Atlantis Renewed for Season 5!

In very happy news for the production, Stargate Atlantis has been renewed for Season 5. As noted in this press release:

“SCI FI is proud to bring Atlantis back for another season,” said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President, Original Programming for SCI FI. “Atlantis truly came out from under the shadow of its sister series this year and proved that it’s a hit in its own right. With this season’s exciting new characters and vibrant storylines, Atlantis also shows every sign of matching its sibling’s longevity.”

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Vote for Paul at Hey! Nielsen

The powerful US ratings company, Nielsen, has started a community website, Hey! Nielsen to let people register their voices without the need for a Nielsen PeopleMeter in their homes. Atlantis actors are doing very well in Personalities popularity, and Paul is #5! So let’s keep his name in the top few. Visit Hey! Nielsen, joing the site, and write some positive thoughts for Paul. Or, read what’s there and vote to agree with others’ positive opinions. Thanks!

Scottish Press Cover Scotty Story

scottymcgillionLast Sunday, 30th September, The Sunday Post, Scotland’s biggest Sunday newspaper, followed up’s scoop on Paul McGillion’s audition and ran an article about the excitement around his possible casting as ‘Scotty’ in the new Star Trek movie. You can read a color scan of the article here in our gallery.

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