New Rally Events in LA and NY!

To All Save Carson Fans in the New York and LA Areas!

We need your help!

UPDATE: NYC ‘Today Show’ demo has been pushed back to Friday April 6th to accommodate more attendees! 

On Thursday, April 5 a US bi-coastal rally is being held. We need all fans who are able to come and help us make a dent in the US press. We cracked the Canadian press wide open, there is no reason we can’t do the same in the states.

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Carson Needs You!

At the Pipe Band Event, Joe Mallozzi threw down the gauntlet: get the campaign metioned on a national TV show in the US, and he will bring back Carson Beckett for 2 episodes! We know Joe is using this challenge to get more publicity for the show, but that’s okay “” we want the ratings to be high just as Joe does! We’ve just learned time is of the essence, and we need your help!

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Pipe Band Event Phenomenally Successful!

Bagpipe PlayerWe’re ecstatic to announce that today’s Pipe Band “demonstration” outside of Bridge Studios in Burnaby, BC, was successful beyond our wildest dreams! In spite of pouring rain, the band played like the world-class musicians they are, 70 fans came out to the rally, more press showed up than we’d ever imagined, and we had Stargate Atlantis producers, writers, and actors in attendance!

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Press, Studio Gearing Up for Demonstration

bridge01.jpgWith many thanks to our own professionals and willing fans, there is no press entity of any media type within hundreds of miles of Vancouver that doesn’t know about Thursday’s Pipe Band event for Carson!

Joe Mallozzi noted the studio is ready for us in tonight’s blog entry, in his usual dryly hilarious fashion:

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UK Press Unimpressed with "Sunday"

Two major genre publications, SFX (UK) and Starburst Magazine (US/UK/Europe, celebrating its 30th anniversay this year!), have published reviews of “Sunday” in their latest issues, and it’s fair to say the editors were not impressed with how Carson Beckett was disposed of, or the loss of the character period, mirroring fan reaction worldwide.

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Carson Fans Organize "Pipe Band Event"

Highland Celts of Canada

To celebrate Carson Beckett and to demonstrate our passion for restoring the character to Atlantis, we at have organized a public event to take place outside Bridge Studios in Burnaby, BC, Canada, where Stargate Atlantis is filmed.

On Thursday, March 22nd from 12:30 – 2:00 pm, fans will gather to celebrate and hear the world-class Scottish Pipe Band, The Highland Celts of Canada. The group will play traditional pipe band tunes including “The Dark Isle,” the song played in the episode Sunday during Carson’s memorial. But don’t fret, there will be happier selections as well!

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Buy Your Save Carson T-Shirt!

Save Carson Tee-Shirt

With many thanks to Leelakin for drawing a wonderful image of Carson, and to TJuk for setting up the whole shop, our Cafe Press shop is now open for business at Save Carson @ Cafe Press. And to save on shipping for European fans, we’ve also opened a Save Carson @ SpreadShirt shop!

Go and check out the lovely design and all the stuff you can buy so far, for men, women, kids and babies! For each item you buy, $1 US/£1 will come back to the campaign for use in our efforts to restore Carson Beckett to Stargate Atlantis.

Check back in the next few days for more designs. And be sure to check both shops as there are unique products (such as black t-shirts at CafePress) only available at one site.

Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis

Released today in conjunction with The Gateroom, Stargate Solutions and The Stargate Project is an EXCLUSIVE interview with Paul McGillion. We spoke to the actor mid-February to follow up his interview with ‘Starburst Magazine’, talk about Paul’s time on Stargate: Atlantis and find out what the actor’s been up to since leaving the show. You can find the interview by following the links below: Continue reading “Paul McGillion Talks About Leaving Atlantis”