Stage & Print: Latest SCB & Paul News

It’s been an interesting few weeks for SCB and Paul McGillion related news.

sgabookThe Official Stargate: Atlantis Season 3 companion book hit the shelves on November 14th, containing a double page spread on ‘The Fans’ which was dominated by SCB. The pages include the famous ‘bum message’ photo from our rally in Vancouver this past March and an article which ran in Paul’s Scottish birthplace newspaper, The Paisley Daily Express. The book also features an hilarious forward by Paul, as well as the usual great episode by episode break down, full cast interviews and several colour photos.  You can find scans of the ‘The Fans’ pages and the original rally photos & article in our gallery. The companion is available online from and other sites, as well as in book stores now.
The latest issue of the official Stargate magazine also hit shelves this week, containing a letter from our very own Jennifer Kirk, campaign press representive and PR Guru. You can also find scans of this, and a very cute new photo of Carson in our gallery section. Next issue’s preview also promotes a featured interview with Paul talking about his return to the show for season 4’s ‘The Kindred’, reaction to fans campaign efforts and more. Check out the promo here.

resfour4And finally, Paul McGillion has been keeping himself very busy lately. In edition to his lead role in new Lifetime TV movie ‘Just Breathe’, the actor will be starring on stage in Vancouver this holiday season. ‘Reservations for Four’ is a follow-up to the award winning comedy ‘Reservations for Two’ (which Paul also directed and produced).

In this newest instalment on the trials and tribulations of searching for one’s life mate, we delve even deeper into the complexities of dating and relationships. Reservations For Four is a comedic view into the new world of dating, and the often hilarious results of a break up, or date gone extremely wrong, which we are usually too preoccupied with misery and heartache at the time, to see ourselves.

‘Reservations for Four’ shows at the Havana Theatre, in Downtown Vancouver between December 12th – 16th. You can find out more and book tickets online here.

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  1. I hope Carson returns to the show permanently! Without him and Dr. Weir, the show isn’t as good as it once was. I used to be a HUGE fan – now I’m not.

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