one and only right thing: Get Paul McGillion back on the show. No more excuses; do it already!

  3. I, too, hope this is just the start of many good things to come for Paul and his fans who have fought so hard for him.

  4. I am thrilled but at the same time, feel utterly sick to my stomach. I really want Paul to be back back back, full time regular. I mean it;s not funny to kill off a character and then bring him back for only 2 episodes. I mean really. I’ sad….but again, thrilled that he’s back. Mixed emotions here.

  5. Misunderstood, I don’t think we can draw any conclusions about this being only for the two episodes even if some of what was said implied that and made me feel a little sick, as well.

    None of this is amusing. I want him back full time.

  6. At last, he’s where he deserves to be. And now we want him back up-front and permanent on the show. That would be a great Christmas present for both him and us.

  7. So glad to see this article – just hope that this is the start of a great year for Paul and Carson Beckett.

  8. Well about bloomin’ time!!! Front and centre is where the man should be!!! Great interview! I know I have said it again and again and again.. but just for good measure… what a truly DUMBASS decision it was to get rid of this wonderful character and wonderful actor. The cast and crew obviously thought it was a ridiculous move as well… how did any one think it was the right thing to do? He needs to be BACK FULL TIME in season 5. The show needs him and we boody well want to see him. Paul McGillion you are integrity personified.

  9. Thank you SCB for posting the article! I really enjoyed it – and the return of Carson is the best Christmas present ever! However, I am a bit worried/agitated on the ‘limited time only’ statement. Haven’t the PTB gotten the point yet? I am utterly disgusted at how certain PTB tend to shoot down hopeful fans that convincingly explain why offing Carson and/or Elizabeth [for the ‘ratings gods’ as one fan put it] or adding Carter was a bad idea. Hmm. I’m all with the suggestuion to sacrifice some writers.

    On a better note, I can’t wait for the Kindred as short as it may be. Thanks once again for all the awesome work you’ve done! Hopefully I’ll come and suport ya’ll once I come up with a letter to TPTB that’s persuasive enough (always doubting myself).

  10. OMG YAY! I wish I could get a copy of the magazine.. 🙁 but I can’t.. I love him!!! You’re really inspiring Paul!! I’m glad to see him on the front of the Stargate magazine!!


  11. im happy that he’s back for 2 more episodes. But after that im only continuing to watch the show if he stays permeantly. Anyway, anybody know where to get the mag? cause i can’t find it anywhere!! :(:(:(:( and the titanmagazines website is still advertising the last mag :S

  12. The magazine should be at any place selling mass amounts of magazines. Try Borders 🙂 That’s where I grabbed my copy 🙂

  13. YAY! That’s the best word to describe this. This should give Paul even more publicity than before (if possible, haha!). Hooray!

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