MGM Unwittingly Confirms Carson's Fate

On the official MGM site is posted an interview with David Hewlett, portions of which were not to be released until after “Sunday” aired, most likely in the US. Thanks to this blunder we have confirmation from David that Carson will die in “Sunday.” From this site comes a transcript of that part of the interview:

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Save a Turtle for Carson

Sea TurtleIf you’ve seen Season 3’s “The Return Part 1,” you know that Carson Beckett bought some ‘wee baby turtles’ while he was on Earth. He was very sad to leave them behind when he returned with the others to Pegasus. In honor of Carson, part of our campaign drive is to save real turtles in Carson’s name, and to let TPTB know we did so!

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Paul Thanks Fans for Their Support

At his official website, Paul McGillion has posted this kind note:

I just wanted to post a note of thanks for all the terrific birthday wishes cards/gifts/turtles that were sent to me! It really means a lot. THANK YOU so much and I hope 2007 is a great year for everyone. On another note I am truly overwhelmed by the support that is happening for ‘Carson Beckett’. Although I cannot comment on the situation at this time, please know that I have had the time of my life working on ‘Atlantis’ and would embrace the chance to keep the good Doctor around!
Lots of Luv

To which we say to Paul, “You’re very, very welcome!”

Media Acknowledgement

The latest issue of genre publication ‘TV Zone’ #211 carries the following news snippet:

Letters are already flooding into our postbox following rumours that Paul McGillion’s Stargate: Atlantis character Carson Beckett is to be killed off late in Season three. It seems that McGillion will be leaving the show as a regular. but his fate maybe left open…

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