Carson Fans Make Waves at Comic Con!

Little girl in Carson attireOur campaign made itself known at the 2007 Comic Con this weekend in San Diego, California. From hundreds of waving flags to an exceptional bag piper, we made a definite impression on the Stargate world!

The Stargate panels were scheduled for 12:15 pm in the huge, 5000-seat Hall 20 on Friday. We had several hours in the hall before things would get underway, so we had time to hand out our 100 “See You Jimmy” hats and 700 Scottish flags adorned with Carson stickers. (With a million thanks to Leelakin for the artwork — you have no idea how it has fueled the campaign!) We worried we’d have to do some hard selling to get people to wear the hats, but in truth they were snapped up in 5 minutes.

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Paul McGillion Appears at Shore Leave

Paul McGillion and FansLast weekend, Paul McGillion headlined the Shore Leave Con in Baltimore, Maryland. Friday night at the con there was a special “Save Carson” panel where our own Jenner and volunteer CC, talked with fellow fans about current happenings for Carson, Paul, and the campaign. Then lucky fans who were able to stay got this lovely picture taken with Paul, which he autographed with the inscription, “You Guys Are Terrific!” Note Gary Jones and Colin Cunningham gracing the picture as well!

Campaign Will Lighten Up Comic Con

comicconiconTell all your friends and family, the SCB Campaign will be in full force at this year’s Comic Con in sunny San Diego, July 25-29! We’ll time our efforts with the Stargate panels on the afternoon of Friday the 27th. Stargate producers and MGM and Sci Fi execs will be on hand. Let’s make it perfectly clear killing Carson was a mistake that needs to be fixed!

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