Paul McGillion On SCB Campaign

In early June, Paul appeared at the FedCon ’07 convention in Germany. Paul gave an interview to the owner of, Gilles Nuytens, and they just published here on their site on August 24. Paul had some very nice things to say about the campaign, including:

It’s very flattering to be honest with you; I’ve never in my life imagined that I would have a campaign and a band, putting the band on the Today Show and the press, the London Times and all over the world like you say, I mean I never imagined anything like that happening for me so it’s very flattering to say the least.

At the time, Paul had not yet seen the script for his two-episode return, entitled¬† “The Kindred.” But, he was able to assure fans he would not return only as a ghost. As pictured in recent entries of Joe Mallozzi’s blog, Paul is filming those two episodes now; they will air as the 18th and 19th episodes of the 20-episode Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis.

Thanks to Gilles for a great interview, and thanks Paul for the kind words!

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7 thoughts on “Paul McGillion On SCB Campaign”

  1. Way to go, Paul!

    Love ya to death and can’t wait to see the two-parter….even if it IS at the very tippy end of Season Four!

    Anybody got any hints on the plot? HJint hint please please?

    And, again, so very glad to help out at Comic Con….even if we DID get yelled at!

  2. Fab stuff :>)
    Dear Mr Mallozzi, you’re a real tease!
    BTW, TV Zone magazine #219 has an interesting article with David Hewlett and he talks about Paul and the making of Sunday.

  3. EPISODES 18 AND 19?!?! What about the rest of them?!?! I’m boycotting the entire series until they bring Carson back for good. It’s no good without at least one gorgeous Scottish accent out of the lot. It’s not worth watching without him! BRING BECKETT BACK!!!

  4. I agree it’s not worth watching without him. Though given how close those appearances are to the end of the season, we can hold out some hope that they might see sanity and reinstate him fully for season five.

  5. Hey guys, those of you who plan on boycotting the fourth season are NOT helping bring the show back for an anticipated FIFTH season wherein, hopefully, Carson WILL be back! We need the ratings for SCI FI to renew the show. Boycotting WILL NOT encourage them to do so. PLEASE PLEASE watch evn if you don’t like what’s happening! We NEED the ratings! I’m not happy either but it IS a necessary evil and , for me, there ARE other people on the show who deserve out watching. So PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT boycott! Your doing so will ruin all the good work Michelle and Jenner and the rest of us have done so far!

  6. To me the show is MCKAY and BECKETT.. Killing off Carson Killed half the show for me.. NEARLY the WHOLE Show.. At first I didn’t wanna watch anymore.. But I Love Rodney so much I just had to.. Plus I won’t give up on Carson being in the show again.. I just can’t. I want to see them both as Regulars again. They make the show worth watching.


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