Media Acknowledgement

The latest issue of genre publication ‘TV Zone’ #211 carries the following news snippet:

Letters are already flooding into our postbox following rumours that Paul McGillion’s Stargate: Atlantis character Carson Beckett is to be killed off late in Season three. It seems that McGillion will be leaving the show as a regular. but his fate maybe left open…

And adds further to this on its ‘Pick of the Spring’ for genre shows (SGA was NOT featured except for the closing snippet below).

“Meanwhile, we hear worrying rumours that a fan favourite is on the way out over in Atlantis. Our postman has been warned to expect letters…”

There were also similar snippets in Dreamwatch and Starburst regarding the increasingly vocal fan out cry. Lets make the ‘flood’ into a raging torrent resulting in larger coverage, interviews, articles and the press helping to pressurise TPTB into making a formal statement behind their decision.

A reminder of emails addresses:

You can also find the postal addresses for these publications in the address section (see menu). Publicity is the key to any fan campaign, so this first tentative step to media recognition and support is an important one. Keep Writing!

4 thoughts on “Media Acknowledgement”

  1. I’ve sent off all my letters! It’s great that the magazines are starting to take notice. Kudos to everyone who came up with this idea.

  2. I’m a french fan . Paul McGillion is the light of SGA I can’t imagine this TV program without my favorite doctor send letters…

  3. I am sincerely hoping that the leaving of Paul Mc
    Gillion.aka Dr. Becket is not a final decision. Such a well liked character and such a good addition to the cast would leave a very large hole.

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