Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis

Released today in conjunction with The Gateroom, Stargate Solutions and The Stargate Project is an EXCLUSIVE interview with Paul McGillion. We spoke to the actor mid-February to follow up his interview with ‘Starburst Magazine’, talk about Paul’s time on Stargate: Atlantis and find out what the actor’s been up to since leaving the show. You can find the interview by following the links below:  

English Version – The Gateroom CLICK HERE

German Translation – The Stargate Project *COMING SOON*

Stargate Solutions Article – CLICK HERE

As a special treat we also have an audio message from Paul to everyone who has supported him and taken part in the Save Carson Beckett campaign. This message can ONLY be found here at

N.B. On Valentine’s Day 14th February, Paul was sent a special Valentine’s gift which was simply sent on behalf of the ‘Save Carson Beckett’ campaign. You can also download the message as a zipped MP3 file here:

Broadband – High Quality MP3 (approx. 1.34mb)

Dial-up – Low Quality MP3 (approx. 0.5mb

Transcription of Audio Message:

N.B. Italics indicate the parts of the message when Paul switches to a Scottish accent!

Hi there, this is Paul McGillion.

I’m leaving a message from sunny California on the 15th of February to all the terrific people at the ‘Save Carson Beckett’ campaign. I went to my agents today and picked up a lovely bottle of scotch…  

God bless you all. And some fantastic chocolates, absolutely delicious…

I can’t say how flattered and touched I was by that. So I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for that beautiful gift and all of the letters and postcards and gifts and turtles…

Wee baby turtles…

I’ve been receiving. Thank you so much, it really means the world to me and very sweet. I’m just really honoured that the character and hopefully me as an actor touched so many people over the years working on Atlantis. It really does not go unnoticed and I think the Save Carson Beckett campaign is causing quite a bit of a stir. So it’s really really flattering and I just want to let everybody know… I don’t know what the future holds but if there’s an opportunity for me to come back and play ‘Carson Beckett’ once again at some point in time, I would embrace that situation. And a lot of it’s to do with the terrific fans, I didn’t want to disappoint you guys to begin with. Again, I’m doing great down here, just auditioning for things, enjoying the weather and thinking about you all. And thank you so much, and I’m sure I’ll hit a convention at some point in time and run into many of your smiling faces. Once again, sincerely, thank you so much for all your support for myself and my character and… God bless Scotland.

Do you know what I mean? God bless all of ya. THANK YOU!

45 thoughts on “Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis”

  1. My mistake! Was trying to fix some coding and messed up the link. All should be working now!

  2. Wow, what a nice message!
    I’m really glad he takes notice and appreciates our efforts. He definitely sounds like a genuinely nice guy. I think he’s well worth this campaign!

    You guys from this site did a wonderful job with the interview and the Valentine’s gift. I’m so proud of you! Way to go!

  3. Thanks Paul, that was a sweet message. And I hope that you can get a chance to play Dr. Beckett again in the future. It won’t be the same without my favorite Handsome Scottish Doc. Thanks for throwing the accent in, I have always loved it.

    And to the people from this site, thanks for the interview and posting Paul’s message, it was wonderful.

  4. Thanks Paul. I wish you all the luck in the world, whether we ever get Carson back or not. I’m definitley looking forward to seeing you on my screen again, whatever you’re doing.

  5. What a real fine gentleman. Thanks Paul.
    Its true that one person can make a difference.
    Paul made a difference with his character Carson
    Beckett. We as fans can make a difference when
    we in a combined effort get Carson (Paul) back
    on SGA. It can be done. The power of ones.
    So lads and lassies lets do what we can to bring
    back our bonny fine doctor.

  6. aww what a sweet message from paul! i just read his interview and i CRIED! its just so sad, he is such a sweet guy…i want carson back!!!!!!!!

  7. From time to time I lose interest in actors because they don’t seem like very nice people in real life (wrong or not, that’s how it is with impressions of people). But in this case, I’m glad to support Paul McGillion. It warms my heart to know he knows we care. All the best luck to him.

  8. Thanks Paul for taking the time to do that. That was really sweet. I hope everything turns out well for you in the future, and I hope you get the chance to play Beckett again, because you did a fantastic job. Best of luck!

  9. Thanx for your message, Paul, it gives us even more will to continue this campaign! We really miss Carson a lot! Good luck for everything.
    A special word to everyone who’s behind this website and this campaign, and everyone participating to it, one way or another. We are from everywhere around the world, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy…Keep it up, everyone!! :o)

  10. Good man for a good role. If they can’t understand that, maybe somebody else will understand it.

  11. A wonderful, sweet message like that just goes to reiterate why we’re all so invested in this! Thank you so much to Paul for the time taken to record it, and thanks to the people of this website for being such brilliant leaders of this campaign! x

  12. I’m sorry Vladimir, I am sure I forgot a lot of countries! I know they are more than the ones I named!! 😉 Maybe we should keep a record on this website of how many countries are invested in the campaign?

  13. Dear sirs,

    Certainly, I also want that he remains. Unless he is the one who
    wants to go.
    I disaprove that he leaves for a person appointed to the post through
    influence, just because you do not want to remove the Wraith missign
    person, you decide to remove him.

    Uff, it is very difficult for me to find a nice actor, so that when I
    find him, I like to see him.

    Yours faithfully,

  14. I have Dial-Up and downloaded the Broadband version anyway – Paul has to be in high quality!

    All I have to say after hearing it is:

    AWWWWWW!! *tears up*

    We’re all pulling for you Paul! 🙂

    (I agree with keeping a country record – make a map and give us the ability to add little points of where we’re from – like a push-pin map!)

  15. I love the map idea!

    I listened to Paul’s message early in the morning before I caught the bus for school, which was probably a bad idea because I walked around all day with this big, goofy grin slapped on my face.
    -ha ha- I’m so impressed and glad that he actually took the time to give us a message. I concur with the whole warms-your-heart feeling. It’s like hugging your favorite teddy bear in front of a roaring fire. ^_^

    Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone behind this site for making all of this possible. Without ya’ll’s staunch commitment and general thingness, I don’t believe this campaign would have been as much of a success as it has been. Fantastic job!!! *cyberhugs you all*

  16. Very nice of his these words of gratefulness.

    One sees that she is a great person. And in the personage he was demonstrating it.

    I hope prove to him to return.

  17. Paul sure is a classy guy!

    I am a big fan of the way he has really formed a great character with Carson, and I hope that at some point they will either bring him back to Atlantis… or perhaps put him on another Gate series.

    You’re awesome Paul, keep up the good work in whatever you do!

  18. He makes all the time and effort worthwhile. You don’t find many actors as gracious or appreciative as he is. Paul just sounds like good people 🙂

    Thanks for the message paul and thanks to those running the SCB campaign.

  19. *sigh*

    What a wonderful fella. 🙂

    I don’t know how this campaign will work out… but one thing’s for sure – Paul McGillion will succeed in whatever he does. And a lovely message to the fans as well. Thanks Mr M.!!!

    Many many thanks to those involved with the interview and the recorded msg too! Much appreciated!!!

  20. Here In New Zealand, there has been a season two hiatus [at Ep 10] but for the loyal fans who bought season 2 box set, and later downloaded or viewed on line season 3, there is a small but very loyal group of Stargate Fans / SG1 and Atlantis, that take the phones off the hook when the series is broadcast on Public Tv [Season 9 Sg1 TV 2 sat 2pm; on a Thursadfy night 7.30pm -currently hiatus mid broadcast season 2].

    For the General public they will have to wait probably up to 12 more months before knowing the truth about the series of SG: Atlantis

    Maybe Paul could consider a visit to the shores of New Zealand nad Australia to get a face to face understanding of what the fans really think of the series. Australia
    Armageddon (Auckland) New Zealand are the best venue funstions for Paul to meet enthusiastic fans in a very controlled safe environment.
    Just get references from the other SG: Atlantis cast who have made the trip ‘Downunder’ and found the fans not to be Fanatical but intelligent and friendly ;-))

    Late October/ November is when the downunders have their fan expositions, maybe Paul could ask his agent to contact the local organisers to offer his presence at the events [commensurate appearance fees applicable ;-)) ]

    For New Zealand Fans: SF/ Fantasy Groups [Auckland] [Wellington]

    Thanks, Paul for the contribution to the series.

  21. hi everybody!
    i just droped in about an hour ago after watching the epsiode “sunday” of stargate atlantis. i must admit that i did not see this coming and i’m some kind of dazed.

    i read some of the articles on this site but i just really can’t figure out why they cancelled his character in this way. some fans already mentioned that the writers and producers and whoelse is involved in this illogical ironical decision could have taken dr.beckett out of the 3rd season as happened with daniel jackson to have him brought back later.. but no.. misguided thinking of me – sorry

    the irony is that in acting like this i think those responsible have made more damage than ‘shaking things up’ in sga. and again i’m convinced money-reason is involved too.

    i enjoyed watching dr.becket on sga and it’s a big loss. especially his ascent 🙂 the german translation doesn’t offer that hearing consumption 🙂 so therefore i prefer the original one.

    ok it’s late. many words and nothing said. i wish you guys all the best in your saving-carson-beckett-mission. you have my voice.

    lots of greetings and best wishes from germany to you paul. scotland with its people is a lovely part in the world (been there for holiday). i hope you’re doing fine.

    sorry for the long writing. thanks for this website 😉
    good night!

  22. Hi everyone!!

    I wanted to say that Im making an organization in argentina, in order to support save carson becktt campaign. We are a big goup of SGA fans with willing to cooperate with the cause

    thanx for posting the message, we are all glad to hear paul’s voice

  23. Humn. I thought he wanted to leave. Now I am a bit miffed to find he was written out of the cast.
    Sad SAD SAD… Brillian warmth from this character a real feel for the plight of his fellow man a futuristic Doctor Finlay. SAD LOSS get him back.. Some sort of time dilation effect, go back save the man. We in the UK are a bit at a loss that we dont have a representative on Atlantis…. Send me. I can do it.

  24. Wow the man is a legand I hope very much that he returns soon, and i hope he enjoyed all the wee baby turtles.

  25. Despite the slightly dodgy Scottish accent (I am a born & bred native of the best wee country on Earth and know what we REALLY sound like – kudos for effort though), I have grown quite fond of the wee man and will miss his cheery grin on screen. TPTB always end up spoiling my favourite shows and killing off the best characters. Sigh… Such is life. Slange!

  26. this makes me so sad. *cries*. i miss him, and i havent even seen the show yet. im a bad girl… but i like spoiling suprises. but now, i wish i hadent seen this one. i saw this before school, and i didnt eat luch. hmm… now im hungry. anyway. i hope we get him back on, and good ya’ll!

  27. Why do they feel they have to kill off major characters? [The uporar from this is similiar to when they killed off Janet on SG-1.]
    Why? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Carson was the best, he was one reason why I watched the show. BRING HIM BACK!!!

  28. I can see why they killed janet off, they thought the series was done for.
    I cannot see why they have killed off Ford,Beckett, or any one else in atlantis
    but atleast they are trying to bring some of sg1 over to atlantis

  29. Why?!!!!! Why did they kill my beloved Carson? I miss him terribly, I’m glad to hear that he will be back for a few episodes next season but i want him back for good (singing I want you back for good). I can’t take this anymore they kill Ford and now Beckett, my favourite character. Arghhh!!!

  30. In shock… Bad decision…. Much to say….
    But, better to say wish you the best!

  31. Pretty sure im tired of having all my shows cancelled or my fav charecters killed off. The executives need to leave things be. Atlantis was doing just fine and killing off Carson was a bad move.There are better ways to shake things up then killing off the charecters that have been there since the beginning.This doesnt make me sad, frankly, it makes me mad that already in its third season they are killing off the originals.They need to make this right.

  32. Hi, loved Dr. Carson. Was sad to see him go and had great hopes that it would be a mistake and they let him back. I hope they do.

    I will be seeing Paul McGillion at Shore Leave soon. I was planing to see what his thoughts are on this move SGA took, but now I see, I will wish him great luck.

  33. What a super message. We love the character you played, Paul. So sorry to see the heart of Atlantis disappear. Things will never be the same without you . I loved the interaction between the characters carson and rodney. God Bless you in your endeavors Paul McGillion.

  34. I kind of watch the show hit and miss. One of the things I really enjoyed was the comic interaction between carson and rodney. I happened to tape that episode to watch later (4 days later). I was really upset by the loss of that character. that last scene actually brought tears to my eyes. I don’t see how the show can recover from lossing that character. Why not get rid of Tala. She’s pretty but boring. They really never did much with the character. I’m hoping you find some way to bring him back. Maybe the ancients could do it as a gift. Its fantasy for pete’s sake. No story line is to far out.

  35. I too live in Australia. My kids brought me the season 3 disc for xmas knowing how far behind it is on the tv here. I hadnt been spoilt at all regarding the demise of Carson. So as you can guess I have watched the Sunday episode with no itdea of what was to come. I think I may have hit the rewind button several times in disbelief and several tissues as well. I’m still in shock!! Beckett was a character that grew though the show and was continuing to do so. He certainly made up the team. Stagate franchise seem to find it easy to kill off the doctors in both series to shake things up. Well they certainly got the “SHAKE”

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