UK Press Unimpressed with "Sunday"

Two major genre publications, SFX (UK) and Starburst Magazine (US/UK/Europe, celebrating its 30th anniversay this year!), have published reviews of “Sunday” in their latest issues, and it’s fair to say the editors were not impressed with how Carson Beckett was disposed of, or the loss of the character period, mirroring fan reaction worldwide.

SFX Review

By Leah Holmes

One Line Tag: ‘The one where: They Kill Beckett. The Bastards.’

We were inundated with letters from fans protesting about Beckett’s death and I have to say I agree with them. Killing him off was bad enough, but death by exploding tumour? How did anyone think that would be a good idea? It just doesn’t fit with the genuinely poignant farewell scenes at the end (yes I cried). Surely they could have come up with something better? It’s not a great episode anyway, but this just makes it worse.

2 1/2 stars out of 5

Starburst Review

By Paul Spragg

After time spent trying to make the team more close-knit over the season, it’s paying off well here, with scenes between Teyla and Weir, Ronon and Sheppard and McKay and Beckett that really do feel honest and like these people are really friends with each other. But that’s about the only positive, as it reveals Beckett to be the most developed and fun to be around of them all, exactly the one who’d be last on your list if you were a writer looking for someone to kill off in a shock way. Or so you might think.

There are other downsides: Weir’s prospective boyfriend is such a smug, slimy git that she should be punching him not kissing him, and after all the lesson’s Rodney’s learnt about his brittle, unfeeling nature, why is he still utterly failing to put them into practice and become a better person? It’s as though the writers have gone as far as they want to with the character and development stopped.

Then there’s Carson’s death. Ripped off from last season’s Grey’s Anatomy, it’s overplayed, unconvincing and wholly unneccessary, with Beckett making a stupid decision that gets him killed. And don’t get me started on the godawful babpipes, mixed with the sound of the stargate dialling to make the whole experience worse. The Wrath of Khan it ain’t.


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12 thoughts on “UK Press Unimpressed with "Sunday"”

  1. Bad reviews were never appreciated so much. I hope they keep on coming.

  2. Ya know, I didn’t realise how much of a rip off….sorry ‘homage’ the funeral scene was to the Wrath of Khan, bagpipes and all (though I liked them and it was fitting and emotional). Let’s just hope that like ‘Spock’ our loveable Scot gets resurrected as soon as bloody possible too!

  3. you just want to see him run naked across the planet when they find him……

  4. As a fellow Atlantian Fan, (who by the way comes from Paisley is Scotland)…….I was dismayed to see how ruthless (in a totally uncessary way) the writers have been with this. Why the good Doctor?!……And why in such a meaningless way?!

    I realise that the writers are trying to keep the show interesting, but this in my view is not the way to go about this. Look at SG1, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI Miami to name a few! It is not a winning formula to kill off beloved characters!!

    It is one thing to keep the fans on their toes & guessing, and perhaps even to disppoint them a little with character issues……..but not to break their hearts meaninglessly & so completely put them off their favourite programs!

    I thought the point of good SciFi like this (eg. Star Trek; Star Wars) was to keep hope & the faith alive. Not to shower the fans with too much realism….It is ‘Fiction’ after all!!

    Writers will really do anything for more publicity!!

    Totally dismayed & beyond disappointed with the SGA writers.

    what a mistake…yes it was a sad episode and no they shouldnt have killed off carson…one character that soo much potential and they drop him so fast our heads are still spinning…

  6. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

    “You always have been, and always shall be, my friend….”

    Wah! Or something like that. Then Spock came back. I’m pessimistic about Beckett being resurrected. I don’t think the show will last past its fourth season or be cancelled halfway.

  7. In the starbust reiew they had the same thought that I had: Carson’s death was really like a cheap version of grey’s anatomy!

  8. There doesn’t seem to be anyone out there who thinks this was a good idea! (And you would think they would take the hint!)

    Oh well, when the show is cancelled we can at least have the admittedly cold comfort of saying I told you so.

  9. Does anyone else think Atlantis “jumped the shark” with this decision?? Can’t see how they can recover from this loss or replace central/lovable character. Although I’m extremely disappointed I’ll still tune in to see how carry on without Dr. Beckett.

  10. It is a shame watching Atlantis self-destruct after what was a good start. By time SG-1 was into it’s 3rd season we loved the characters and most importantly how each balanced out the team dynamic. Dr Beckett’s character was NEEDED, maybe the only character that most of us could relate to or even would not mind sitting in a room with. With twists like this I would not mind if they binned Atlantis and put the budget into SG-1’s straight to DVD movies. If this is this as good as it gets I think they should bin these ideas of a 3rd spin-off series.

  11. I thought the aftermath of Carson dieing was very nicely done, but, No! not yet!

    That’s the end of atlantis for me. I can think of at least two ways out of the so called “cliffhanger” at the end fo S3, so I don’t think I’ll be bothering with S4.

  12. I agree with all the reviews and comments here. While I did not watch Grey’s Anatomy or Wrath of Khan, I still think the whole idea of an exploding tumor was…well let’s say it made me wonder what they had smoked that night.

    I hope Carson comes back, but I moreso hope that SG:A gets better than this, because right now it’s been going downhill for half a season now and I hope they pick it up soon, because Atlantis is all that’s left for now with SG1 being gone.

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