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sunday06We offer a warm welcome to all of you who have found this site for the first time, especially if you’ve just watched the Stargate Atlantis Season 3 episode “Sunday”. If you’re here because you can’t believe Dr. Carson Beckett is dead, then you’ve come to the right place.

We share your shock at Carson’s fate. He is a beloved character who added warmth to the show in a uniquely Scottish way. We’re here to reverse his “death” as only science fiction can!

Here are some factoids to bring you up to speed:

  • Yes, it’s true, Dr. Carson Beckett was killed in “Sunday”. He didn’t ascend, and at the time the episode was filmed, it was planned to be actor Paul McGillion’s final appearance on the show.
  • We’ve been here since rumors of Carson’s demise first surfaced, back in September ’06. The truth was finally confirmed when “Sunday” aired in Canada this past January.
  • As far as reasons, actor Paul McGillion has said in interviews that his removal from the cast was done to “shake things up” after news of SG-1’s cancellation. He loved working on the show and did not want to leave.
  • Paul McGillion is not involved with our campaign at all, but he has expressed his appreciation for fan reaction on many occasions, including this special message for our site.
  • Next season, the role of the Atlantis doctor will be played by Jewel Staite (formerly of Firefly), who will appear in eight episodes.
  • As a result of several factors, including fan outcry, Stargate Atlantis co-showrunner Joe Mallozzi revealed here at SCB.com that they sowed some seeds at the end of Season 3 to enable Carson’s return, and that Carson will be back in two episodes in the latter half of Season 4. It will be “our” Carson, in flesh and blood. This was a great victory for our campaign!

Two episodes is great news, but it’s not the goal we’re fighting for. Our aim is the full-time return of Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis, and the reinstatement of Paul McGillion as a full-time cast member.

What can you do to help?

The most important thing is to write and send “real” letters protesting Carson’s death to The Powers That Be listed at our Addresses page. you should especially write to MGM, Sci Fi, and Bridge Studios at the addresses shown. Then take a moment to email the magazines and newspapers shown on the same page, especially all the “genre” sci-fi magazines and any newspapers near you. This will help greatly with our efforts to get even more press coverage than we already have.

If you can’t send your own letters, you can use our Letter Writing page and our volunteers will send them for you!

The letters don’t have to be long or complicated. Just express your feelings about the loss of Carson and how it will affect your viewing of Stargate in the future. If you like, you can thank them for bringing Carson back for 2 episodes but make it clear you really want him back full-time!

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If you want to get even more involved, please join our Yahoo! group. It’s a friendly place, and there are plenty of projects for volunteers to work on, from getting the word out to helping mail letters submitted to the site.

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We invite you to browse this site via the links at the left. You’ll find rich content, from all of our media coverage to merchandise you can buy for yourself and fellow fans.

Beyond that, we welcome you to our site and look forward to your help as we Save Carson Beckett!

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

93 thoughts on “Welcome, Carson Fans”

  1. If the writers of atlantis want to “shake things up a bit” in light of SG1’s cancellation, killing off Carson is a completely insane way to go about doing that.
    It’s incompetence(more or less plain stupidity)!!!!!
    What in the world are they thinking??
    Carson is such a beloved character and adds so much to the show. It’s just absolutely and utterly absurd that the writers think by tossing away carson and replacing him with some unkown nobody is going to improve ratings.

    I’m dissapointed. EXTREMELY dissapointed

  2. Bad, bad, bad – another bad decision. (SG-1 being cancelled was bad enough.) I’ve been waiting and waiting for Carson to get more air time and story lines. Just when I think – YES, GREAT CARSON STORY – you KILL him. Now fix it, make it right. Bring Paul/Carson back.

    If someone needs to go – fire the idiot(s) that thought this one up and the idiot(s) that approved it.
    When new ones are hired – make sure they understand their job responsibilities:
    1. Bring Carson back – full time, with more air time and story lines and hopefully ones that involve Teyla too!
    2. NEVER kill off fan favorites, especially great role models. They’re hard enough to find.
    3. Never ever manipulate a fan base that has been extremely loyal for many years. It backfires most every time. People tend to leave and find other shows – on OTHER CHANNELS where their loyalty is justified and even rewarded. (Did someone really think that overall Sci-Fi channel ratings would go up after cancelling SG-1?)

  3. I just finish watching the itunes download of Stargate Atlantis. I really didn’t think I’d be struck as hard as I was when I realized that the Carson character was killed. I haven’t cryed this hard in a long time. The episode and shock of his death brought out my own demons of loss in my life. Even though I’m sad to see the character go, I have to say that they (the writers and actors) did a very good job with this episode. This is what good drama is about. I’m not sure if I should thank you or scorn you. 😉

  4. Boooooo. I give this decision two thumbs down. I mean it is a slap in the face to the people who watch the show every week. Do they think that by killing Carson off its going to make more people watch the show. Try the total opposite its like they are trying to lose viewers. Starting to get real disgusted with the writing of the whole stargate management. If something is not broke do not try to fix it. dont be stuck on stupid BRING BACK CARSON.

  5. Dr Beckett as with Dr Frasier shocked us all. I was very sad indeed. However, as with Daniel Jackson, death is not emminent. It’s sci-fi! I don’t think it would be nearly as effective to kill the Weir character. Although Tori Higgins has won awards for her acting, I have found her character to be weak and unbelievable at times. So to kill Weir would not have the impact as the beloved Dr Carson Beckett. Maybe Dr Beckett and Dr Frasier can collectively find a solution to return from the death dimension. Perhaps Daniel Jackson holds the key 🙂 After all it’s “Sci-Fi”

  6. Geez louise!!! To kill off one of the character that actually had depth! In my opinion, only Sheppard, McKay and Carson had any real depth or connection to the audience. Everybody else is a “ho-hum, oh yeah, they are part of the team aren’t they?” kind of personality. Salenka is starting to get some depth, but hey he might want to watch out for his job too!!
    Hate to admit this, but I cried when he died, and was in shock for a couple of days afterwards. If a character can incite this kind of emotion from other, KEEP HIM ON THE SHOW!! DUH!!!

  7. I had no idea they were going to kill Carson so I was completely shocked when he was engulfed in the explosion. I literally jumped out of my chair! He was one of my favorite charatures and fit so well with the rest of the cast. I’m not sure I understand why they did it, especially if Paul McGillion didn’t really want to leave the show. Atlantis will not be the same without him. Beckett will be missed.

  8. Killing Carson Beckett was the final straw. Ruining Farscape, Ruining Stargate, Canceling BSG, I’m tired of my favorite shows being retooled or junked for trash like the Dresden Files.

    After watching “Sunday” I’m so angry I’ve decided to cancel SciFi from my cable package.

    SciFi has seen the last of me as a viewer, a fan and a customer. Enjoy Pain Killer Jane and Anaconda (what AGAIN?!) Anything I want to see from them I can get by borrowing a dvd boxset or from a geek with bit torrent.

    Personally I can’t wait to see them go the way of Tower Records

  9. I was so upset when I saw they killed off Carson. I had not paid attention to spoilers. I love SG-1 & Atlantis, but have felt this season for both shows has not been as good as previous seasons. Shaking things up by killing off Carson won’t help the story lines. They really underutilized Paul McG when they had him.

  10. Hard to take.
    One of the only charactors with depth and the ability to evoke emotion. Great scene at the end where Rodney says goodbye, really tugged at the heart strings.
    Very questionable decision to eliminate this charactor. Wish it would not have happened, the problem is to bring him back now would be very hokey indeed. I suppose that after a few episodes his death and then resurrection would be passe’, but i would still like to see him back

  11. Carson Beckett was a favorite character of mine. As an older fan with teenagers, I’ve seen strong main characters leave shows and then seen the demise of the show a season later. If you have the writers that I think you have and it being a Sci Fi show anything could happen. Consider the character of Daniel Jackson of SG1, bringing him back helped the show. Bring back Carson. Please!!!!

  12. Yes, to all of the above comments. what else can I say. Every is saying it. We want him back NOW!

  13. I just saw the Sunday episode. I had no idea they were going to kill off Carson. I’m really upset. The Carson character was funny, friendly, nice, any really likable. I can’t believe this was allowed to happen. There aren’t many shows I watch on the SciFi channel. SG1 and Atlantis are the only two that I watch. SG1 is ending and Atlantis is killing off good characters. Soon there won’t be any reason for me to be watching the SciFi channel anymore. I really like the Atlantis show. I hope the producers and writers come to their senses and bring Carson back.

  14. First I’d like to say thank you so much for this site!After watching “Sunday”, I felt like I’d lost a friend. Carson has always been my favorite character on Atlantis. To the writers, it’s just another plot twist, but they are taking away the heart of the show. I am glad to hear that he may be coming back. Boy am I glad to hear that! However, I won’t be satisified until he is a regular again. It was bad enough when we lost Janet on SG-1. I don’t want to lose the other great doctor in the Stargate universe!

  15. I recorded Friday’s episode, “Sunday” on my Tivo as I was not going to get the chance to see it for 3 days due to a full schedule over the weekend. I was completely shocked tonight, when I finally had the opportunity to watch the episode, that they killed off Dr. Carson Beckett. He is one of my favorite characters in Stargate Atlantis and the chemistry he shares with the other cast members is natural, as if they truely have been friends and worked together for a long time. I can only hope, along with the rest of the fans of Stargage Atlantis, that the show’s writers and producers will come to their senses and bring him back permanently and not just for a couple of episodes.

  16. My husband and I Tivoed Stargate Atlantis on Friday, June 1st, but were unable to watch it until Monday night. I think that I am still in shock after watching Dr. Beckett being carried off in a casket. He was one of our favorite characters. I couldn’t believe that they would kill off one of the most important characters that Stargate Atlantis had. I couldn’t sleep after I watched the “worst episode ever”. First thing in the morning I found this site and was a little comforted after knowing that he may come back. I would like to say that I think it was a superiorly stupid move on the writers part!!!

  17. We purchased season three on itunes as we don’t have cable. Stargate Atlantis is the only thing we watch. We have seen every episode from the beginning of season one. It’s such a brlliant show, so well written. What have you done? We keep waiting to wake up and find out we were infected with a nano virus! Actually, there you go writers, just chalk it up to a nano virus on the show. What about the turtles, who’s going to look after the poor little buggers now? My husband and I both agree Carson was one of the main reasons we watch. Please bring him back.

  18. I can hardly wait for next week’s episode. I hear Ronin is going to jump a shark on a motorcycle!

  19. I look forward to a creative sci fi channel resurrection of Carson Becket. What a mistake to kill off good character. I was surprised to find that my husband was equally upset by this goof! I was even more surprised to find tha so many others were irritated by this mistake. Good luck fixing this one sci fi channel.

  20. I had no idea that this was the plan for Carson Beckett. I wish I had known and would have had that big box of tissues I needed. Or better yet for it not to have happened and needed no box of tissues!!!!! Bring Carson Back!!!!!!

  21. Wow, I’ve just been checking out some of the forums and two things jumped out at me.
    1. How on earth did so many people manage to avoid spoliers for so long? i wish I had their stamina!!!!
    2. I REALLY didn’t think the casual viewers could turn out to be even angrier than the die hards!!!! And yet from what I’m seeing that does seem to be the case.
    Anyway, keep the fight going, I somehow don’t think that JM and friends can have missed this reaction……..

  22. Wow, losing Carson, is like losing a family member in your own family. We’ve all come to love his character, and his spot with SGA. In comparison to Star Trek, the Dr. although isnt the most integral part of storylines, but is loved by everyone. I really hope that after the 2 part episode he does, that he will be there after season 4.

  23. just watched ‘sunday.” okay, that sucked. why carson? if they gotta kill someone off, why not someone that is annoying and shallow like ronon, instead of such a charming and complex, reluctant hero like beckett? this show is jumping the shark. this kind of thoughtless ‘stunt’ by the program’s producers shows just how out of touch they are with the fan base. the stargate franchise continues to crash and burn. c’mon, if the stars of farscape couldnt save sg-1, is jewel staitel really gonna have any serious effect? save carson beckett.

  24. I have a hole inside. I love all the characters deeply on Atlantis but Carson was the glue that held them together. He was the grounding wire. He was the calm one in a crisis. I am numb. I have read of some teasers for season 4, with new caracters etc, and I am unsure how I feel about them, but with Carson they could have been easier to swallow. He was the character that made everything alright, without him … well I am just not sure.

  25. I cried too. I felt kind of dumb crying over a TV character so I wanted to look up info to see if he might be brought back from the dead somehow. It is nice to know that he will show up in a couple more episodes but more would be better!

  26. Stupid…why kill him off? we just watched in on our DVR. We’re both very annoyed. I liked his funny side. Like him testing out the chairs, and almost blowing up O’Neal in the first episode. And the ending was dumb, why show him as a ghost. There was no point in the loss for Beckett. I don’t feel he was a week link or anything.

  27. Damn! I saw the show. Killing off Carson is like Captain Kirk without Scotty. Losing Jack from the SG1 team spelled the coming disater as the position of General changed for a third time. MacGyver was probably just worn out from holding SG1 together through so many seasons. I guess we can go back to watching Gunsmoke reruns now. Belly up to the bar, you’ll need a full snoot – Miss Kity hasn’t gotten any younger.

  28. I knew something was up when he was the only character who appeared in almost every scene, as if this was his episode. I too was shocked and none too happy about his death. He played a regular role unlike the Doc in SG-1 so killing him off was stupid. People helped the “Save Daniel Jackson” campaign so I am sure the “Save Carson Beckett” campaign will be equally successful.

  29. For all you oldster SNL fans like me, does the phrase: “Jane, you ignorant slut!” come to mind when wondering what the hell the insane morons-I mean-(bad) decision makers were (not) thinking?!? I’m not regularly online, so when I had the opportunity, the first thing I did was try to find out WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?!?! I’m so glad I found you guys. I started watching SG-1 by accident. It was on a local channel after something I always watched. I got hooked. It was very confusing since I started watching reruns of season 3 or 4 or ? and had to catch up and watch new ones all at the same time. Started recording them because of Jack and his hilarious interaction with others. Fell in love with them all. The whole Daniel thing?…….Let’s not go there. The scars on my wrists are still healing. ;-7 (Do people make the faces anymore?) Then…Bye Jack! Bad enough was his reduced role……then gone for good. Well, practically. Hate Mitchell. Sorry. Hate his voice, too. Looks like the Danny DeVito half (of adorable Daniel Jackson) in “Twins.” Mean, I know. Sorry. Then (or before) Bye Frasier! Bye General Hammond! Bye Sam’s Dad, Jacob! “Oy. For cryin’ out loud!’ Well, still love Sam, Daniel & Teal’c. What’s that? Oh. Bye SG-1! Crap. Well, Sheppard on Atlantis is a lot like Jack. Cute, funny, great rapport w/others. Love Rodney. Addicted to him. The others…..eh. But soon….Hey! Who’s this Dr. Beckett guy? He’s so sweet. Dedicated. The perfect hilarious nemesis for Rodney. And that accent! WooHoo!! Look how important he’s becoming! It’s about time. Oh good. This episode seems to revolve around him. Look how selfless and heroic and humble and good and kind he is. Whew. Thank God he handed off the exploding tumor. Now he can……..WHAT THE @#%$!?!?! ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE????? (You weren’t the only one, “Shelby.”) Someone is rolling over in their grave, just like poor, brilliant Gene Roddenbery surely is after peabrains REALLY killed off Kirk for good, and sweet, lovable, childlike Data. Excuse me! This isn’t LOST or HEROES with enormous casts! (Though we hate to lose our faves still.) I cried enough to trigger an allergy attack! And again during the beautiful, bittersweet last scene w/ Carson & Rodney. I’m horrified & mystified. Probably just the way you guys feel having to read this novel. Just grateful to be able to vent. Hope all our efforts make “THEM” pull a “Daniel Jackson.” Thanks for listening.
    PS: To “em” & “Walking Bass” & “Hobo Joe”…… Hilariously & brilliantly said!
    PSS: Apologize for spelling or grammar goofs. The size of these letters is quite possibly the size of ant poo.

  30. This just isn’t right. First, Teryl Rothery and now Paul McGillion. What’s with doctors? Carson Beckett played so well opposite all the Atlantis characters and brought a sense of down home stability to the show.
    Now killing off Elizabeth Weir, Tori Higginson, would have also shaken up the show but wouldn’t have been as great a loss. She’s no leader of this mission. Get someone in there who can portray a strong leading character. She doesn’t do it for me.
    Paul McGillon needs to not only come back but stay back.

  31. I had not watched SGA since R.D.A left SG-1 and when I watch it for the first time in a year they kill off the good Doctor. Why could they not have taken Weir out, she is very boring and her little spot in “Sunday” is proof of it!
    Bring Paul McGillon/Carson Beckett BACK!!

  32. This is so not fair. Beckett was the one character on the show i truly looked forward to seeing in an episode. I had no idea how much i enjoyed watching him till i watched ‘Sunday’ and actually cried-i never cry. ever!!! Seems such a shame to kill off THE best liked character (IMHO anyway). The rumored partial resurrection better be worth the wait and bring hope for longer resurrection type thing in the future!!!

  33. The day that I saw Sunday, was a very bad day already, so I think that the loss of my favorite character in the Stargate Universe was just a step to far in the wrong direction.

    I have lost much of the interest in the show since Carson left. Especially with the news that SG-1 is leaving the air.

  34. I missed the two part Sunday episode because our cable service had been shut off, then I was watching the season finale tonight and I’m wondering who this woman is… so after the show I’m looking at fansites trying to figure out what happened to Carson (I had suspected that he was dead when he did not appear in tonight’s episode.) But what exactly happened? I’m hearing some vague mentions of an exploding brain tumor… anyway, can someone tell me exactly what happened?

  35. I can’t imagine they killed carson. I don’t know if i’ll be able to watch again stargate atlantis without him.
    i used to download stargate at the internet because i have no time to watching it at television. i was playing the 19th episode when i heard a woman (the substitues of carson) talking with dr weir about after the carson’s. I just stop watching the episode and look at google if there was any message about carson’s dead. And the response is yes. Finally i knew what happened . i download the bad 17th episode . Instead of 17 it was the 18 th.i download quickly the 17 th and watch it.
    all i really know is that carson is one of my favorite in altantis. I don’t know now has it is gona be without him . i want him back in full time in the team. No way out.

  36. I’am writing from Turkey-Istanbul. When I watch episode “Sunday” I have beeen shocked. I cant’t belive that my favorite character is dead. I have waited next episode that It may be joke. Stargate Atlantis never been same to me. I think Dr Carson is the main part of SG-Atlantis research team and stories soul. I beleive that writers hear our cry and resurrect him again. They can’t fill his where in our heart with another actress.

  37. I am writng from California USA!

    I am so sad and shocked that SGA decided to kill off such a beloved character like Carson Beckett. He was the hart of the show and always had a warm loving word for all the other characters. he was one of the main reasons I watched SGA. He was the only doctor and he earned his place on the show and with the team. I will miss Paul and Carson deeply and there will always be a huge whole in the show where he should be and it can never be filled with anyone else. IF there is anyway we can have this wonderful talented actor back for good, PLease let me know how I can help make that happen. SGA needs the character of Carson and Paul the wonderful gifted actor he is to keep SGA the awesome show it has proven to be for 3 seasons.

  38. I had no warning! I never visit websites or blogs related to shows I enjoy because I absolutely hate having things spoiled. Also, I just started watching this show a few months ago, so I’ve been downloading the back episodes to catch up….and it was absolutely devastating! Beckett was my favorite character, I cried and cried when I realized he wasn’t going to ascend or anything, and I couldn’t sleep. For hours I lay there making fun of myself for feeling bad, and finally decided the only way to move on was to endeavor to be more like Beckett…kind, selfless, brave, understanding. I am so relieved to hear he won’t be totally gone forever, but my idea still stands, the best thing we can learn from him is that caring for one another is more important that politics, or race, or religion or anything else.

    odd as it may be, he’s probably one of the best characters in American literature, particularly for one who did not always have a very large role. I have been disgusted with the lack of character development in Tayla and Jon, while Carson and McKay outshine the leads.

    Ok, /end rant. lol
    hurray for the work you’ve all done, I’m so glad he is coming back! You really made my day.


  39. It is a sad day when heros die.I love SGA and SG1(gone but not forgotten).I agree with a lot of what’s been said.In honor of Dr. Beckett,people make mistakes.The producers and writers have done a great job.If not why are we following this show.The death of Dr. Beckett is mistake by the producers and writers.They owe the fans to bring him back!

  40. I will have to agree with the other poster on this page, its all about money, how can you have such positive feedback on an amazing character in a great SCI FI show and kill him off? Its just nonsense. Stargate seems to have a hidden agenda of killing off the show, when you take out one of the biggest characters in the show, one that fits the role so well, and in one episode you just take him out, people get frustrated and upset and stop watching the show, i just bought the first 3 seasons because the show was so great, but trust me, after a move like that i wont be buying season 4. The producers and directors of massive shows like StarGate need to use some common sense when planning out the storyline and the demise of characters…..StarGate Atlantis should be treading lightly after what happend with SG1. Oh well im sure the fan base just went down by like 30% Best of luck Stargate Atlantis.

  41. the death of carson was just unspeakable and the way they did they showed herosim , courigh and the mark he left in my heart and i am sure he left a mark on all of us. He was more thena doctor he was a freind a hero and a valuble part of the atlanis expetcion I havent said this since Telc in SG1 he brought the houmor the bright side fun a privelge to watch he sowed heroism courgh and love to his freind family and team mates he will never be forgotten he will never be replaced by no man or alein he will be the greatest member and my favorite and we will always remember you Dr Carson Beckett.

  42. Hi, I am writing from Australia. We were slowly working our way thru the Atlantis season 3 DVD’s (they are only up to season 2 here on TV) when you guessed it, we just watched “Sunday”. I am in as much shock as everyone else about Carson, 3 days after watching it I still can’t fathom what the writers were thinking. My son and I love both franchises but have particularly enjoyed the development of Carson. Let’s face it the others can be a bit wooden at times (apart from Rodney). All I have to say is, I won’t be watching anymore. I am tired of writers killing off characters that people like “for ratings”, the only thing that would make me watch is if he is back fulltime.

  43. What? He died? He was the best character


    (and kinda cute too)

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