Campaign Makes the London Times!

Carson Campaign in London TimesIt’s not every day the world famous Times of London newspaper takes note of a Canadian production of a US Sci Fi television series, but by Jove they have today! There is a lovely paragraph on Carson’s demise and fan response in the TV–Arts and Entertainment section. You can read it here. Or click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot of the bit in question.

Fans who attended the Save Carson rally at Bridge in March will feel the irony: Atlantis writer/producer Martin Gero noted dismissively at the rally that negative coverage of his episode “Sunday” was in genre magazines, “not exactly the Times”. Well Mr. Gero, read it and weep!

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3 thoughts on “Campaign Makes the London Times!”

  1. This is fantastic. As I am from England I am thrilled The Times has now picked this up as well. Was disappointed to read on Joe Mallozzi’s blog that the possible third Carson episode has been shelved at present on Season 4 so we HAVE to keep fighting for Carson’s permanent return. And some more food for thought for TPTB and Martin Gero is that as much as I love the character of Carson and I did enjoy seeing the more personal side of all the Atlantis characters, I did not find the Sunday episode emotionally charged as I just could not believe that they would do something as daft as kill off Carson and was waiting for him to appear at the end of the episode or even in a later episode so I didn’t weep or even get a tear in my eye – I just thought what a poor ending to the episode it was. It wasn’t until I found this website later in the evening that I realised they HAD killed him off and that’s when I became upset, outraged etc. etc. So, again I would say to the TPTB – Was it really worth it? Of course the answer is No!

  2. As long as TPTB on Stargate:Atlantis try to
    rectify their mistake by bringing back the
    character of Carson Beckett full time to the
    series, everything will work out. The trouble
    with making poor choices concerning the show is that it becomes contagious and the
    ripple effect will effect every aspect of the
    series. A part time Beckett is a good start.

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