Genre Magazine Letter Campaign

A comprehensive list of genre publications’ postal and email addresses have been added to the addresses section of this site. PLEASE NOTE: even though some of these magazines have the same address, they are SEPARATE publications which are published by the same distributor. But just like all the people at Sci Fi, it’s worth writing to EACH and EVERY one of them.

Nora O'Brien Replaces Optican on Atlantis

Joe Mallozzi mentioned in his blog entry for 15 Dec. that Nora O’Brien, formerly the Sci Fi Channel lead for SG-1, has moved over to be in charge of Atlantis for the network, replacing Tony Optican, who is moving on to other shows. This means our letters to Sci Fi should be addressed to Nora from now on, not Tony. Our addresses page has been updated accordingly!

Jewel Staite Tells Her Side

Jewel Staite has posted to her blog about her new role on Atlantis:

And finally, lets talk about Stargate: Atlantis, because most of you are, and I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the thing, so lets just get it out in the open. I know it’s finally been revealed that Paul McGillion is leaving the show, and since I’m coming on the show, a lot of you have it in your head that I’m “replacing” him. Continue reading “Jewel Staite Tells Her Side”