Buy Your Save Carson T-Shirt!

Save Carson Tee-Shirt

With many thanks to Leelakin for drawing a wonderful image of Carson, and to TJuk for setting up the whole shop, our Cafe Press shop is now open for business at Save Carson @ Cafe Press. And to save on shipping for European fans, we’ve also opened a Save Carson @ SpreadShirt shop!

Go and check out the lovely design and all the stuff you can buy so far, for men, women, kids and babies! For each item you buy, $1 US/£1 will come back to the campaign for use in our efforts to restore Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis.

Check back in the next few days for more designs. And be sure to check both shops as there are unique products (such as black t-shirts at CafePress) only available at one site.

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

12 thoughts on “Buy Your Save Carson T-Shirt!”

  1. I will buy one as a diet incentive – or maybe two and sew them together.

    They look good. Thanks for organising this TJ.

  2. Amazing! Wow, these look really good! I’ll wait a few more days to see the other designs! But I’m getting one for sure…Way to go guys!!

  3. Whow ! How sweet the painting is. I have to wait for the shop for Europe, but I think a mug will be mine soon 😉

  4. The European shop is open now. Re-check the post to see the link. So far we only have white shirts over there because they have special graphical requirements for black shirts. But at last it’s something. 🙂

  5. Got one ordered… debating #2 now… amazing work, guys, and fantastic design!

  6. Just ordered mine hope it gets here in time before I leave for Vancouver Con! I want to wear it out there! 🙂

  7. Oooooh goody! I can’t wait to buy one! I’ve still got Christmas money left over, so maybe my dad will let me buy it! Now I just have to find which one i want. They’re all awesome!

  8. I just bought myself a new shiny mug. =) A Dr.Carson Beckett mug! What every home needs! lol.

  9. I have just received my t-shirt from the US and it looks great. Can’t wait for a nice sunny day so that I can wear it.

  10. I just bought one yesterday! I can’t wait for it to come. Amazing you guys. It’s going to be my favorite shirt. Lalala-love it!!

  11. I received my t-shirts (I got 2) ! they are great, and of good quality! 😀 yay!

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