More Press Mentions of the Campaign

In the past few days there has been a flurry of press about tonight’s airing of the last episode of Stargate SG-1 as a series, and we’re happy to report  that our campaign got some very nice mentions along the way…

The first mention comes from long-time Stargate journalist Maureen Ryan for the Chicago Tribune, in her official blog. She had this to say:

And here’s hoping the solid “Stargate Atlantis” will fill the Friday-night space-adventure gap nicely (I’m also hoping that having only one show to write will lead the “Stargate Atlantis” creative team to employ fewer recycled plots and story lines. Don’t get me wrong, I generally like “Atlantis,” but still.).

In any case, I must protest the boneheaded decision to kill off a popular “Atlantis” character, Dr. Carson Beckett, who was played by the winning Paul McGillion. Beckett will be back in some capacity in the fourth season of “Atlantis,” but I hope he is eventually a regular part of the show again, a development fans have been campaigning for.

Thanks for seeing things our way, Maureen! Boneheaded, indeed!

Our own Jennifer Kirk was interviewed for this article in the Lexington, Kentucky Herald-Leader:

Case in point: Fans have banded together worldwide to protest the death of a character on Stargate Atlantis.

A producer of the show told the Save Carson Beckett campaign that if it gained notoriety in the American media, he would bring the character back (remember, it’s science fiction), said campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Kirk of Nashville.

The group did, and now a two-parter is in the works for Stargate Atlantis‘ fourth season that will see Beckett’s return.

It was a satisfying result to Kirk, who said that before Stargate, she wasn’t really “a sci-fi fan at all.”

“I just think it was very unique,” she said. “It was more than just visiting other worlds. It was other worlds, but it somehow always tied back to our humanity.”

Well done, Jennifer and thanks to journalist Scott Sloan for seeking us out for our thoughts.

Last but not least, our friends at the Nashville, Tennessee City Paper wrote about us for a second time:

Incidentally, we’re still getting periodic e-mails from members of the “Save Carson Beckett” campaign, determined to see his character (played by Paul McGillion) restored to the show. While they’ve achieved a partial victory with the recent announcement that Beckett would be back in two episodes of the fourth season, the coalition remains determined to get him back on board full time. Those who want to either participate or monitor the status of their efforts can check the Web site at

This brings our total number of professional press mentions to 26, an astounding figure for a campaign with a budget of less than $5,000 US! You may also view scans of the article excerpts here in our gallery.

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

5 thoughts on “More Press Mentions of the Campaign”

  1. Yes! I agree it’s boneheaded :p I didn’t like sci-fi very much before stargate, then I was hooked on the amazing adventures across the universe. And we are always reminded no matter what of the friendships of the whole expedition. BRING CARSON BACK!

  2. I myself was never a fan of SC-FI. I remember when the previews for Atlantis we’re showing as I channel surffed. Instantly I was hooked by the previews, but then again anything about the lost city has always caught my eye.
    I fell in love with Stargate Atlantis, her cast and Beckett I’ve become much more fond of over the last two seasons. Seeing him killed off just made my inner McKay begin snarking of how foolish it was to take him off.
    I don’t under why the writers of the show have such a FETISH of killing doctors off. I understand wanting good viewer rateings, but this is what drives some people away to quit watching a show or to sucker them into watching to see what happens.
    I will still watch Atlantis, as I have high hopes for Becketts return and will be glad to see Paul back on the show as a regular part of the cast and STAY with the series.
    Here is to hope and that ‘our beloved’ will return to our TV viewing in season 4 and onwards in the series.

  3. I’m disappointed that they’ve actually killed him off. And I’m also disappointed that they did nothing with Aiden Ford during Season 3… just when they made his character more interesting they just leave us hanging on if he’s alive or not.

    I haven’t seen episode 17 of Season 3 yet but killing Carson is a bad move.

    Well I guess it’s sort of better than what they did with the Dr.Lam character on Season 10 of SG-1… just mention her… or Jonas Quinn… which goes out kind of like Ford… out of the picture.

  4. I really wanted Beckett back!!!
    And I am glad he is coming back-to a certain extant anyway!:) I just hope,and pray that he will become a regular again!
    We love Stargate:Atlantis, and we love Paul McGillion!!!!-love you!!:)

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