Atlantis Renewed for Season 5!

In very happy news for the production, Stargate Atlantis has been renewed for Season 5. As noted in this press release:

“SCI FI is proud to bring Atlantis back for another season,” said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President, Original Programming for SCI FI. “Atlantis truly came out from under the shadow of its sister series this year and proved that it’s a hit in its own right. With this season’s exciting new characters and vibrant storylines, Atlantis also shows every sign of matching its sibling’s longevity.”

This is the news we’ve been waiting for, since the only chance to get Carson Beckett back as a full-time character is to have the show be around for another year!

Now is the time for another campaign push, to let the powers that be and the sci fi press and magazines know we want Carson back not just for a guest appearance or two, but for all 20 episodes!

Use our Addresses page to guide you in whom to write. Or, if you can’t mail a letter yourself, please use our mailing service. If you are able to volunteer to help the campaign at all, please join our Yahoo! group and let us know.

Let’s get busy and get Paul back up to Vancouver to work with his friends and to bring Carson to us once again!

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

20 thoughts on “Atlantis Renewed for Season 5!”

  1. Gotta reprint thse pesky addresses to start writing again!

    Mallozzi already knows we want him back. We made THAT very plain in letters and at the San Diego Comic Con! Any events being planned down here in Southern California (provided we don’t fry like Carson did down here!)

  2. From the ongoing fires I meant! Hope Paul is safe somewhere besides down here! Anybody know if he is? And if he has been contacted by TPTB concerning coming back to ATLANTIS?

  3. I’ve just sent mine!!! Please God let’s hope they’re listening this time!!!

  4. Carlson should be back> but how? nanites or sarcofages? Can he be bring back with help of his friends? IF he was not frozen after death body after year…. Is this even in Atlantis possible ? Don’t undarstand me wrong.I’m just curies.Im quit confident they will use Timemachine (or they clon him ).What do you think ? lol

  5. Maybe Carson comes by

    Wraith experiments aka by Micheal, or somehow they use that DNA machine to make someone uber smart again and make it so they figure out a way to get him back or, quite simply, they activate a new system and get Carson back automatically

    you have to consider that because it is a 2 episode carson ep, he is either lost to the team again, goes back to earth or is, OUT THERE

    It wouldn’t surprise me, if someone just went back in time, changed history and carson is there lo and behond in the flesh right in front of them

  6. But, you have to like understand that if Carson was going to be recurring or staying on Atlantis he would be in the last man, but seeing how hes only in it for 2 episodes who knows, i have a nagging feeling he becomes lost or goes back to earth, but that is speculation

  7. Well if he was in the Last Man (doubtful I know) I hardly think they are going to announce it ahead of time….might ruin The Kindred?

    Seriously they need Beckett, the empty and rather vapid shows we’ve seen in the new season prove that

  8. Carlson is 1 of the best characters and he cant just go away and die. It is now great loss for this best sci fi serie.Millions of people r w8ing for his back from underworld .Let the SGAteam go back in time and give Carlson a personalshield with note : use it at sunday 🙂

  9. Guess I’ll have to write them again. I truly hope they do it because honestly, I’m getting really bored with this show. I’ll admit, I didn’t even watch the last one. If they don’t get Carson back and keep on going like this, I’ll just quit watching, end of story. I’ll be sure to tell them that. I doubt they would care about losing one person, but who knows? Maybe one will be all it takes to make or break things.

  10. I sent a letter, but I think another big event (IE: Pipe band outside studio) might be needed to get him back full time!!!

  11. Well, I guess I’m being defeatist but, after seeing last night’s new episode, I kind of have this sinking feeling that Carson won’t be back fuill time despite them saying they ‘left the foor open’. After all, they have NO trouble bringing Weir back because she’s in the replicator collective but Carson? To them it seemed he was NEVER that important as he was the first one to bite the dust! They had to ‘work’ ay bringing Carson back just for one two-part episode because of how he was eliminated!

    Sigh! Ijust feel so used because they got all that free publicity from us, all that hard work and all we (and Paul) get, is ONE two-part episode wshereas Torri is apparently going to be back ad infinitum! Don’t get me wron, I will STILL fight the good fight but…… It all seems so hopeless since there has been NOTHING said about Paul coming back and they will be starting principal shooting for Season Five next month!

    Am I just totally WRONG? I need something GOOD to happen on this, PAul’s 39th birthday!


  12. Keep SGA going… I just finished season 3 on dvd… unfortunately i never can watch all the epesodes showin on tv because of the horible time, (friday nights!!!!!) I cant wait for the rest of the sesons to come…..and freakin bring carson back full time!

  13. i am so ticked off becuz the epidsodes are stupid now becuz carson beckett is gone and amanda tapping is boss this show is going down hill becuz of carson beckett being gone i wonder if he is ever oming on again other than that stupid two epidsodes but what about a dogs breakfast and why did they fire him??????????

  14. I’ve tried to watch the last couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis and to be honest, the spark is gone from the show. The characters seem like their just going through the motions and the chemistry is gone. I’ll be honest, if they don’t make some major changes (and one of them is having Paul reinstated on the show) they’ve lost this fan! I tried to give it another shot but it’s just not the same. I hope the producers of the show come to their senses and reinstate Paul and Torri because it’s just not as good as it was before.

  15. We want Carson Beckett back for a full season. I love Carson. Please bring Carson back. Atlantis isn’t the same without him.

  16. Atlantis has lost something and that something is Dr. Beckett. I want you to bring Dr. Beckett back for a full season not just a few episodes. Bring Beckett back!!! Make this season better than season 4 we need Beckett.

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