McGillion in the Running for Scotty!

In wonderful news for fans of Paul McGillion, it was confirmed today that Paul has auditioned in L.A. for the role of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scot, “Scotty” in the new Star Trek movie being produced by Lost creator J.J. Abrams.

Fans may know that Zachary Quinto (Heroes) has already been cast as Spock in the movie, which will take place before the original series did and show the early adventures of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty.

Word first leaked out that Paul was under consideration in the Scottish Paisley Daily Express. From there, Trek Movie Report confirmed the news with a quote from Paul himself, who said,

“Obviously it would be a great honour to follow in James Doohan’s footsteps.”

The Trek Movie site seems warm to the idea, saying:

Like the original Scotty (James Doohan) McGillion is from Canada, but he was born in Scotland and clearly does a ‘flawless’ Scottish accent… McGillion has an active fan base who (successfully) mounted a ‘Save Carson Beckett‘ campaign after his character was written out of Atlantis during the 3rd season.

Also rumored to be under consideration is the younger (perhaps too young?) James McAvoy. James Doohan’s son Chris Doohan has mounted a small campaign to have himself cast as Scotty. Today Chris weighed in on the prospect of Paul taking on the role in the Trek Movie feedback section:

I know that the chances that I would be the next Scotty are slim to none. That being said, I think Paul McGillion is a GREAT choice for the role of Scotty. He has a great accent and I think that he actually looks like my father. He would be a much better Scotty then McAvoy.

IGN picked up the story and published this great side-by-side comparison of James Doohan and Paul McGillion:

James Doohan as Scotty Paul as Carson

Considering this amazing resemblance, Paul’s acting skills and his perfect accent, it’s hard to imagine a better match could be found! We hope the talented Mr. Abrams will seriously consider Paul for this great role.

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Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

17 thoughts on “McGillion in the Running for Scotty!”

  1. Fantastic news. Paul deserves this role. He is a wonderful actor and there is nobody better to play this part. Fingers crossed.

  2. Oh my goodness! That ;s AWESOME news!!!!!!!! And absolutely lovely that Chris Doohan thinks that he is great! Ohhh, I hope he gets it cos he would totally MAKE the film!!! 😀 He would be a perfect Scotty!!!!!!!!!

  3. This should be an exciting and comfortable call for the director. everyone I know who sees PM act knows he is set for a true break out role. and he can sing!

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed !!! I think if he gets the role the new movie would be the 1st ever StarTrek movie I watch !!!

  5. Paul is perfect for this role and it would be great to see him get the part. Aye a bonny fine coo indeed.

  6. Yes! Paul for Scotty!

    I have just one choice for Kirk: Ben Browder! He is an amazing actor, he like scifi, he played in 2 sci fi popular shows : Farscape and Stargate SG-1.

    Even if he will be 45 next december, he doesn’t make his age. He will be the perfect Kirk!

  7. Step one, audition aced! I love Star Trek but didn’t want to see them do a young version of the original, I myself wanted them to update us with Deep Space 9. However if Paul is cast then I will watch the movie! Besides which I liked them casting
    Zachary as Spock. Go Paul!!

  8. I totally support this. I was very upset about the casting for the new star trek movie till i saw this! I don’t care if the rest of the cast doesn’t fit the part but if Paul McGillion gets the role of Scotty… I WILL SEE IT!!!!!! But he still should have NEVER been taken off SG Atlantis…. what a mistake… long live Paul McGillion!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey, April, I’m with you on DS9! Watching the casting news has been changing my mind, though, and making me much more interested in the OS movie.

    My husband has a theory: he says that all the casting announcements have come after rumors. He thinks in fact that the producers are testing the waters, seeing how people react to rumors. Positive reaction to Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana? Sign them! Lukewarm to James McAvoy? Maybe we should do some more auditions…. has been running polls; their archive is at Support for Paul is overwhelming, at 67%; if you consider that Chris Doohan, the next highest at 17%, has thrown his support to Paul, the competition barely registers. I certainly hope my husband is right, because if fan reaction counts, Paul should definitely get the role.

    Fingers crossed….

  10. Totally agree with you all the perfect role for Paul
    It was picked up by the Sun newspaper here in
    UK just a few lines but they said he was the favourite
    for the role.

  11. The only problem I have with Paul playing Scotty iis his eyes…. Scotty had brown eyes, if I remember right, and Paul has blue eyes. That is a difference.

  12. Yeah but he does bare a striking resemblence to Doohan, more so by far then any other actor we’ve seen rumoured as up for the part. And they have a long list of prerequistites for the character without then having to go down to the finiest detail like eye colour.

    Besides, thats easily fixed with contacts…though personally I’d rather see Paul’s baby blues onscreen!

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