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Atlantis show-runner Joe Mallozzi recently gave a long audio interview to (listen to all of it here). The topics in the live chat range from Stargate to South Park to animé. At one point while discussing his interactions with fans, Joe noted that some have come to feel a sense of entitlement because of his accessibility on-line. If they can talk to him, then he should listen! One of the interviewers mentioned the “protest” at the studio. Joe had this to say about our campaign and that event:

Oh, Save Carson Beckett — well, to be honest with you, I do empathize with them. I love Paul; I think Carson is a great character. Just the way they’ve put things together, we’ve gotten tons of letters about “bring back Carson” and they’ve all been very polite. Even on the boards, they’re critical, but they never cross the line. And the whole demonstration was great, because they came out and it was pouring rain. And I did tell them I would make it a point to come down, and actually David Hewlett came down to see them and Jason went down to see them and Rachel went down to see them. And then I went down to see them and have a chat with them. And you know, like I said, fans of sci fi have the best of both worlds, because, yes, characters die so you can never be too comfortable… But on the other hand, we can always bring characters back from the dead. The way Daniel Jackson died, he ascended, then he descended back into physical form. That’s not going to happen on Grey’s Anatomy!

We appreciate that Joe respects how we’ve conducted our campaign, and we respect him in return for his empathy toward us!

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7 thoughts on “Joe Mallozzi Audio Interview”

  1. Sometimes Joe says things that are misconstrued due to his sense of humour and sarcasm. But he has never been disrespectful of our campaign and has actually defended us on occasion.

    This article shows him in a good light.

  2. I’m very, very glad that he sees the campaign and the campaigners in that light. It’s credit to everyone involved and reflects wonderfully on the character of Carson Beckett! It’s great of him to make those comments. 🙂 Thank you Joe!

    I know he gets a lot of stick – I admit I have criticised him for some remarks, and I feel as justified in doing so as he did in saying them – all’s fair as long as it’s not nasty 🙂 I’m always going to feel hugely aggrieved about what happened to CB/PM, but I’m relieved that, through the continuing campaign for Carson, goodhumour and respect is evident on both ‘sides’.

  3. Joe’s attitude and respect for ‘Save Carson’ and the fans who’ve helped make it a success goes to prove what a positive attitude, not taking ourselves too seriously and of course, maintaining a sense of humour can achieve. Yes, we have the right to be critical, get upset and be angry, we wouldn’t be fighting for Carson’s return without it but we’ve channeled that into something constructive. I’m immensely proud of our accomplishments. We stood up, stood out and made our point heard and best of all, kept a smile on our face and had a laugh in the process.

    Well done everyone and THANK YOU JOE!

  4. Joe Schmoe! I’m gonna boycott until they bring him back – if we all did they’d have to!!!

    Sea Ya!

  5. Someone mentioned on the SciFi Channel forum that Jewel Staite was to be the replacement. I like Jewel Staite, but certainly not at the expense of Paul!

    If they do that, then I agree that a boycott would be in order. I certainly won’t watch the show anymore (except to see who the sponsors are to complain to them)!

    One Scottish character in the whole of TV, and they can’t resist killing him!!!!!

  6. “Sunday” was a great episode, but I really think it is a mistake to write Dr. Beckett out of the show. He truly is the heart and soul of Atlantis. And Paul is such a fine actor who brings so much to the chemistry of the cast. I seriously hope the Atlantis execs and writers can figure out a way to bring Dr. Beckett back. The show will not be the same without him.

    Merely, Gregor the Large

  7. A few months ago while having lunch with some friends we were discussing Atlantis. All eleven people said Carson Beckett was their favourite character. i can’t believe his was the character they chose to write out.While i love the show and enjoy the other characters, he’s was the most rounded and three dimensional of all. I think the writers and execs should hold their hands up and admit they made a mistake. The fans don’t automatically like characters just because they are a lead figure or because they top the cast list.

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