Early Anticipation for Carson’s Return

Paul Wears a Save Carson Shirt at Dragon*ConFan reaction to Carson’s death, and Sci Fi Channel’s publicity regarding his two-episode arc in Season 4, continue to resonate through the press. In a lovely new article on the costume design for the show, Monsters and Critics writer April MacIntyre spoke about our campaign and had this to say about Carson’s return:

The return of Paul McGillion as the beloved Dr. Carson Beckett will be the most anticipated episode for the series that counts millions as loyal fans, from every country, age demographic and walk of life.

Slice of Sci Fi had a similarly positive take:

The good news for fans of the show is the return of Dr. Beckett (played by Paul McGillion). His character will the the center-piece of a 2 episode story-arc. Beckett, who was killed last season was one of the most popular characters on the show that was a spawn of “Stargate: SG1.” Beckett’s return is a special showing, and the position of chief physician, as we have reported earlier, has been filled by “Firefly”/”Serenity” actress Jewel Staite who plays Dr. Jennifer Keller.

David Hewlett had some very kind words about Paul’s return to set in his recent interviews with Sci Fi Wire:

David Hewlett, last year the unexpected demise of Dr. Carson Beckett [Paul McGillion] left a gap in Atlantis‘ core ensemble. How did you feel about that?

Hewlett: For me, there was a big hole there, because Paul, my friend, was no longer on set with me all the time. As it turns out, in sci-fi nobody dies””we’ve actually had him on set again recently, which was kind of fun. And I hope that we’ll be seeing more of him. Well, that’s just my hope. I wouldn’t be surprised.

What can you tell me about Beckett’s return?

Hewlett: Well, it’s certainly unexpected. Not unexpected, perhaps, from the fan standpoint, but it’s complicated [laughs]. Let’s just say that Beckett becomes a product of his own genius, to some extent. And we see not only old friends but old enemies. It’s a pretty neat two-parter, and it’s going to be pretty intense. The ending of the two-parter is wonderful, too. I think the fans are going to love where it goes, shall I say. We had a lot of fun shooting it. He was back in fine form. And McGillion is a real gentleman””or, as I would say, a suck-up. He bought pizza for the crew. And it was just really, really fun to have him back; everyone really enjoyed having him around. It’s like life, except they get to come back. He’s one of those actors who’s always going to land on his feet, but I’m hoping that those feet then take him back to our little galaxy, too.

It’s certain the fans, the press, and the cast appreciate how important Carson’s return is to the show. Now let’s hope that translate to a full-time return if there is a Season 5!

Thanks to GW Forum’s ‘Watcher652’ for the wonderful picture of Paul at this year’s Dragon*Con.

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27 thoughts on “Early Anticipation for Carson’s Return”

  1. How excited are you that the premiere is just around the corner? Beckett’s loss from the cast was a huge blow,his chemistry and presence is needed to keep the show going.

    Glad to know he is back, and glad you enjoyed the crew angle of the series too, it takes hundred of talented people in front and behind the cameras to make the show fly!

  2. The article was great, it was a real downer to see doctor Beckett go, as well as the head of the atlantis team. This show is addicting, but the real concern is will it be as great without Carson. The article shows along with the show that there is a definate chemistry between the team, but am definately looking forward to season 5 provided they bring Carson Beckett back into the fold.

  3. I love Carson. I would love it if my fave character could come back to stargate atlantis. It would be like getting Firefly or Andromeda back.

  4. Paul should be back for season 5. There’s plenty of room for two doctors in the Pegasus galaxy. I just got season 3 on DVD and was surprised to find Paul missing from the art work on the box. What were they thinking? Wasn’t he part of the cast? What an error.

  5. Interesting isn’t it, with the new season and new characters what the media wants to talk about? I don’t think I’ve seen an article yet that talks about Atlantis that doesn’t mention Carson. I only hope someone is listening

  6. I must admit when Carson died it really upset me. Atlantis is the best sci-fi show ever and it’s very upsetting when someone kills off a very good main characte rin a series. SG-1 basically died when the remnants of farscape came onboard. I’m not against those actors, because they are extremely good, but in a way it was a disruption in flow that eventually just killed my enthusiasm for the show. The producers, directors, and the people who manage sci-fi series need to understand the mistakes of the past and that by repeating them they are dooming everybody to some very boring sitcoms and reality shows. If they need new ideas or writers there are many who would flock to their aid including myself. Also, with no offense meant to the new head doctor, there is something very very disturbing about simply dropping a new main character in the mix without so much as an introduction. This wasn’t handled very well at all and I’m sure all the other fans agree. As for rumors about gender demographics being solved by this….think again. It’s not the sex of an actor that matters, it’s the chemistry. I don’t care if a show is all guys or gals because it’s the story and chemistry that matters when it comes to viewing enjoyment and fan loyalty. Unfortunately, with Carson dead and buried it becomes very difficult to create a plausible fix to the problem. The Daniel resurrection with SG-1 was bad enough, so we’ll just have to see what happens. It had better be good! If you need a good woman on board, then bring back the blonde from “inferno”. You can always say she was studying for a year on another planet when she returned to her home and found everyone dead….but allow her to show her smarts and personality.

  7. Oh My Gosh!!!!! For some reason, I keep missing the show on sci fi. I picked up the DVDs this summer and watch all of them and could not wait until season 3 came out. I cried and cried and cried. I love the character Carson. What were they thinking? As the others said they all have a chemistry that blends them together with their acting. I love Carson’s sense of humor mixed in with his seriousness. How dedicated he was to stay with his patient, operate, and remove the bomb. I hope for the sake of the show that they keep Carson as part of the team. Paul McGillion, you are a great actor and you play Carson Beckett very well.

  8. I just purchased the DVD set and saw the episode “Sunday” for the first time and although it was very well written, the subsequent episodes just lacked spark because Carson’s character was not there and his character is in effect “the calm in the storm.” Although I’m not a big television viewer, Stargate Atlantis was one of my favorite shows and I’m afraid that it’s going to change so radically in a different direction that it won’t have the same chemistry. I hope that they bring him back with the dignity and grace his character deserves and bring him back full time in season five. Bravo Paul for handling this whole thing and doing such a great job in the series. You are an extremely talented actor not only in Stargate Atlantis but also the other projects you have done. The series has not only lost a great character but an extremely talented actor. Hopefully, they will let common sense prevail and bring you back!

  9. Has anyone watched the special features in the Season 3 DVD release? The interview with the writer advising he felt blowing up my Scot to smithereens was his best episode? I had the strong vibe that something had happened between the two and, like the first season of Angel, the character had been “executed” for reasons that had nothing to do with his performance on the show. If that was the case, shame on them all. I pay my cable, I purchase their product on DVD. I help pay for their house, their car, their clothes, their food. My opinion should count for something. Boo Hoo you if you don’t like the man; the people giving you your ratings are what matters, and you should respect that, instead of behaving as if you’re God, deciding who lives and who dies just to appease your ego. They managed to achieve great ratings for three years, and all of a sudden this. What utter rubbish. Bring back my Scot or you’ll have one less person paying for your salary. It may not be felt by their HUGE wallets, but it makes me feel a hell of a lot better.

  10. I too was mad when I saw the art cover for Season 3’s cover. Only to find one tiny little Beckett plastered on the edge of the DVD cover. Ugh, if I hadn’t known he was going to die this would have been a giant warning to me. It always seems they kill off the favorites! Daniel Jackson was a special favorite of mine on SG-1 and he “accended”. They brought him back in season 7 (correct me if I’m wrong!) why can’t they do the same for Carson? He better be back in season 5 that’s all I’ve got to say. Or I’ll hunt down the writers and make them do it! Haha, just kidding. =D

  11. I LOVED and LOVE Carson!!!! He is a fabulous character, and his adorableness emanates so naturally from him in every episode. I could not believe my eyes watching season three, and I can not wait to see him come back!

    I truly hope there is a season 5! There have been many great stories filled with substance, emotion, and comedy!

    Great job bringing Carson back!!!!!

  12. I recently purchased Season Three of Stargate Atlantis. I had been anticipating its release for months. Not so much because of the show – although it is a great show and I am a loyal Stargat fan – but because I was eager to watch my favourite character Dr. Carson Beckett again. The character was played to perfection by Paul McGillion, with warmth, empathy, compassion, determination, strength, humour, and a resonating core of humanity. He was the heart of the Atlantis team.

    I simply could not believe that someone so central to the entire series could be sacrificed for the purpose of nothing more than an episode. Not even a grand story arc or anything with meaning behind it. Shame on Martin Gero for his comments regarding the exit of a character with dignity – Dr. Beckett was not offered anything resembling such. The only dignity present was in Paul McGillion’s portrayal, not in the writing or story.

    What an appalling waste of a rare on-screen chemistry and an actor who connected immediately and in ever deepening ways with the audience! Once again, my frequent disgust and disappointment with the television industry is reaffirmed. In the last few episodes of the season, Dr. Beckett was hardly mentioned at all. As if he were some unimportant secondary character. Unbelievable and completely unacceptable. It is a betrayal to the fans of the show.

    I certainly hope that Carson Beckett’s character returns full-time in Season Five! It’s doubtful I will return as a viewer otherwise.

  13. It was obvious to me that the featurette on the Season 3 DVD that talked about Dr. Beckett’s demise was filmed before they knew the fan reaction. Otherwise, they would not have been so non-chalant about killing the character off. Let’s not rest until Dr. Beckett is back full time in Season 5! Now, what do we need to do to make that happen?

  14. It’s an absolute disgrace that these stupid writers can get away with doing something like this! Carson was my favourite character and is an integral reason why this show has been so successful. There is nothing that can substitute for on screen chemistry and you would think that these people would realise that after the Daniel debacle and the impact that Col O’Neill retiring had. The whole balance of the show shifts and not for the better, despite strong story lines and the introduction of more evil foes in the shape of the Orei. Bring back Carson or the show will go the same way as SG-1.

  15. I can’t belive they killed Carson! He was so cool. He was always doing something funny. My dad and I love watching Atlantis. I wait all year for the next season. My dad and I both love watching SG-1 too. but I really think that the show would be alot better if Carson returned.

  16. I cannot believe how the producers came to the decision to kill of Carson. I and am sure many viewers miss the chemistry between him and Dr Becket.
    I loved Samantha Carter in Stargate SG1 but I am not sure that bringing her into Atlantis will work. The producers should re think and bring back Carson for good not just for two episodes.

  17. I love the idea that their bringing back Carson for the two episodes in season 4 and i really hope that this also means a perminant return to atlantis in season5

  18. Carson was the “spark” in Atlantis. Personally I have found the new season boring and quite dull. Rodney is SO much more annoying without Carson to bring him back down to earth. Rodney’s character has actually become so annoying, I can barely stand to hear his voice. Carson was the ying to his yang and the chemistry the two had made them both so emjoyable to watch. The new doctor (sorry, she hasn’t impressed me enough to remember her name) appears to be simply window dressing in a skirt – Carson was the real thing. He needs to be back on the show – FULL TIME.

  19. The worst episode for me was when Dr Jennifer Keller was introduced .. sorry.. the show fell FLAT.
    Carson and Mckay along with Sheppard made the show so worth watching. Even his rapport with Ronan was special.

    Just because they thought that ratings would fall due to SG1 finishing they think that they can kill off a main character??? Wrong. The series is too young to kill off a beloved character.

    I can only hope that Paul as Carson comes back full time. I am sure David will be rapt and I know that I am going to shed a tear in Season 4’s eps when I see Carson once again. Watch the ratings sore because he’s coming back.. just watch them soar!!!

    Warning to writers of SGA. Anything less than bringing him back Season 5 full time will I’m sure, make ratings drop.

    Listen to the fans. We buy the dvds. We watch the eps and give you ratings which keeps the show alive.

  20. Dear Mr.Joseph Mallozzi:

    Please allow for return of the character of Dr. Carson Beckett FULL TIME.

    Perfect foil to Rodney, compassion, humour, the scottish brogue…it was a perfect complimentary piece that has been missing with the cute doctor.

    I know ego cant permit one to admit big mistakes but the fans have spoken loudly. Bring in back for the two parter, soak in the ratings and then bring him back for season 5.

    Its ok, fans will overlook his death just like we did when Daniel was back in. Heck, even my mom got over the whole Bobby is in the shower. If we are old enough to suspend animation to watch people going through the stargate, we can deal with a popular character being brought back.

    I didnt mind Weir leaving since Carter was in but are they paying her by the word and they dont want to blow the budget? She has been invisible.
    Heck, they could have just promoted Walter Skinner!

  21. Dear sir, I am was very upset to hear that carson died in season 3, so you better bring him back or i will just die. I love the character Carson Beckett. I am just in love with him he is sooo cute and kind and loving, I mean seriously I just died when Michael Shanks was taken out of the show thankfully he was brought back . but then i heard something about where he is going to be brought back so you better let paul know that there are a lot disappointed fans, but also let him know that I love him.

  22. My husband and I just watched the episode where Carson dies. We were so devastated to say the least. We have been so loyal to the show. But I was so upset that Carson was killed off that I didn’t want to watch the show anymore. I was glad to hear that he is coming back for a couple of episodes.. It has restored my faith a little but bring him back for good and I will be loyal once again. Carson is such a brilliant character. Far better than any of the other crew… Except maybe Mackay..

  23. Wow. It’s obvious to let die carson, he’s such a nice character and he complete so weel Mckay’a character. But i must admit that the writers did a good job. It’s vas suffering to watch Carson die but, it was done with all the meaning of his character, his humanity. Let’s hope that he would came back at season 5. If Jackson die and came back why can’t he did it to? I hope that i will listen to his cute scotish accent and that he would came back in the crew.

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