Exclusive: Carson to Resurface on Atlantis

Not All Heroes Die…

Yes, it’s true! Atlantis showrunner Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed exclusively to SaveCarsonBeckett.com that Carson Beckett will be returning for some episodes of Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis! Click the link below to read our Q&A with Joe on this fantastic news for all Carson fans!

Here is our exclusive Q&A with Joe Mallozzi in which he makes Carson’s return official! We’re very grateful to Joe for seeing the value Carson and for taking the time to tell us about bringing him back. All answers below are verbatim. Read to the end for some final thoughts from us.

Q: Now that the SCB Campaign has generated so much press coverage, and on a national scale in the US, will you hold true to your word and bring back Carson Beckett in S4?

A: I’m a man of my word. The SCB Campaign upheld their end of the bargain, so I’m upholding mine. I am pleased to announce that Carson Beckett will be returning to Atlantis for a two-part story in the back half of season four.

Q: How many episodes will Carson Beckett appear in, in Season 4?

A: At present, he is signed for two episodes and we are working on a third story.

Q: Will it be Carson Beckett in the flesh, or in non-corporeal form?

A: When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh. Late in season three, we discussed the manner in which the character had been written out and the possible ways in which he could be brought back. I threw out an idea that not only brought Carson back, but answered a very big question I had concerning a late-season arc. In order to lay the groundwork for his possible return, we threaded a subtle hint into one of the late season three episodes. So, if fans want to know how we plan on bringing the good doctor back from the dead, they should seek out the hidden clue when the back half of season three returns to SciFi this Friday, April 13th.

Q: Will it be “our” Carson Beckett or an alternate version?

A: Well, I don’t want to give too much away but I can say it won’t be an AU version of Carson – or a time-hopping Dr. Beckett either.

Q: At the end of his Season 4 appearances, will he be alive? In other words, will the door be left open for more appearances?

A: Yes, that door will be left open.

Q: If yes, what is the outlook for Season 5 regarding his character, assuming there is a Season 5?

A: At this point, it’s hard to make any predictions regarding the show’s fifth season as we’ve yet to premiere the back half of season three and are wholly focused on season four.

Q: What is your opinion of fan reactions to the decision to kill of Carson; what is your opinion of the Save Carson Beckett Campaign on the whole?

A: I thought it was an inventive, well-organized campaign that did a terrific job in conveying the passion (and occasional outrage) of many fans over the loss of a beloved character.

Q: Can you give any insight as to why the decision was made to kill Carson in Season 3?

A: If I told you now, you wouldn’t buy the tell-all book I’m going to write when (if) Stargate ends.

Q: Why did you decide to bring him back at all? Are Sci Fi and MGM supportive of your decision?

A: Both SciFi and MGM are fully supportive of our decision to bring Carson back. They love both Paul and the Beckett character. As for why we brought him back – you mean besides the deal I made with the SCB campaign? – we’ve said it time and again: “No one ever stays dead in science fiction.”

Q: Regarding the amount of press coverage, are you pleased the show has attracted so much attention, despite the reasons?

A: Absolutely. If this has taught us anything, it’s that nothing motivates fandom like a good controversy. So get ready for next season when Sheppard moves in with a Wraith Queen and then both must keep her fiercely religious parents from finding out. Hilarity ensues.

Q: How are you finding it being the co-show-runner? Is it a far different experience from being executive producer? What things have surprised you most in your new job?

A: So far, so good. The fact that we’re producing 20 episodes of television instead of 40 has certainly helped take a bit of the heat off – as does the support of an incredibly well-oiled production machine compliments of Brad Wright and Robert Cooper. Having talented producers like Carl Binder and Martin Gero there (in addition to Alan McCullough who is gaining a lot of hands-on experience) has also made this a dream season. That said, as co-show-runners, Paul and I have become the point men for any and all studio and network issues, and potential production crisis situations that may develop. At the end of the day, the buck stops at either of our offices.

Q: Besides Carson’s return, what should fans look forward to most in Season 4 of Atlantis?

A: Fans can look forward to some major developments and revelations regarding the wraith, the replicators, and our characters. Year four is going to be a little darker than past seasons as a lot of elements we have put in play since the premiere being to gel and pay off.

Please join us in a world-wide “Woo-hoo!!” at your convenience. This is a great start to returning Carson full time to where he belongs, in Season 5 if not before. We’re very grateful to The Powers That Be and Joe in particular for listening to fans. We’re very grateful to fans for fighting so hard and making our voices heard in a clear, fun, and inventive way.

And we’re not done! Our next activity will be an E-bay auction to raise funds for our next “event”. Stay tuned, but take a moment to savor a small but crucial victory!

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

145 thoughts on “Exclusive: Carson to Resurface on Atlantis”

  1. It is great to know that my donation was well spent….lol

    This is a great victory for us Stargate Atlantis fans of the beloved Dr. Carson Beckett’s return. Way to zap them executives into submission. Ascending is even too good for our man Beckett.

    Again, way to pull together.

    God bless… Sherry

  2. Yaay!! Congratulations on a magnificent campaign. I am so pleased to read that Carson will be returning.

  3. I for one am very happy to hear of Paul McGillion reprising his roll as Dr. Beckett. Here I saw the development of a minor character into a major one. I also really enjoyed how Mr. McGillion playes the roll, sort of a combination of Mr. Scott/Dr. McCoy style of attitudes. I really found it refreshing from many “stiffer” styles of Dr rolls I had seen in the past. Here was a civilian Dr, kind of caught in a military situiation, whereas he did not really care who heard his opinion and her was not afraid of anyone else either ! Long live the good Dr.

  4. The Tao of Dr. Beckett?

    Hmm.. other than finding out he’s been off Quantum Leaping somewhere.

    I didn’t find the special effects of the Tao of Rodney too appealing.

    Story wise I was also disappointed not more was done with the Ancient technology, or more explained about what he finally did with the power grid.

    It is interesting that Carson spent a lot of time with that thing, and the possibility is there that is could have scanned him.

    What leaves me hollow about the workability of that mechanism however is.. while Rodney could splice it together with a matter transmitter from a Wraith dart.. how would you explain the result as being a faithful reproduction of Carson?

    Don’t get me wrong.. I happen to think the Sony Playstation 10 will be fully capable of downloading a backup copy of your minds memory for safe keeping against Alzeheimer’s for gamers soon.. but there’s something “missing” or “satisfying” about believeing the soul in the machine is not the soul of the one that was lost.

    I rather like to think of the Wraith tranmatts as more like efficient “transport buses”.. and that perhaps Carson was stuck in one at Michael’s hands.. and the copy we thought was Carson was in reality the copy.

    In fact I love the idea that once Carson was “released” from his dwindling prison we’re left with the uncomfortable possibility that the other Carson was an Evil agent for Michael.. and planted a few surprises.

    Might even make a good vehicle to explain “why” the journey fell so short.. to be explained by an unlikely visitor down the road.

    – john

  5. There is the possibility that they can bring him back in the same way they “saved” Rodney with the ascension machine. The machine when they saved Rodney brought his body back to it’s original state with a DNA sample. Anyone think they can do the same with Carson?

  6. We did it! We actually did it! I can’t believe it! I am soooo happy! Three episodes? Nooo way. We want him back fulltime and nothing less!

  7. This is AMAZING. Thanks for bringing back an amazing character. Just finished watching an episode of stargate atlantis and this is just awesome.


  8. I was so dismayed, annoyed, angry perhaps, when I heard about the powers that be offing his character. I knew, I just KNEW that when they talked about “mourning beloved friends,” it had to be my favorite character. Just seems to work out that way. Beckett is just a great character, such a beautiful and gentle spirit. Totally NOT fair….

    But anyway, OH, I am so HAPPY Beckett will be back! I hate to think of what will transgress before season 4, but at least we know now that it’s not for good. I have to admit that I got wind of this movement way too late, but I am so glad it was successful. Way to go, people!

  9. Well as much as people want to believe he ascended I know he dident and if he did they flaw the whole idea with it. When you ascend your body turn to energy, there was a body… or well remains of one. Plus it takes time to ascend, even with help you cant just blink and your there which what would have had to happen. My newest idea comes with a crossover. The Odyssey just got upgraded with a whole heep of Asgard tech.. I know he said the hint was in SGA s03 but hey who knows.

  10. (singing) It’s a beautiful morning… (end singing) HECKZ YEAH!! WHOOO!!! Carson was (wait this should be an “is” not a “was” now shoudln’t it?) one of my favorite charachters. HE’S BACK!!! WHOOO!! I always thought he was a good actor and as funny. i hope that he becomes a regular character! BECKETT ROCKS! Thanks for bringing him back!!

  11. YES!!!
    I’m so happy!!!
    Nagyon örülök, de tényleg; még pólót is akartam venni:) /sorry

  12. I’ve been going through the episode “Sunday” and there was something that hit me as a possible hint as to how Carson comes back: In the end, when Rodney is out on the pier by himself and we see Carson coming up, my first impression was that Rodney was having another illusion, like when he was trapped in the sinking jumper… but the talk they had seemed weird. Like, Carson didn’t know how things had gone back on Earth. If he was a result of Rodney’s mind, he would know… their talk wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. Could this be a hint as to a possible ascension by Carson?

  13. Comment 115. Possible, but from Stargate, there was the white light, etc. But it is possible.

    For my comment. 🙂
    He’s coming back yes. But for two episodes, and in what form? LIke what happened before?

  14. yes this is very!!! exciting i reallly want him back full time for season 5 major character not just gust star

  15. I am so happy he will be back,he is so funny and serious at the same time i thought that without him Stargate Atlantis would no be the same again.Good job!!!!!

  16. I really hate to say it, but from it was described, they aren’t bringing Carson back as a regular.

    As to the “How”, If they are not going to spin him as a Alternate Universe, or time traveling. Flashbacks of Carson by the remaining team members from prior to his death? Cloning wasn’t ruled out during the interview either.

    That being said, I am still glad to see him coming back in some form. However, I do hope that they bring him back as a regular.

  17. Carson is certainly the best character! Wise decision to bring him back.



  18. My wife Laura and I are dedicated fans of Stargate Atlantis, and were shocked and sickened when Carson was killed. I am overjoyed to learn that he will be back. He is one of the best characters in the SG Atlantis universe. He counteracts McKay beautifully, and does indeed give heart to the show. Thanks to everyone who were involved in getting Carson back!!!!!

  19. It seems craxy to me that they killed him off in the first place. Daniel appeared in a couple of episodes during his down season but I dont know how they will work Carson into the show now that he’s really dead?????????????

  20. I am glad Carson will be back, I hope that he can return permanently to the show, (like they did to Daniel in the original Stargate, Carson as a character has substance, which in turn gives the show a human feeling, it would be a shame to lose that nice human edge to the show.
    If he is written into the last part of season 4, for 2 episodes, lets hope this will enable him to return on a regular basis


  21. I really like Beckett (my brother too). I really hope he come back on as a full time cast member in Season 5, like what they did for Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) in SG-1. If Beckett doesn’t come back in full, I’m going to be really disappointed…

  22. Wow…

    He should NEVER have been written out.

    He’s an integral character and I am so glad he’ll be brought back and it had better be on a weekly basis!!!!

    Thanks for the great news..

    There’s no one who could replace Carson Beckett

  23. Just finished watching Sunday in Vancouver Friday Aug 10th over Digital programing and it was the worse episode I ever watched. I know of the talk of bringing Beckett back so I had to check again and make sure it is so. I glad he will be back he and Rodney balance the show. Thanks to the writers and producers for listening to the viewers. I look forward to season 4


  24. I watched “Sunday” yesterday and I am still shocked. I kept telling myself that someone (Rodney) was just dreaming and it couldn’t be true. It was definitely the WORST episode I have ever seen!! I can’t believe they killed Carson!!! That is terrible!! Well, thanks to this website, I have learned that he will be back!!! But, ONLY 2 EPISODES??? HE SHOULD BE BACK FULL-TIME!! HE IS SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER!!! SAVE CARSON!!!

  25. Wow…I had no idea there was a Save Carson campaign! Not that that should surprise me or anything, though 😉

    I was sad and shocked that they killed Carson, so it’s great he’ll be back!

    But what’s this about Weir not being there anymore? Did I miss something (likely while we were without cable for 3 months)? Have all memory centers of my brain malfunctioned?

  26. Well done SCB!!!

    Carson was my favorite character and I couldn’t believe it when they killed him off! I cried…

    Bring back Carson S5!!

  27. Sheppard and a Wraith Queen? What an awesome idea.

    And WOOOOO.

    Now to hope for a S5 return.

  28. To jennifer… i doubt they can use the ascension machine to resurrect carson as… well… there isnt exactly much… left… to splice the DNA with. chances are the mechanism used 2 bring him back will be something disappointing, like him actually being ascended and choosing to retake human form, the idea the Wier establish in “The tao of Rodney”, no doubt with some grim message about how they’re all going 2 die.

    however…!!! 🙂 even if the way he comes back is… well… bad, HE’LL BE BACK!!! 🙂

  29. It’s about damn time they brought Carson back! This go around, it had better be for good.

  30. Lol
    I heard About this website From The Original SGA Season 3 Box (Check the 5th Disc)

    I really looking out to the “The Kindred (Part 1 & 2)” Episode to see Carson Beckett once again

    ascension should still be the best thing that could have been happend But than again the point were they send the body to earth (By ascension the body was always gone in SG-1)
    However finding his burnt clothes maybe seen finding his remains

    BTW also Michael Comes back in this episode 😛

    “Same as you. Scavenging the ruins of a dead world.”

  31. Get this:

    At the end of the first half of S4 the rebel replicators had clones of the team + LIZ. So maybe…at the time they had kidnapped the real Beckett and cloned him, then replaced him. The real (IN THE FLESH) Beckett is still alive with another faction of rebel reps or perhaps abadoned or escaped from the original band of rebels. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe?

  32. this is SICK!!! it’s not that I don’t like Carson cause I DO, but JANET was a much more original and loved person so it should’ve rather been her instead!

    why’s it that always MY fav have to die or leave, it’s NOT fair!!!!! T________T

    *cries like never before*

  33. I am so glad and so happy to hear that Carson beckett [ PAUL MCGILLION ] will be coming back.
    Hopefully Full-Time.
    For EVER and EVER and EVER …….

    [ C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ]


  34. If only I had the Money to go to a convention and meet and thank all of these wonderful people! Fellow Fans, The writers and Actors and just everybody! Congrats on getting Carson back! Hopefully he’ll be Full-time someday again!

    For now, I can’t wait for Feb 22nd!

    Viva Le Scotland!

    Carson’s BIGGEST Fan in all of TN,


    (PS. *Prays that there will be a Stargate convention in TN someday.* I might can aford a drive to Nashville or something.. Ny, and Ca are just to far away!) I wanna meet Paul so bad I could cry!

    Cangrats again fellow Scot-Doc fans!

    We got him back on the show! Let’s keep it up


  35. Next week, Carson will return…I can’t wait to see it. Removing him in ‘Sunday’ was the worst mistake!I still don’t want to watch that episode on my dvd. Stop killing all charactors!

  36. Yeah my website has nothing to do wit hsci fi!!!! But anyway Im happy he is back im not happy he is dieing at the end of the episode!!!!! Talk about putting us through the pain again as Rodney would say, he needs to come back he is a guy we all know and love and he is more like Bones and you can relate to him. So make him full time in season 5 please we do like him honest!!!!!

  37. I am so glad Carson Beckett is coming back! Paul McGillion is a great actor, he plays the role so well no one can replace him and Atlantis is empty without him. Please bring him back full time in season 5 and not kill him off again!!! Now I hope Aiden Ford is coming back to join the team again.

  38. I guess I always fall for the heart and soul of a show, then they die and I cry for like ever. Now, Carson Beckett Is Back. I must admit though that the way they brought him back in the back end of season four was just as painful as in “Sunday” I am so depressed. Hopefully Season 5 will hold a better outlook for my most favorite character, Carson Beckett. It would be pretty cool to have Aiden back too. He was kinda cute. (tee hee) I am still totally for Carson though. ( I think it is the scottishness of him)

  39. hey guys what idea beckett have to LIVE!!
    Mckay its no one without beckett
    and i dont like Dra. Keller

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