Campaign Will Lighten Up Comic Con

comicconiconTell all your friends and family, the SCB Campaign will be in full force at this year’s Comic Con in sunny San Diego, July 25-29! We’ll time our efforts with the Stargate panels on the afternoon of Friday the 27th. Stargate producers and MGM and Sci Fi execs will be on hand. Let’s make it perfectly clear killing Carson was a mistake that needs to be fixed!

We’ll be handing out hundreds of Saltire stick-flags (SCB customized!) for the SGA panel as well as a few See You Jimmy Hats handed for those lucky folks in the front rows. We’ll have other Scottish surprises as well, and the famous SCB banner will make another appearance. This baby has been all over the world, on US and International television and of course, photographed with the man himself, Paul McGillion!

Tell everyone you know to attend Comic Con on Friday the 26th and show their support for Carson/Paul and of course, to get free goods!!!

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

9 thoughts on “Campaign Will Lighten Up Comic Con”

  1. The universe is a big place. Its big enough for two
    doctors. Theres room for Paul McGillon and Jewel
    Staite. This allows for more character growth and
    a wider variety of potential stories for the writers
    and producers to choose from…..and everybody
    is happy.

  2. Am I reading the dates wrong? July 26th isn’t a Friday. Just wanted to be sure to try and get the right day off. Is it Friday or is it the 26th. 😉

    Hope lots of people can make it!!!

  3. I like your stick-to-it-tiveness. Good luck on that; make it count for Paul, that mistreated cute little blue-eyed (I think) sweetie that he seems to be from here out west.

  4. Hey, guys I will be there with my Save Carson t-shirt, Scottish flag and whatever else I can find to bring! Gotta know WHERE to find you!

    Way to go! We will be there en masse to support Carson AND Paul!

  5. Don’t worry, we will be at the panel. You won’t be able to miss us, thanks to the hats, flags and whatever other Scottish themed surprises we can dig up and bring!!!

  6. Carson was the heart of Stargate Adlantis and with out him I believe that the show will have lost a invaluable, irreplaceable character. The show will not be the same. It will have lost a huge part of itself. There are some people that you just can not kill off or the show is no longer whole. Carson Beckett was one of them. We need him back.

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