Press, Studio Gearing Up for Demonstration

bridge01.jpgWith many thanks to our own professionals and willing fans, there is no press entity of any media type within hundreds of miles of Vancouver that doesn’t know about Thursday’s Pipe Band event for Carson!

Joe Mallozzi noted the studio is ready for us in tonight’s blog entry, in his usual dryly hilarious fashion:

We’ve almost finished final preparations to welcome the big Save Carson Beckett protest this Thursday. The fence has been electrified, the moat has been dug, and the complimentary bacon-laced Stargate Atlantis hats ready for distribution (the attack dogs will be skipping breakfast in expectation of the big feast).

Our first actual press article in connection with the event was in the on-line and print Vancouver magazine, Straight, which had this article, reprinted here:

Save Stargate‘s Scot
International Stargate: Atlantis fans, incensed by the death of the much-beloved and popular character Carson Beckett, a Scottish doctor played by Scottish-born Canadian actor Paul McGillion (who was seen as a tribute to Scotty of the original Star Trek series, played by Vancouver-born James Doohan), will voice their protest through a fierce display of the bagpipes? A local traditional Scottish pipe band, the Highland Celts of Canada, has been hired with fan donations to play outside Bridge Studios in Burnaby next Thursday (March 22) at 1 p.m. for one hour. The Save Carson ( ) campaign’s U.K. and Canada press coordinator TJ Jeffrey , on the line from Nottingham, England, said the performance was scheduled during the studio’s lunch hour to avoid disruption to filming. “We thought, หœWhat’s the best way to demonstrate that we’re not happy but at the same time have a little sense of humour about it?” she said. “It’s very visual, and very emotive for the character.”

Jeffrey, who will attend the display while vacationing here, pointed out that Beckett was the only regular non-North American character on what is supposed to be an international team. “They’re throwing away one of their biggest assets.”

The demonstration will be held just prior to the official 10th-anniversary Stargate convention next Friday to Sunday (March 23 to 25) at Hilton Metrotown.

Thanks to our own TJuk, Anise, and Jenner and to all the fans who have written to the press to express your interest in the event, we think it’s going to get some serious coverage, which is all to the good of Carson and Paul as well! And yes, those fans going have promised to make video and pictures available asap!

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  1. The article also appeared in the print version. Also, in this month’s US Starburst magazine (I think it was Starburst), we have almost a full page of letters from the campaign! Well done everyone!

  2. cant wait to see the videos!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i soooooooo wish i could be there but i live in the uk and cant get there, so not fair

  3. Full sails and a steady course. May the wind be at your
    backs. I truely wish I could be with you. The best of
    luck to you. Dei gratia….vox poppuli…vincit omnia

  4. This was on the early morning news in Vancouver (Channel 8) this morning. Way to go getting the word out, everybody!

  5. Was there today – what a blast! I look forward to the vids, too! Wish I’d had a camera…I was on the way home when I heard a Tennessee (I think) fan being interviewed on CBC radio, about the protest. I turned my truck around and headed to the studio!

    The pipe band was a WONDERFUL idea and much enjoyed. Lovely to see Rachel, Jason, Joe Mallozzi and David pop outdoors in the cold wet weather to have a chat with the fans, and even Mars was strutting his stuff!

    CBC and CityTV were both there!


  6. If I wasn’t having so much trouble with muscle spasms in my neck and upper back I would gladly drive the 6 hours to be there in support. What Joe Mallozzi and company pulled with Paul McGillion’s character, Carson Beckett, was very poorly done. Shame on them!

  7. Well done to all who made it we are with you in
    spirit.keep up the outstanding efforts.

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