David Hewlett Opens Up On Paul

In his latest interview with GateWorld, available here, David finally is able to acknowledge that Paul is leaving the show as a regular, and what that means to him and the rest of the crew. Here is an excerpt:

I loved having Paul around every day. Forget Beckett for a bit. Just McGillion himself. He loved the show. He loves the people. He is one of those people who walks on set and the crew just loves him. The crew’s going to miss him more than we will, because McGillion and I have had a lot of scenes together, but I loved the fact that there was this, as him being a part of the cohesive team, if that makes sense.

David goes on to say he holds out hope that Paul will be back in Season 4, but points out he is not the one making the decisions. Again, we can’t stop applying pressure on the powers that be to reverse this horrible decision and bring Carson back for many Season 4 epsiodes.

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16 thoughts on “David Hewlett Opens Up On Paul”

  1. This is very interesting that David has spoken up about this. Its very touching what David has said, it just shows how much respect Paul has on the show and he’s going to be huge miss.

  2. I think that it is more important now than ever that we apply the pressure to the PTB. We need Paul to return for Season Four!!

    Watch the shows, people. Ratings matter.

  3. Paul McGillion pulled me into Atlantis when I was losing interest in SG1. I loved the banter between Paul & David. I thought “Dr. Beckett” was a modern “Bones” and “Scotty” all rolled into one, but so much more attractive. I had to do a double-take when I saw him in SG1 – Torment of Tantalus s3#09. PTB – Plot device “shmot device” or whatever!….Don’t dumpt another DR!

  4. I love Carson’s character, he’s a sweetie and was attracted me to Atlantis in the first place. I will miss him, but hope he will come back soon…

  5. Crap. We already knew that it is going to happen, but having it confirmed like this really sucks. I will continue to write letters and do whatever else I can. I just hope it will make a difference.

  6. This only makes it less unstandable for me why they would get rid of Carson… but it’s touching to hear those things from David Hewlett.

    The Carson-Beckett character was the one thing that really attracted me to the show in the first place. His character and the chemistry between him and the Rodney McKay- character.
    I thought it made a good Sci Fi show extraordinary.

    So, it’s really sad that Carson won’t be a regular in the next season. I hope he gets as many episodes as possible and maybe come back again as a regular.

    I will miss him and hope he comes back to make the show extraordinary!

  7. My husband got me into “SG1” and I kinda got into it, but “Atlantis” has me hooked like I was hooked on “Star Trek: TNG” as a kid. The main reason I’m hooked is McKay and Beckett. I mean, seriously, bringing Dr. Lam onto “SG1” went over like a fart in a whirlwind…what makes them think doing the same on “Atlantis” will go any better?

  8. well, let’s hope this is just a publicity stunt of the sga makers. now they have our full attention, when they seem to kick a character, the most precious. look how much attention they received when daniel jackson left sg1… this gives me the hope that we will have carson/paul back.
    i will miss him…

  9. I am a 56 year old grandmother and I just luv Dr, Beckett. If they kill him off, SGAtlantis will have one less viewer. It just won’t be the same without the man that worried about his “baby tuttles- the poor little buggers”. His caring manner is so macho.

  10. Maybe you can bring Dr. Beckett back by using some Ancient or Gould technology that they are experimenting with on either show. Come on writers lets not ruin good chemistry when you have it right. Bring Beckett back!!

  11. I don’t know, maybe i missed it,but i have not come across any comment from the makers of atlantis as to why they killed off DR Beckett,But what-ever the reason they have got it so wrong,the inter-play between beckett and McKay was one of the best things
    about the show,he was the perfect ballance for McKay’s
    abrasive manner and gave the show some great comedy moments that kept us entertained between the action,so come on the makers of atlantis,admit you got it wrong and bring back DR Beckett.

    noel o’connor

  12. It’s a terrible shame to see Beckett written out of the series. McGillion brought a sense of realism and humanity to the show that no other character does. Just watching that episode took a lot of joy away from watching Atlantis and honestly, I’m not sure I want to keep watching the show now that my favorite character is gone.

  13. I love all things SG, but I must say, that since RDA has left the shows/productions, things have gone in a weird direction. It’s kind of like when Gene Roddenberry died and that idiot Rick Berman took over the ST franchise. N John Smith, Bring back RDA as a story consultant and run things bye him. He got it right for a number of years.

    Just an idea

  14. !!!! CORRECTION !!!!
    Sorry everyone, I stand corrected. Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, not N John Smith.

  15. It’s great to hear how much Paul will be missed on the show. Hopefully his absence along with all the messages and letters and all the great work this site is doing wil spur the writers on into bringing him back.
    Paul you are great.
    Carson you will be missed.

  16. I think David was trying to get something across to people. Paul is a person who plays a fictional character, and I think a lot of people have forgotten that. True, Beckett was a phenomenal character, but I think there should be more to the campaign than just “Carson Beckett” and not have anything on Paul himself.

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