Time to Get Writing Again!

“Sunday”, the episode ending with Carson’s untimely demise, will premier on the US Sci Fi channel on Friday, June 1. For millions of fans, this will be the first they learn of Beckett being written out of Stargate Atlantis. So we at SCB want to launch a big media push to coincide with that premier, to let fans know we’re here and get even more media coverage than we did in for our pipe band event.

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Campaign Makes the London Times!

Carson Campaign in London TimesIt’s not every day the world famous Times of London newspaper takes note of a Canadian production of a US Sci Fi television series, but by Jove they have today! There is a lovely paragraph on Carson’s demise and fan response in the TV–Arts and Entertainment section. You can read it here. Or click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot of the bit in question.

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Joe Mallozzi Audio Interview

Atlantis show-runner Joe Mallozzi recently gave a long audio interview to HiSciFi.com (listen to all of it here). The topics in the live chat range from Stargate to South Park to animé. At one point while discussing his interactions with fans, Joe noted that some have come to feel a sense of entitlement because of his accessibility on-line. If they can talk to him, then he should listen! One of the interviewers mentioned the “protest” at the studio. Joe had this to say about our campaign and that event:

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Carson Mentioned in "Sweeps of Death"

In her blog, TV Journalist Mary McNamara warns of upcoming deaths for the US Nielsens ratings “sweeps” month of May. Among big network shows such as Lost and Jericho, she mentions the death of Carson Beckett and links back to our article on his return in Season 4. The article is a good read, and it’s a huge honor for Mary to mention Carson and our campaign in her widely-read blog!