Role of Scotty Goes to Simon Pegg

TrekMovie announced yesterday that Simon Pegg, an English actor known for comedic roles in movies such as “Shaun of the Dead,” has been chosen to play “Scotty” in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

Paul McGillion’s fans are understandably disappointed that the role did not go to him; not only because we’re his fans but because we thought he’d be perfect for the role.

Nevertheless, what’s done is done and we wish the production well. In his usual display of grace and dignity, Paul gave this statement to

I’d like to thank you all for your tremendous support, especially Chris Doohan who rallied behind me to fill his father’s footsteps. Obviously I have close roots to Scotland; having an opportunity to play an iconic Scottish character would have been an honour.

That being said, I have not had the pleasure of “meeting” Simon Pegg but I am familiar with his work and I think he’s a terrific talent. I wish him and the rest of the cast & crew great success with the new Star Trek film

Meanwhile, we still have our original mission ahead of us, to reinstate Paul as Carson Beckett into Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, and we will renew our efforts in that regard!

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13 thoughts on “Role of Scotty Goes to Simon Pegg”

  1. Poor Paul. I would have loved to see him in star trek. But he’s right Simon Pegg has a lot of talent and I think he is a great choice for the part. Not as good as Paul but then again being a fan Im a bit biased.

  2. A real shame but Paul is as gracious as ever and now we can concentrate on our main mission of reinstating Carson/Paul to Atlantis.

  3. As much as I love Simon Pegg, I truly think Paul would have been perfect as Scotty. Honestly, why would you choose someone who has English roots as opposed to real Scottish roots anyway? Especially when the son of the original Scotty backs someone else? *sigh* Stupid, stupid people. Oh well. These days in Hollywood they always tend to go with popularity instead of the actual puzzle piece that fits. Don’t worry guys – Paul, you’ll get your chance babe, and we love you anyway!
    (Simon, you’re still cool too 😉 haha)

  4. OMG! Paul would have been awesome as Scotty, and even though Simon Pegg IS a great Talent, Paul would have been better at this role.
    As soonas I read the update, I had to make a comment!I love Paulwish him the best in the future…I hope he comes back for Season 5!!

  5. I know how privately devasted Paul must be to miss out on such a fabulous scottish role, but as the other comments have said before me, grace and class shine through from him. Keep your chin up, we all still love you and the fight continues for SGA Season 5!!!

  6. Can’t BELIEVE they did that! Geeze. Cast an ENGLISHMAN instead of a Scot to play a Scot!!!!! And a Scot with a ready-made fan base as well! No accounting….. But, as usual, our dear Paul is gracious and kind about the whole thing. Yes, now let’s concentrate on Season Five for ATLANTIS and getting Carson/Paul back…..FULL TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Heads up people, season 5 is greenlighted, so lets hope that carson beckett is brought back at least part time if not full time(same goes for Elizabeth Weir for me).

  8. I haven’t been in the loop lately and only recently realised that there’s a Star Trek movie coming and that Sylar from Heroes (Zachary ) got the role of Spock. I thought to myself that Paul would be IDEAL as Scotty.

    Sad to read this. He would have been absolutely perfect.

  9. ok whatever they say paul as carson beckett is the only one that make that doctor part worth while paul if you are reading this i am in love with your accent and i hope you come back for season five!!!!!

  10. im back to say paul should come back because he was sweet and cared for everyone well anyway carson beckett is the best!!!!!!!!!

  11. just saw on dvd season 3 beckett was killed … that stinks he adds the heart part of the show….why did they kill him???

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